Exuberant relationships


WhatsApp Image 2018-11-20 at 18.45.35Lately I had been bestowed with the gift of thinking. I call this a gift as it leads to revelation. Once, entering this realm of seething thoughts I realized that depression is optional. Just like how we have the freedom to choose how to dress up or what to eat, we have the choice to embrace it or exclude it. It’s not something that is imposed onto us by someone, its something that we can opt for. It’s the outcome of our perspective, or the way we look at life.

Often our view or perspective is influenced by two things or at least that’s what I’ve felt. Among this, one is, of course, book. Books teach us a lot of things. It is an entirely different world out there. It’s like a labyrinth, once you enter this space you will get lost and you’ll end up falling in love with it. Even the very smell of a new book can get you excited. It takes us to face the world and the different people in it to be precise. It, in a way, act as a mould which shapes our view and enables us to look at the bright side of things, like the sides we haven’t even thought about.

Next, the soul-buddy. Now, this person right here is the one I want to talk about. Accept it, we all have this soul-sister or soul-brother or soul-mate or whatsoever term we use. It can be our best friend, our parents, our better-half or even our pain-in the-neck siblings. This person is the one with whom you comfortably share all your topsy-turvy thoughts. They seldom let you down and listen to all your weirdest fantasies. They know who you are because they had seen you in your best and worst behavior. They know ways to celebrate your happiness and methods to survive your wrath. They will be the ones who had seen your brightest and exasperating sides.

Let me tell you some ways to figure out this person. They are the ones with whom you are in your true self and you both will be devoid of masks. The real you that lies within the mask is shadowed by it when you wear them which doesn’t happen when you are with this person. Well, many a times, I’ve seen people who aren’t true to anyone. And I’ve often wondered if they had ever been true at least to themselves. They act so lovey-dovey in front of some and at the same time they go around bitching about them. And if I’m not wrong, this trait is quite common in all of us and we would’ve done it at least at some point of time in our lives.

Now, the next thing is that you have the complete freedom to goof around when you are with them, and you can utter all your nonsense as you don’t have to coax them to like you. Like I said, they know you inside-out, they have seen the good and bad side in you and have been patient while listening to all your babbling. They have your character certificate to be precise. They help us to choose the right solution for our complicated problems. And the best part is that, they are gifted with the subtle art of cooling you down. I call it an art as it is acquired as a result of endless patience and tolerance.

Now, one thing I want to tip-you off is that, this role of soul-buddy won’t be confined to one single person all the time, especially in today’s world where human relations get withered off so easily. For instance, my soul-buddy back when I was in school is almost like a stranger now. And another batch-mate, who was like a stranger back then, is very close to me now. See. Things change!

So far I’ve come across a couple of people who have been persistent in their relationship with me. I’m not planning to mention their names, still let me hint you off how they fit into these roles so that u can ponder if u have one such important person in your life, whom you haven’t taken into serious consideration

  1. The whole-sister. I’m a hosteler and I have two beautiful souls as my roomies. So obviously, they qualify to that title. Among them one is my all in all. She listens to all my dramas patiently and I always have her shoulder when I cry.  She is the perfect partner-in-crime and we both share the same mental age. ^_^
  2. The gorgeous google. She is gorgeous to be frank and just like google, she has the solutions to all my problems. She is the boldest woman I’ve ever come across in my entire life. She is the best when it comes to comforting someone. She just knows how to sort things out. Both these ladies are the reason why I survive in my hostel and I can’t even think of being in my room without these two- which will be happening next year. May god save me!
  3. The ‘Always-here’ lass. Well, we’ve been friends for about 5 years now. Our relation is quite hilarious. At times we don’t call or even text each other. We often fight for no reason. Still we both know that we are always there for each other. Whenever we have a problem we know where to turn to.
  4. The count on me lad. He is the batch-mate I was talking about earlier. It so happened that once I rang him up and cried my heart out. And he just listened to all my dramas for like half and hour without saying a word and then he was like woah, get a grip on yourself, it’s not the end of the world bro… And from that day on I bug him without fail and he still tolerates me as he has signed up for that. 😀
  5. The sarcastic boyo. We have been friends for almost 10 years. He is the one who had witnessed almost all my dramas and fits. Knows exactly how and when I make tantrums. He knows how loony and babyish I can be. According to him, my problems are not exactly problems’, in fact they are just puny instances – (true tho). He taught me that we shouldn’t go around complaining about the little things in life.

