3 Day 3 Quote Challenge:DAY 2

3 Day 3 Quote Challenge

We are back with 3 Day 3 Quote Challenge: DAY 2. What do we have here today to serve:

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“Writing is the art of painting in with mind as the brush, paper as the canvas and all the imaginations as colors of beauty”

Writing has always been a way of self discovery and understanding. It’s a way of creating our memories and ideas into monuments. We all write either to share our ideas and visions or to get a clear idea of what we have in mind. By writing we a get a more deeper meaning to what we have in mind and a way to expand and develop it. It’s the best way to express our deepest self and our desires. It’s a self reflection of our personality. In way we can say that we all are artists too. We artists tends to seeds an idea and develops it into a thing of beauty using our imagination.
The best thing about writing is that it has no bounds. We are free to express ourselves and nothing can hold us back in it. One of the best examples for this is the life of a
‌normal girl from Tuscumbia, Alabama. She lost her sight and hearing at a very young age. But this didn’t let her down. She answered the world through her writings and work. Through her exceptional works as an  author and a social activist the whole world came to know her. She is Helen Keller

Quote by guest artist Abhishek S Krishna


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Here below are a few quotes Abhishek S Krishna worked on & i hope you enjoy them to.

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#9.Dealing with my messy untidy life

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I was up in my room with my eyes glued to the phone, earphones plugged and totally oblivious to the outside world when I heard my mom calling out “Have you cleaned your room yet or does it still look like a dump-yard?” I did the only thing expected of me.. Pretended that I hadn’t heard her and that was when she marched all the way upstairs and barged into my room.. With a dramatic gasp she cried “The guests will he here in an hour.. What will they say when they see your room in this condition” okay first of all mom, they are coming to see us not our home and second it’s not like they are gonna come and inspect for garbage in every single room and mine is upstairs.. So we are pretty much safe here! Except I didn’t say any of these out aloud, I just rolled my eyes and started clearing up the garbage.

I’m not the neatest person I know,not even close . I’m not proud of it but that’s the brutal truth. My room is almost always a mess but I never let that worry me because I always seem to know exactly what thing is kept where, even if the room’s a huge mess. And even if I do manage to tidy it up I always end up ruining it while searching for clothes to wear. Typical girl life! Some days I make an effort to actually clean up the mess and it’s all good while it lasts but then I go back to being my old self in a day or two.

I’ll give you a grand tour through my room. Packets of open biscuits gone cold.. Wrappers of Twix, Toblerone and Snickers.. Peels of orange and banana.. All over my table and bed but not a single thing in the waste bin. It looks almost as good as it did the day mom bought it into my room and said” if you don’t put the rubbish in it, I’ll put you in it.. ” and she wasn’t even kidding.

I constantly get bullied by my mom for being so untidy. She says that I can easily pass for a rag picker given the attire I choose to wear at home. And my hair is another fail story. I had this okayish long hair. Then I got tired of seeing the same old me everyday in the mirror. Since I cannot chop my head off, I chopped off my hair to give myself a new look.. And here I’m looking messier than ever…

But in my defence guys, I do clean up my room but I hate getting pushed into doing it. Like one fine morning, I’ll think to myself that I’ll clean my room today. Then my mom makes the villain entry. She asks(more like orders) me to clean my room, then I’ll say “yeaaa mom I’ll do it”.. After 59 seconds she’ll go” you are not gonna clean it are you, such an irresponsible girl you are.. While I was half your age I used to sweep the entire house all by myself. What will I ever do with this girl.. What will you do after you get married off? Your mother-in-law would send you back to here in one day…blah blah blahh”. This is so emotionally draining, why do we have to go through this ordeal every single time! Now my mood to clean the room gets totally spoiled and I’ll extend this chore to another day and 90% of the time my mom ends up cleaning my room before the next episode of drama happens. Actually I’m thinking of making it my next new year resolution, to be a neater person. I have seven months to mentally prepare myself for this so I think it’s all gonna finally work out for me! 😌

I know being organised has so much advantages and most of my friends are better at the whole cleanliness thing than me. When I went off to the hostel for the very first time I found that I had a clean side to me. I kept my side of the room(I share my room with five others) neat and tidy with books arranged on the table and the bed always made up. Now that I think about it, I even used to dust my room like EVERY SINGLE DAY.. I was such a good kid!

Then friendship happened. With buddies from other rooms visiting me all the time and me spending more time in their room than mine, my real messy self started to unveil all by itself. The one thing I learned from this experience is that the more comfortable we get with people, the more we reveal about ourselves! My new buds were as bad as me, so together we became this one messy squad which is my new happy family! Every day I wake up to “I can’t find my other socks or I’m borrowing your uniform shirt today so you better get one for yourself from someone else or who the heck stole my economics assignment that kept me up the whole night! If there’s one thing worse than a messy girl, it’s a squad of messy girls, I have realized. Now with one year down, our room will be shifted and all I can hope is that I don’t end up with someone with OCD because I’m pretty sure that no neat freak would wanna endure being in the same room as me.

But some day I hope I’ll finally be able to shake off this side of me and be a cleaner person. Its not like one morning I wake up and find out that I’m a clean person, no I realize it’s gonna be a long procedure. I’m taking one step a time (baby steps of course) and this time I’m not backing out..Not living in a clean environment has so much cons especially if you are prone to allergies.I always get this really bad acne breakouts and being in a messy environment is partially to blame. Plus it’s not really good for you in general to be a messy person because what if your better half is a clean freak? That’s a worrying thought, what if your husband leaves you cuz you’re too untidy (you know I’m kidding right.. Well why take the risk,Dear future husband if you ever read this : please don’t leave me. I promise I’ll be better cleaner in future).

So I have come up with some things that I wanna practice in order to be the ideal clean person.

  1. I’ll hand over the ownership of unwanted stuff from my table and bed to the trash bin.
  2. I’ll bring clothes down to the washing machine before my mom asks me to.
  3. I’ll organize my wardrobe so that I’ll not have to fumble to find clothes every time I go out.
  4. I’ll return my brother’s tees back to his wardrobe before he finds out that they’re missing.
  5. Monthly cleaning up of the room wouldn’t be missed for anything. (Hostel room included).

Written by CHIRI


3 Day 3 Quote Challenge: DAY 1

If you just tuned in and wondering what is this challenge all about:

3 Day 3 Quote Challenge_ DAY 1

The 3 Day 3 Quote Challenge is a challenge that allows artist/bloggers to express their 3 favorite quote in three consecutive days. And i would like to thank Nchanted_whisper for nominating us to participate in this challenge. I apologize for the delay because we were busy hunting talents. I know this challenge has been present ever since the blogging community began and we always choose and express our favorite quotes through Pinterest or Google Images.

But we wanted to do it differently, So. We found an artist who creates quotes on his own and brings life through his words by pouring in his thoughts and emotions and we are grateful that he will be doing the challenge on behalf of us. An every talent needs to be recognized and acknowledged So, Here is Abhishek S Krishna to spice it up

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“Turn your pain into anger,
Anger into drive,
Drive into motivation,
Motivation into excellence,
And success will follow

Ever felt so angry that you feel like throwing your stuff and breaking that glass window just to feel a bit subdued? Ever thought what might happen if you could control it?
Life is like a rollercoaster, it’s got its ups and downs. Sometimes we try so hard to be some where or get something or be someone. Most of the times it won’t workout as you planed. So you get frustrated and angry. Anger is like a weapon you can use it for good or bad. Anger is one of the most fervent emotions that human beings can experience. Most people get blindsided by the negative aspects of anger and they never get to see how it can be put to good use. If used carefully anger is the best tool to power a drive inside you. It’s like a wildfire waiting to be lit. Once you lit that drive focusing it all to that goal gives a motivation like never before.

For example, take my case. Those who know me says that I’m an excellent artist and my drawings are life like. But I wasn’t always like that, I was a mediocre artist. Once my friend insulted me in public just because I wasn’t as good as his friend. I was angry and sad. I was so frustrated that I knew answering in any other way wouldn’t cut it. So I made that anger and all that negativity into my drive that motivated me go past my limits and improve myself.
Success is always just a byproduct of excellence. So, never chase success, go for excellence.

Quote by Guest Artist Abhishek S Krishna


Now, we feel like we have the power to nominate our successors.Its time to tag our first 3 bloggers to pass the challenge on. And dear readers, feel free to check on their blogs as they are all amazing and incredible bloggers and their content is worth-while. So, we tag the following nominees


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Hey this is Abhishek! I am an engineer by profession, an artist by heart and a traveller by passion. I love Photography and I’m a pretty decent photographer( Even though I don’t own a camera 😉). I like to write down things going through my mind as quotes and poems. I started writing just to get myself out of bad moods and it turned out to be a hobby. I wasn’t the kind of guy who shares his work public, but a friend of mine insisted that I do and I trust her! Let’s see what you guys think!