I believe that everyone of us are gifted with beautiful souls like these who will cheer us up. All you have to do is to find them, and once you find them enjoy your life to the fullest. Once you have your own space and people, life will be worth living as you will have at least a handful of people who are true to your face and doesn’t pass on judgement no matter what you do. So instead of sitting back disappointed, try to find the right lad and enjoy your life being you.

Written by Sandra Paul




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My head hurts from the sleepless night
I woke up hungover from the alcohol I never had,
Is it just me or has the whole world turned darker
I can’t get up, its just too much effort,

Some insane thoughts are driving me crazy
Galloping past me, all day long,
I have lost all the control over its reins
I have never been so lost, so tired, so weary,

Its killing me from the inside to even smile,
I smile but it doesn’t reach up to my eyes
It’s laden in a desperate hope ,
Of finding something that will help me go on

I look around and see people everywhere ,
They don’t have that look of despair
That they are desperately trying to hide,
It’s making me wonder why I’m all alone

But I’m done with all this ,
I’m ready to move on
I’m all set to fight my way back ,
I want to soar high

Give me wings and I’ll set out high ,
To chase the clouds, to capture the moon
And to conquer the sun ,
I’ll float among the stars and be one among them

I’ll be that shining star in the darkest sky ,
When it’s pitch dark out watch out for me
I’ll send my shooting stars ,
And you’ll know I’m fine..

Poem by CHIRI

Diary of a Young Boy

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Dear diary, the silence of my phone is deafening.

Hey, wassup? Its been a few days, I know. I’ve been busy, but it seems you have been too. Your programs went well, I presume. I can’t begin to explain how annoying it is to have so much to say, but no you to say it to. My day just feels incomplete without telling you all about it, to the most minute detail, and you cracking a silly joke every second. I can’t help but wait for you to text me or call me on my cell phone. Sometimes I wish I had a hotline to communicate with you. It’s funny, people talk about how they see a diary as a best friend, but here I am seeing a best friend as nothing short of a diary, only so much more. Each day, I simply open my phone out of habit, to message you and then just as I open our chat, I remember you’re busy with everything that’s going on, and I foolishly place my phone back in my pocket. My friends keep asking me, “Why do you pay so much attention to that girl? Just cause you have a crush on her doesn’t mean you have to message her all the time.” If only they knew I’m anticipating a whole different person. Imagine what they would think if they knew I barely talk to the girl I have a crush on because I’m too busy handling the random bullshit of the only person whom I confidently confide all my random bullshit to. The icing on the cake being that we are 2 total strangers who know each other better than most people who know us in real life. I sometimes wonder, what would happen if we ended up running into each other somewhere? Would we even recognize each other?

How is it, someone who you barely know, is the person about whom there’s barely anything left to know. Its a weird world and we are a weird species. But even in such impossible circumstance, two people, at two different ends of the spectrum became nothing short of siblings through a medium of communication. My friend, my polar opposite, my sister and my diary. What would I do without you? Probably make rash, irrational decisions left and right, and that’s not a very promising prospect. But of all the decisions I’ve made, deciding to try and help you be less introverted and more confident is perhaps one of my best. As much difference as I’ve made in your path. I’ve traveled roads that were till then untraveled until there were no roads left. I’ve always been really confident and gutsy, but you had a big part to play, and in the end, our conversations have always taken me to different levels and I have a good feeling you’re gonna help a lot more people along your way. You’re are truly more than what meets the eye. As childish as you say you are, you’ve helped me much more than you give yourself credit for. Maybe its the naivety of your opinions and remarks that give me a different angle on my situation and help me decide upon a different path. Strange, isn’t it. But I’m always glad to have you by my side to push me further and keep making me believe in myself, that I can succeed, even when my chances are 1 in 14000605. With my resolutions of stone paired with your infinite positivity, everything is in my fingertips and I can achieve anything in a snap. Even if half the world stood against me, I’ll reduce them to ashes. I feel so phenomenal, even when everything becomes a bit shady.