To,spice up your day.Here is an artistic treat :

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If you enjoyed the way of his interpretation and if he has motivated you, comment down below your opinions,love and support. If you enjoyed this artwork and craft, feel free to follow him on Instagram @abhishekkrish 

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Lots of love
Dochi & Chiri


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I keep tripping over my own shadow
It’s eerie quiet in and the wind’s out,
But this ringing in my ears refuse to leave me
And I’m left to swoon over my thoughts,

I’m not giving in, I’m not compromising
I’m not going down, I have my head held high,
I’m not giving up, I’m not loosing faith
I’m holding onto to the last straw, I call it hope,

There’s a banter going on in my chest
So loud that I cannot hear anything else,
A pat on my shoulder and a deep breath later
I’m good to go, to face the world all by myself,

The world’s cruel glares blind me every day
It’s weakening spells bringing me down,
Thick darkness is what I breathe every time
Choking me and filling me with dread,

The brimming tears threaten to bade bye
I blink back and stare right through those tears,
The misty view is not a new sight
To my broken heart who’s seen it much worse,

A pearly white smile flashed across my eyes
The toddler waved me a happy hi,
Blew me kisses and a final bye
And i felt a bubble of joy floating in the air,

I looked ahead and saw the lush green tree
Waving a golden net with the sunny yarn,
Purple blossoms lovely as ever
And chirping birds to make it more brighter,

I felt a lift in the air or is it just my feeling
A hand lifting me, all the way up,
I’m happy, happier than ever
Now I can go on without the fear of crashing down,

Poem by CHIRI

Special Thanks to Jason Godfrey for being the model of the pic and this poem is dedicated to you, brother!! and everyone else looking for a place in their future.

Always have HOPE.

Procrastination,my best friend (soon to be ex )

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-17 at 19.13.18
Sketch by Susanna Vincy

Okay first, I wanna tell the daydreamers how honored I am to write for them. That too, my debut. You guys never fail to impress me. And I’m pretty sure that the other readers feel nothing less.

So why this topic? Too ironical isn’t it? Because 100% of us! wait! 101% to be precise, are best friends with procrastination. At least that’s what I believe. And the relief of knowing that you’re with the majority is an added bonus. I’m not kidding! When the daydreamers (I’m sure you don’t need another introduction to them) told me that I’ve got 15 days to the deadline, my mind just floated to Vegas for a minute. I felt like I had a lifetime to prepare and that I just have to submit my work right before my last breath, when the doctor takes me off the ventilator!! Reality struck. I had to get back to my senses. Because the daydreamers, they are quite the ‘on-time’ kind of people. They belong to the rest 0.01% of the category. So sadly Mr.procrastination and I had to part ways and take a break from our so-called quality time. 😦

When it comes to homework, assignments and especially studying for a test, we’re like bfffl. I’m pretty sure that I’m not just the only one who’s involved in this alleged relationship. When we know that we’ve got maybe one more week to the deadline, we kinda imagine ourselves lounging beside a pool, with a margarita in one hand and our favorite magazine in the other, with a pair of shades to top it all, screaming out loud “come to mama deadline!!” And the funny fact is that this momentary heaven loses the hang of it just the day before the deadline! That’s the night when our nemesis pays a visit. The most horrendous feeling that can be felt by a living thing. REGRET. All the i-should-haves and what-ifs and what-do-i-do-now`s perfectly find their way through the traffic to bang down the doors of our ears. And what do we do? we go with making a salad out of the task instead of making a perfectly baked one. Thereby failing to give ourselves at our bests.

I learnt this the hard way. Actually its the best way coz you will never forget it. Experience it is!! For my second semester exams, I had one month to prepare. Yes, one whole month! the ride went like this!

First-week mode: Aah I’ve got 4 weeks! that’s like 30 days! lots and lots of time to do everything else other than studying and the perfect time to binge-watch all my favorite shows!

Second-week mode: okay I’ll just go through a few pages. And then reminds myself that I have short term memory! so all of my efforts will be wasted! time is precious..and the fact that my efforts will go wasted ?? I should be doing something more productive ….and then sleeps like never before.