Also, just the other day I was reading Diary of a young girl: Anne Frank. I was baffled by the resemblance between yours and her characters, the fun, naive, positive girl that simply refuses to be negative, and now you’ve got me to take the place of Kitty. As long as we have each other, we don’t need blue eyes to survive any holocaust

But one of things I really miss when we have long silences is our silly arguments, and how we settle our differences, especially with the addition of all the things that have been happening recently. Sometimes it feels weird to go about my day without having annoyed you with a stupid comment about something or the other you care about. But even with all that stupidity between us, I don’t need to check the horoscopes, to know that you’ll be a star one day. Greatness has always been within you. As it is in everyone, but sometimes greatness has strange ways of showing itself. Even if its in the form of a person who’s introverted enough to barely talk to people, deciding to not be introverted as much and then successfully making friends on her own terms. Must have felt on top of the world. Everyday it’s a privilege to see you grow, till you’re practically 10 feet tall. But what truly surprises me, is even after all your achievements, your humility is still fixed in its place. That’s what makes you truly special. No matter how much changes you undergo, you change without losing your individuality. You don’t remain the same, but simply become better. Every second of your life is the most perfect you’ve ever been and the most imperfect you’ll ever be, and I think that’s just amazing. Your moral compass is on point. But one thing I find amusing, is how you don’t see it yourself and think why other people like you, have trouble accepting that they are every thing that they are. But I’m so happy that I can say it in the past tense.

Well, dear diary, as much as I would like to keep talking, that’s all for today. I’m already late to go to bed, but I had to confide all this to you, but since the real you isn’t here, I have to make do with this virtual version of you. But hopefully, it won’t be too long till your schedule gets a bit more relaxed and we can continue our conversations at greater lengths. So, finish it up quick! I’ve got so much to say.

Written by Aravind


Shards she shreds

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He walked away without a backward glance
And in a second her heart shattered into a million shards,
An arrant vacuum embraced her lips
And nibbled away into her hollow ribs,

She screamed in terror
The terror of loosing him forever ,
Down she fell with no one for her aid
Heavier than lead her mind weighed,

But she didn’t sway not for a moment
And went on with her life without any lament,
When words fail her, she smile
And the world smile back at her after a while,

You see, this darkest heart now
Has the deepest story of love,
Locked tight and kept away
In the farthest corner, far far away,

Stare into her eyes
And you will see past the lies,
Those misty eyes are are the sole
Peepholes to her soul,

Walk away for all you care
She’ll rise again with a spirit so rare,
She’s strong and warm and so much more
And wouldn’t show it even if she’s sore.

Poem by CHIRI

#.14 My messed up hostel life

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Disclaimer: This is a fun Hostel experience from Chiri that she witness in her college back in Kerala,India. This may not be exactly the same hostel experience my readers experience. Therefore, enjoy the footsteps of another bloggers uni life.

A haunting eerie voice woke me up today morning. I woke up shuddering. I listened to the music for some seconds longer. Images of a fair lady laden in white clothing with pangs springing out through her chilly red lips and her piercing stare falling on my neck flashed through my mind. (vampires always do this thing of sucking blood from the tenderest part of our neck in movies, just in case you are wondering why I said neck of all the body parts). Turns out the music was just the alarm of my friend, who, by the way, was still sound asleep. Yeah annoying! I know right!!
There are so many things that makes my hostel life super awesome which I would love to share with you.

1. The first thing thing that comes to my mind when I say hostel is the food fights. Whenever someone comes back to hostel with home cooked food, we’ll turn into homeless people who were starved for days. The battle ceases only after the last bit of food has vanished into our tummies.

2. The next thing is the pre-exam days. We’ll not open our books until the very last day of the study holidays and towards the evening everyone will be seen pacing to and fro with a book in their hands as if their tails are on fire. Some legends will be seen searching for the books in all the dusty corners of the room and the ultra legends will be seen running to the book store to get the prescribed textbooks! (it’s totally true I’m not even kidding)

3. The next one is the best. The crush discussions. Every single guy who has crushes on your friends will be cross evaluated and discussed. We don’t just stop with the present crushes, we even predict potential crushes. Imagine the plight of a poor girl who’s sitting in the middle of the rest of the squad and being attacked from all directions. In the midst of all these teasing, if she dare to smile even once, then she’ll be met with “see, its only been days and she’s fallen for him already”!

4. Saturday preps. We have an option to wear color dress on Saturdays to college and Saturday mornings are usually the most eventful time of the week.To get your top and bottom to perfectly match is the most difficult thing in the world, we realize on Saturdays. Not to mention the most difficult task of ironing it. There will be some top few favorite tops which will be worn over and over by the entire squad until guys at college starts asking if that’s our new uniform! That’s the case in my squad idk about the others though! 😂😂

5. When the warden makes the villain entry.We are not allowed to make phone calls after 9.30 pm at our hostel. So one day I was calling my mom and it slipped my mind that it was past 9.30. I was narrating some funny incident and I was all laughing and giggling and boom! I landed right in front of our warden and she’s like I don’t care who you call as long as its before the time limit.Clearly she had thought that I was calling some boy. And what’s funnier the only guy who ever calls me is my dad(pathetic, I know right) but how can I explain all that to her. So I just smile the embarrassed “ohh you caught me” smile and cut the call because explanations aren’t worth the effort.

6.  Yay it’s someone’s birthday. Birthday nights are simply the best. Before I go on, I gotta tell you about the rules of our hostel. We can create as much ruckus as we want till 9.30 pm but not even a sigh should be heard afterwards. Which means no wishing, no cake cutting and especially no signing “HAAaaPppyyyyyYy BirtHdaaaayyYy to youuu” at midnight. But we go by the ideal that rules are meant to be broken so this has never stopped us from celebrating birthdays at midnights. (while we are on the topic of midnight I gotta say, everything is much more fun at midnight.. Eating,singing even showering.. Maybe it’s the moonlight charm 😂😂). If we are caught, an earful of scolding and a hefty fine follows. Being a hosteler, I’ll be broke like all the weeks except the week I’m returning from home so I try to avoid fine if I can help it. On my birthday we all agreed that we’ll make as little noise as possible so that we can escape punishment at least this time. But alas! The kids of the boys school hostel which is in the same premise as ours had chosen to prank their warden on the exact same day. They made a huge commotion at the door of their warden and then went to bed pretending to be all asleep. So when the warden woke up and went in search of the noise he saw his boys all fast asleep and guess what happened next.. he saw light in our building, that too in just one single room.. Everyone knows what that means.. Midnight birthday party! So the next day he called and complained to our warden that we made noise at midnight and woke up the entire boys hostel blah blah and the warden held a meeting of the whole hostel and while at it asked who’s birthday was! Desperately looking around to see if anyone’s raising their hands, I swallowed the lump in my throat. (okay I’m being too dramatic here.. The only thing I was scared of was if I would accidentally laugh while the warden was telling me off). The rest is pretty much self explanatory. And in case you are wondering, NO we(we as in my whole squad we) did not get a fine but was given a punishment what lasted for a whole month. And back to my birthday celebration, I got into the Guinness world records for taking the most baths in 24 hours.. 8. I TOOK 8 BATHS ON MY BIRTHDAY. One stinky oil bath, two washing soap water bath, one powder bath and rest all normal baths to get ride of the nasty smell left by the other baths. All thanks to my chuddy buddies!

7.”Pack your bags, we are bunkin’ ” Or maybe not. When you finally gather courage to bunk a class and step into the lift in order to avoid the next hour teacher, who usually takes the stairs but( dramatic pause) runs right into her on the lift,God… that has to be the most embarrassing cringy moment ever and it happens every single time. Maybe the universe is telling us to stay in class and be good students. Idk it’s positively creepy how it happens every time to me and me only!