Third-week mode: okay I’m already done with a few pages! so that’s like half the portion is covered! whooh!!!, what a relief. So that means I have enough time to take a break! cm-on girls let’s party!

Fourth-week mode: okay 7 more days… wait 7 days will be more than enough for me … I’ve got like 168 hours! I can do five revisions by then! yes!! I’m gonna score so well!!

That weekend: why am I so slow??? I think its the air around me.


Finally, I started scanning the pages. The more I rummaged through, the more vast it looked!

(Long Pause)

That’s when I woke up to my worst nightmare. No no nooo. This can’t be happening!! I can’t let this exam slip! I have to finish it!! Gosh, I wish that it’s a dream!! c’mon Suzy c’mon girl!
Everything went in a blur soon after that. Along with all the cacophony around me. And then all I had was coffee and a bunch of regretful thoughts to keep me awake on the night before the exam :”( .I was thinking to myself.. and was talking it aloud to everyone else sitting next to me, doing the same ..”man we had one whole month and look at us now!!! I mean is there anything worse than this ? and yet we dream of becoming future millionaires??”

(Dead silence)

“Lemme explain something to you. There are two kinds of friends! the ones that party hard all day with you, twin with you in everything, hang out for sleepovers and in the end stab you in the back! (you know who I’m talking about) and there are the ones that catch you from the fall after the stab (like coffee, that helps to stay up all night to patch up the scar procrastination left on you). We definitely do not want the former category! Indeed he(you know who) will come back to us begging for forgiveness. But right before you shake hands with him, take a moment to think of all the trouble he took you through the last time you hung out with him. Instead, stick to coffee! coffee solves everything.;)

And I definitely can’t go without giving some tips to recover from the break-up. Can’t I ?

  1. Okay, so firstly you have to prioritize your task. Write down the things you have to finish early and start working on that.
  2. Secondly, take a blood oath to yourself that you will finish what you have to finish that day! you will definitely feel lazy. But think wise and do what needs to be done.
  3. Thirdly, have a to-do book that keeps a track of all your assignments. Tick them off once they are done. The first tick will be hardest believe me(you’ll have to pop a vein to do that). But as the ticks increase, let me tell you, you will feel satisfied like never before (like ever).

In case you have a forgetting problem like me, put it down in your sticky notes and stick it wherever you’re present the most
(bathrooms are the best) I’m kidding 😛 I actually meant it on a serious note 😉
Also don’t stress out too much on your work. If you feel like you are bursting at the seams, take a small break! SMALL, I repeat SMALL!!!! are we clear??:”)
And finally one last tip for those who can’t just take in the above.
This is for the rock stars of procrastination! Tell your best friend to remind you of your worst procrastination episodes. That will be just enough to push you to work 😉

written by guest blogger “Susanna Vincy “

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-18 at 17.27.52

Hi y’all. This is Susanna here :). To talk of myself , I’m a 19 year old kid (just can’t imagine being an adult) who loves photography and travelling. I do float a lot. In my head! I get super excited when it comes to doing crazy stuff. I do get a lot from people for that too.. but a little bit of cray cray is definitely needed to add some colour in your life(that’s from Lala land fyi) Don’t you think ? And also I’m asking you a small favour. Promise me that you won’t doze off while reading my blog. okay?
Alright we’re good then !!


On behalf of the Daydreamer blogs, we thank Suzy for joining the family and releasing her debut blog in our platform. Suzy is an interesting gem and her style of literature is rare to find. As always, the most lovable and everyone`s favorite. And I would invite all of you to check out Susanna`s photographic skills and be amazed by her talent of creating simple objects  into symbolic meanings that portraits life. So, click here @cramped_in_a_frame to check out her Instagram feed and be amazed at her artistic work.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-18 at 17.30.40

If you enjoyed her way of interpretation and loved her style of blogging. Give down your comments and send her your love and support. Also stay tuned for other amazing talented Guest blogger ready to take the stage by storm and also thankful to the community for all the love and support.

#8. Stranger at Home: Story of my Life

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Yes., i did look like harry potter.🧐

Before I reveal one of the hardest topics of my life, I want to ask my readers not to feel sorry for me and respect me for who I am today because the path I went through is definitely considered bitter but if I had a choice to change my life, I wouldn’t for I am happier this way.

I came to earth in Vienna, Austria. Yes, I am a brown kid whose origin is Indian, and I was supposed to have an ordinary childhood like everyone else. Be cared your parents, go to kindergarten, attended primary school, have so many friends, do sports, and be late back home. Yep, the fantasy of a perfect childhood in your hometown but the problem here is that it wasn’t my fate.