8. Jo thera he vo mera he, vo thera he vo mera principle(that’s a Hindi verse which can be roughly translated as “what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is also mine”).When you are in a hostel, all of your stuff including your clothes, uniform, pillow, food, makeup, blanket, stationary, bag, college books, even bed will be common property on which you have no preferential rights. The only thing you have for yourself (maybe except for your toothbrush) is your phone. That too only if its locked with the most complicated password which cannot be encoded even by the Interpol.

9. The squad meetings. If you see the entire squad huddled together you know what that means..something spicy is going on. Or maybe we’re just discussing ghost stories. “I swear I left the tap open but when i returned after 10 seconds the tap was closed and there was no one in the washroom!”, “I was all alone in my room and I saw a shadow flickering past my bed TWICE!”, “I keep hearing footsteps behind me, but when I turn, there’s no one following me”. “That’s it. There is a ghost at our hostel”…

Hostel life is awesome, this is a realization which was dawned upon me in the course of the past one year. Sometimes I feel that I like my hostel much more than my college. Weird but true! Living in a hostel made me realize that my friends are no longer friends but my new family. There’s so much love between us, yes we fight occasionally and go for days without talking but when we get back together it’s picking up exactly where we left off. That’s what I love the most about some people. I see these people all the time, at college as well as hostel but we never grow tired of each others company or run out of stupid stuff to blabber. These people who have seen you at your rock bottom, if they still stick to you and stick up for you, trust me they are angels whom you wouldn’t want to loose.That’s the lesson I learned from my first year at college..


If you have any hostel stories to share, go on I’m all ears. Or eyes. Whatever!! 😂😂

Written by CHIRI

#13 Dreams that Hurt

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“I don’t think you are good enough for it, don’t raise your hand.”, “you shouldn’t be wearing this outfit, you don’t want people to know what you look like beneath” “you couldn’t possible step up and deal with haters, so don’t bother?” “you know what happened when you what happens when you get too close” – those voices of pain of the past.

Ever just sat there in a moment of ordinary, that you zone out to the flashbacks of nightmares. Those chapters that you try to hide away from your life that you labelled as mistakes. The ones that still haunt your past and elements of dark memories that rashes your present. That’s when you know, you are having a dream that hurts.

As humans, we aren’t perfect, and we all had episodes in life where we mishandled life situations, you took it the wrong route and you lost a part of yourself during the process. Those flashbacks haunt you because you don’t want to be that person anymore and you try to change to your very best version of yourself. I try to be as positive as possible but sometimes, I just break down by remembering those glimpses of the past where things have gone wrong and those voice talk, they aren’t from the heart neither from the head, these are the voice of the past. The ones that hold you by the grip and walk beside you, but in your eyes, they are oblivion.

There are days , I would stare at the mirror and look at myself really hard and feel like the past is all piling up again, that sense of loneliness, knowing you have a voice that you never use, yourself being judged for the way you appear and you build a character of a baggy outfit and you wear a cap to avoid eye-contact and existence itself. Realizing you don’t take photos of yourself because you forgot how to love yourself again and you glance in the sky, thinking if the past was part of me now and can I overcome this dream.

Every past has good memories and unfortunate mistakes. Such as you short-temperament, or an selfish act over a benefit, an misleading conquest over possession, lie for a win, betrayal and the list goes on. I know as humans, we wouldn’t want to admit our faults but deep down, you know we aren’t pure as we say. Why does the past decides to creep in now when you guarded it away as you moved on and believed to be a changed person?

This happens when you feel lost, when you are away of your comfort zone, when you feel that the everyone is on the train destined to achieve something great, but you feel left behind or you are driving your fate without knowing what direction you want to drive through. That’s when those dreams that hurt creep into your mind and whisper the voices that drenches your meaning. I know that feeling exactly because being a daydreamer, zoning out becomes part of your life and you just accept it. whether it brings you to happy places or sad memories, there is really no remedy to cure those dreams. A part of this is to fight it, and that’s what I try to do and that doesn’t mean eliminating your past, I mean to prove to myself of past that i have changed and I am a better person than I was before.