Around the year 2000, there was a high scarcity of medical staff in Switzerland and job opportunities was open to everyone whose expertise in medicine. Well, you can say that the pay in Switzerland was way better than in Austria, Moreover, both my mom and dad were from the medical field as nurses. My life moved on to Switzerland right after my sister was born. By the age of 3, I was already considered a troubled kid, do stupid things all the time, cause problems and I couldn’t understand how the world worked. My parents were busy in their occupation and taking care of my sister and a newly born brother and it was a very hard time for the family.

But a lot of my relatives where showing concern because I wasn’t reacting like an ordinary 5-year-old boy should be. I had my mouth always open, drooling saliva over the place, I watched TV way to close, I always screamed and fell, spat and broke things. You get the picture. Kindergarten began, and I was hype active. I couldn’t understand what the teacher was saying, and I never said a word. I isolated myself and wasn’t ordinary. I remember, the kindergarten teacher was teaching us how to brush our teeth. My understanding level was so poor that I would put paste on my hair thinking it was shampoo. Despite them trying and demonstrating again and again on how to brush your teeth. I just didn’t understand the concept of brushing.

It was time something needed to be done, my parents were called for an interview in the kindergarten and they requested I needed a psychiatric check from a doctor because she felt I wasn’t fit enough to be among here. My parents denied the acquisition but as per formality, I had a psychiatric check and I had results of an ordinary boy without actual mental issues. But for the safety of the other children, the kindergarten in charge asked my parents to take me to a special school with special aid. My dad was frustrated and lost it, he argued with her for hours until she threw my dad out of the office. I was marked RED, which means I couldn’t go to an ordinary kindergarten like how every kid went to because I was considered odd and needed medical aid.

My parents strongly believed I was fine like every other student. Just not used to the environment, that’s why I was shy and respond to everything oddly. One of the hardest decision as a parent was what they did next. They believed in me and wanted to give me a equivalent future like the rest of the children in this world. So, they decided to send me to a boarding school in Good Shepherd International school, India. They were out of options. I was only 4 years old then, already in boarding school. I still remember my dad dropping me to boarding school and I was a dumb kid, who only knew German and no one in that school spoke German. My dad handed me over to the warden of the hostel and I was still smiling, knowing not that my father is going to leave me here and I would see him next Christmas which was after 4 months.

My dad used to tell me often- he felt really sad, guilty and emotional that he couldn’t sleep. He traveled back to the institute and begged the guards to let him through to see me again but they never did. Think about it, a new country and you only could speak German and no one could understand you, filled with other children like you crying and speaking their own language. I kept saying in German, *when is my dad coming to pick me up? where is he? I want to go home. But I never got a response from any students or teachers for no one understood me. My roll number was 4196, that was my identity. All my clothes, shoes, cosmetics, books and stationary had 4196. They would check the attendance through your number and not by name. You could say that there were so many children in that boarding school that it was hard to keep track of everything. I still refer myself sometimes as 4196 and it stuck along. (no, I wasn’t in jail, it was a boarding school with more than 10,000 children in total)

At some point, I realized this is my new life and I didn’t feel extremely bad since there were many like me. I learned English quickly, studied hard, played sports, made friends and life went on normally. As time fly, so, did my progress. I moved from school to school because of various reasons and I am glad to prove myself that I was ordinary enough.

But a few things stayed, I spend 9 months in boarding school and I saw my parents 3 months in a year and this fate, went on for the next 13 years of my life. To be honest, I spend all my time alone and every problem I faced, I dealt it by myself because I was always on my own. My parents used to call me once in a week because international call were heard to manage and there were fixed allocated time the parents could call. And If they got through it, it would be considered lucky. When I was on my 5th grade, my parents wanted me to come back to Switzerland and continue school life here like how my siblings did. I liked the idea, but I told my parents, I don’t want to go back to Switzerland and I want to finish my school life here till the end. I grew up here, build myself and faced everything on my own that I had a firm mind for I wanted to finish it till the end. And, yes, I did. Came back home with 91%, and with much more confidence and capabilities.

A part of me is still bothered of the fact of being judged too early by a kindergarten teacher that cause my fate like this but on the other hand, she is the reason for all the collective good I was able to discovery in myself. But I must be honest, I feel strange back home. I am not used to be a home kid. I have no experience studying in my room. My entire school life, I studied in a room with 40 other students like me. I don’t have friend either to be honest, just a childhood friend but that’s it. Because i just stayed there for 3 months and there wasn’t much options for me to make friends with other. Switzerland is definitely a strange land to me even though I lived there for 17 years, I feel lonely and I talk to a teddy bear once a while, I am so used to do thing of being myself but when my parents does things for me, I feel somethings odd. I remember questioning my mom why are you so overprotective over me and she did reply, i feel like i haven’t give much love and care to you since you were always away from us.That made my heart melt.These are certain side-effects in me.But I believe its normal for any kid who lives 75% of his life in an enclosed boarding school with no exit to the outside world and then, suddenly move back to actual life

There is still lot of things I need to get used to and I missed out so much in life. For example, I have never went to prom or school-ball in my life and my sister who is 16, has gone to 5 school ball already in two different school. I see my brother play video games every day and raging at the PS4, I look back and think, I haven’t played video games like an ordinary boy and all I do is enjoy watching how my brother plays. My sister is the outgoing type girl who is always roaming in the cities with her friends and I wish I did too. There are these small things I see other people do that is considered totally normal in life but in my eyes, I see it as privilege. Like I said , I am a stranger back home yet figuring out this way through the mist of uncertainty.

If I had a message I could give, it would be not to judge a book by its cover because you wouldn’t  know for your decision can affect a person life and you would be totally be unaware off it. I am a living proof and I turned out to be totally fine. Life is hard, I know but I also wish no one in this world has to go through what I went. It’s true, I had a lost childhood. But I never blame my parents for anything rather I would love them even more for believing and trusting in me even though the world titled me as unfit. Next time you judge someone, think off how much happiness you could create if you support and love him. Be a good human and everyone has their difficulty. Give them time and you will notice they are as equal as you are.

Love your life and create your own happiness. Whatever life throws on you, believe you can make a difference. And you decide your own fate and it is never created on other people’s opinion.


If I had one wish now. I would wish for a proper birthday. 😊. I am 20 years old and the last time I celebrated a birthday with my family was when I was 6. That’s why I dislike my birthday so much and try to avoid it at any cost because it reminds me of my past of how much i missed everything. Even though i smile , its because i went throw a lot to have the strength to smile. So, go put a smile in someones face😊

Mom and Dad, if you are reading this.


Written by DOCHI.


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-07 at 14.56.09

I know all of us teens are in a situation where Even behind the fake smiles there is a sad face for everyone! And behind that sadness there can be two  reasons:

  1. Wrong Person
  2. Wrong Expectation

It starts when u start Missing someone, It maybe your best friend or that special friend
Take life in a simple way don’t make it complex and one more thing Never take life seriously because if u do, u will never come out of it alive

Okay now! Here let me tell you the top reason for your depression
It is coz everyone! I mean everyone in life gives priority to someone and when that person doesn’t give u the same level of priority! U feel dumped and no matter what even if u have 1999999 friends in life, if u don’t get loved by that special friend of yours
U will never feel happy! So be wise with your choice. Give that position only wen u feel that friend can give u the same level of love you offer for!

Also, I would suggest for all of you to not force anyone to the position of a best friend or any other

Let it be and instead of waiting and wasting your effort on those ppl who consider u as an option and not a priority 👎


Don’t waste your time on egoist☝
And ppl like them DONT DESERVE YOU!
Coz You are special

And Make sure u don’t lose your self-respect 😎ever! Your parents didn’t bring you up to this stage to pledge it on😉
You owe nothing to anyone,
You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

That stepping out even to freedom is uncomfortable!!


So, forward the text if you think this is true!

Spread love
Yours lovingly

Motivation by ROSANNA (guest quote)


On behalf of the daydreamer community, I would like to thank Rosanna, who is our first ever guest blogger in our new Project “Guest Dreams” ,where we give amazing and talented people the spotlight to present & showcase their special talent to script down their own imagination.We understand the feeling how you wish you could do something you really like but just dont have the required resources for it.Therefore, Daydreamer Community is meant for our daydreamers out there and our mission is to find you and give you the resources to make a change that you only dreamed of and make it your reality.

If you enjoy Rosanna way of interpretation and if she has motivated you. Give down your comments below and send her your love & support . Stay tuned to see more amazing talents join the spotlight soon.

With love: Dochi & Chiri