I can’t guarantee if I was able to convey the message perfectly because even when I write this, I have voices that say “Words are just mere Words” but to the people that fight with their past and find it difficult to talk or convey your emotions to others because you yourself are lost and don’t know if it would be silly bring the dark thoughts of the past into the present. I must say, its good to let it out, you can’t let it hide in your forever, you are in control of your life and you need to build the future that you dream to see yourself in.

The best way I overcome this issue of black memories is to remind myself of the good and appreciate the people that look out to you for the true person they see you as. My best help was a SLAM BOOK and those birthday cards and friendship collages, mostly importantly anything that signifies happiness. While I am reading my slam-book, or I reread all the comments on my work, or when I look through my history. I see the good shy me, always finding a reason to smile. And I smiled because at that very moment because, I felt like I changed for the best and everyone saw me the way you wanted to be seen. And now I say, I want to bring that smile back in me.

My slam book is filled with words of positivity and actions that I left unnoticed, but people took into account, yet, they didn’t tell me at that moment. My friends, parents and teachers saw the good in me, they supported me because they believed in me. I wasn’t afraid anymore because I didn’t feel like falling backwards anymore. Those are dreams that smile, that give to a reason to keep looking forward and not let anything get your way.  Because the moment you let yourself down, you start digging your own pit of sadness and trust me, I have dug a tombstone of problems myself. But it always took me to rely on the good things to remind me that your dreams of smile are stronger medicine than the dreams that hurt. Let not your dreams of hurt consume you, learn from it and build over it. that’s how you create your dreams of smiles.

Live your dream life now


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Dreaming is much easier than living a dream life. The dreams can end up being disappointing. When we create the stories in our heads, what is often forgotten is the hustle that they require to become true. The picture perfect imagines in our head won’t ever happen. Even the mistakes that we might have taken into account won’t happen. It may seem bit harsh, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m not saying that your dreams won’t come true just that it won’t be as you imagined. When standing on top of Mount Everest your feet will be hurting and it will be hard to breathe. But it doesn’t mean it has to be disappointing to find images in your head far from reality. Even though your body and mind are tired you can still feel the delight. Dreams come true in the most unexpected ways but they all require our effort. And if we all just keep dreaming the world will be full of people with beautiful worlds inside their heads but disappointed of the surroundings. We shouldn’t get stuck at the dreaming stage. Dreaming is wonderful but it’s only step number one. We so often get intimidated and freeze in comfort of our imagination. Here are a few things that can help you and me get started on living dream life right now:

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-22 at 17.16.33

Let go of your dreams

In order to make your dreams come true, you have to let your dreams go. It sounds strange and a bit sad but it’s the only way to genuinely enjoy the moment. When you finally become a fashion designer, kiss your crush, go abroad or whatever your dream might be; let of go of this dream. Don’t compare the dream to reality. If you do no matter how wonderful the moment is, you are going to feel disappointed. I’m not saying that it is always the case and that disappointment is always awful because actually it can be extremely useful to determine what is in fact not for you when you thought it is. The point is when you are enjoying the moment don’t look deep into your expectations. I’m sure you will find something that doesn’t quite seem as you wanted it to be if you do. At least I do way too often and it kills off a lot of fun I could be having instead.

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Seek adventure locally

After moving out, changing school, getting a new job, or whatever change; everything will be perfect, right? I’m pretty sure you already guessed it’s wrong but how about actually implying it into our lives. Not waiting for change but making the most out of the opportunities we already have. How can you live your dream of traveling when stuck in a small town with very little money you may ask. For me, the most fun way of exploring the area I know from childhood is geocaching. It is basically like a treasure hunt Pokemon Go kind of thing, where you can actually find little items hidden in places you probably passed mindlessly many times. It’s actually a thing in many small towns in various countries, not only big cities as you might have expected just like I did. And even if the items aren’t hidden where you live, you can play treasure hiding instead of hunting. One other way is to take a bus to nearby villages or other places you might not think of as holiday destinations. Close places might hide adventures you have never thought of. One of my favorite holidays took place in a village which name could be translated to ‘Rats’ where I took part in a week of plein-air painting. And even if you can’t do it maybe, it’s worth to take a walk to a part of your town which you don’t normally visit. I recently went to the distant part of my little town with my brother just to see a random monument. It’s not like either of us is a monument maniac but this spontaneous, kind of silly walk ended up to be a really fun highlight of my holiday. This local method can be applied to many other dreams but traveling is one of the most common ones so that’s what I focused on. Especially because it’s a dream of mine as well. But let’s say you want to become an actor or a singer or an excellent football player. Why not join a local club specializing in that? No club, no problem. OK, maybe a bit of a problem but you know that it’s possible to actually open one right? So no excuses dreams don’t just happen. You have to make them happen yourself.

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Appreciate little things

So you haven’t found a cure for cancer yet but you did well on your biology test. That’s something to celebrate. So you earned $5 and you put it to your savings socket so someday you can buy a camera and become a great photographer. So, you drew an art-piece you are completely disappointed but you want to become a outstanding artist. This is all progress. All the good things and all the mistakes. If you are trying to pursue your dreams all is progress even if things don’t go as planned. Learning from mistakes is an actual thing and even though it’s better to learn from mistakes of others it shouldn’t be a shame to make some ourselves. When you fail appreciate yourself for trying, when you win celebrate. See the beauty of the world in little things. They are what creates the bigger picture. So next time, listen to the ice melting in your hot tea or wave to the butterfly, because the biggest dream of us all which is to be happy is all in our heads and depends on which perspective we take.

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Follow your own advice

I’m not the one to tell you how to live your life. You know the best what you need. What ideas you have in your head. I’m merely here to tell you to try because the most significant failure is a regret of not trying. This is what advice I’m giving myself. I know I get so much closer to my dream life when I listen to myself. So do listen to your dreams but make a plan out of them. Take action to be your best adviser. Dream big but live bigger. Moreover, do drift off to the land of fairies or whatever sits in your mind sometimes and maybe put together a book about it and let me know I might read it. But things you want to do in this world construct around you. It’s much more fun this way. To make the most out of life. To imagine and live instead of just imagining. Imagination works the best when you feed it with adventure. So to dream bigger sometimes it’s good to actually get out of our heads and make the adventure with our hands.

Written by Guest Writer Magdelena

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Hey I’m Magdalena. I have strange obsession about people calling me either that or Lena which pretty much never happens but maybe someday. My heart beats for exploring the world yet I love chilling in my bed. It’s the place I sketch and write my poems as well as watch movies and write essays. Art makes me happy weather it’s painting or acting watching movies or reading books. Creating is my great passion and little life plan. I love seeing the world through different interpretations of it. I’m can ramble like crazy but listen even more carefully. I try to find happiness in little things but can cry over may things. I get awkward writing bio’s cause they have so many of letter “I” in them. And truth is i haven’t quite figured out my “I” yet but the journey of doing so is quite frankly very exciting.

I did like to thank Magdalena, who is an amazing writer and of many talents in art and literature. To have her work be staged in our blog means a lot to us and i hope that this can provide and sense of motivation and confidence to that live in doubt.  Magdalena has her own artistic feed in her Instagram and i did like to give my readers a treat of her talent and if you enjoyed it and would like to view weekly creative sketches and beautiful art, feel free to follow her and send her your love & support at @lenairimeart

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And you did like to keep track on her work, follow her in twitter, or subscribe to her Youtube Channel or even be part of her Pinterest , click here LinkTree and be part of her journey. if you enjoyed her blog and comment down below your love  and support and stay tune for more amazing content to come.



Life as We know it

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 16.45.59Life is not fair. Get used to it.” My mom used to say. Little did I know what that meant then. But now after life knocked me down multiple times, I understand what that meant.

What life taught me? Well, I have been taught many things, but…Three of them stand distinct from those life lessons. Firstly of course as I mentioned, Life isn’t fair…get used to it. No matter how hard you try, no matter how fair you try to be, life won’t treat you that way. I don’t need to explain to you how this works because you all must have experienced it one way or the other. There would always have been a point in life when we all would have complained “where the hell did I get it wrong!?”. The truth is that we can’t really do anything about it. I cannot give you any advice on how to prevent the unfairness in life also. What then? Accept it. Accept the fact that life won’t always be fair & move on. That’s the best & in fact the only thing you can do.

Secondly, you need to understand the universal fact that “Nothing is permanent in this world (that means you too) & the only person you can hold onto always is only yourself”. I tell you this because some years back, a girl once shared a meme regarding this very fact & her very good friend criticized her beliefs and argued that it was utterly foolish. And that friend is none other than your humble writer. Like I said, this blog itself is about what life taught me. Life changed me & made me what I am today. I now accept the fact that my best companion & life partner is myself. Me being the single child of my family went through this all my life. A feeling when you don’t have anyone to look up to, you don’t have anyone to back you up, you don’t have anyone to hold you close and tell you “it’s going to be okay, buddy.”

That is when I learned to be alone. That is when learned to be happy with myself. I learned to back up myself. I became self-reliant. I walked the lonely roads, the roads not taken. Then I realized that those who fly alone have stronger wings. They call you a lone wolf, but who cares? They say lions always hunts in pack, I replied a Tiger always hunt alone. It’s never a thing to stay alone. When you say your problems to yourself, when you become your best friend, when you care for yourself, you become a self-sustaining human being…a godly weapon.

I am not saying that you should all be loan wolfs. You always have the freedom to hunt in packs. This is for those who are fighting their battles alone. I wanted to write about this topic because I hope it will help you to stand up and face the unfair world with all your heart.

What made me think like this? Let me ask you, have you ever trusted someone so much? Have you ever loved someone more than you love yourself? Have you ever put your key to happiness in someone else’s hand? Well…if you have….it’s a big mistake. I’d rather call you a fool…cause I was being that fool my entire life. I have trusted & loved many & in the end I was left with only me for myself. And in the process I forgot to love myself. That’s why I said, set you as your first priority. Everything & everyone else is & should always be secondary. Learn to let go.

The third thing is the existence of Karma. Karma is like a boomerang they say. You throw it, and it would come back with twice the power. Alike are the things you do in your life. Whenever you are about to do something. just know that whatever that you are about to do, whether good or bad, it will return to you. You do a good, you get a good. You do a bad & the devil will speak.

My mom always used to gift children with expensive gifts even when we weren’t financially sound. I used to say “Mom, what are u doing? Why are you wasting al the money”? And she did say in her sweet motherly voice” Son, you will get this all back one day”, I never agreed with her until…until the day I got an iPhone as a gift from one of my mom’s distant friends. I mean, why on earth should he even gift me anything at all? I didn’t even know the guy very well. And then what followed was a thunder storm of things that I didn’t even deserve. And now here I am.

These three things taught me a basic principle of life – “choices”. I think choices are the most important aspect of one’s life. It’s the choices that we make today reflect upon our life down the line. It is not about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choices, everything done have a justification from the doer. In my point of view, every situation has three angles to it ‘first parties opinion’, ‘second parties opinion’ & ‘the truth’. Thus, it depends on the choice we make that define on which side we stand and who we are.

“All i wish to tell is that life is like a roller-coaster have ups and downs…In fact these are the two important things which give a meaning to life. What i intend to say is that the very purpose of life is to knock you down & see if you can stand up again. You must be familiar with the story of a giraffe baby. Do you what does it get first hand when its born? A kickers kick from its mother. The baby is knocked down. It gets up, gets knocked down again & it continues. Do you know why does the mother do this? The baby giraffe’s skin is so soft & fleshy that it attracts predators, so in the absence of its mother it should be able to defend itself by running away.

Baby Giraffe Drawing Mother And Baby Giraffe Drawing

Only after a few kicks does the baby understands why he is kicked & once it figures it out it starts running.

Like the baby giraffe, don’t give up on the problems, for giving upon problems means giving up life.

I got my kick. Have you?If you have, then do your thing…work the magic of life.”

Written by Guest Writer Kannen P.R

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Hello folks…the names Kannan .I hail from one of the most ancient civilizations on earth…The Indus valley civilization.
Am an automotive geek & i love public speaking.Those around me say am good at writing too and i hope thats why you are reading this.
I live my life according to my rules,follows my instinct & do what makes me happy.I was super excited when my best of the best DOCHI asked me to contribute to his blog.I didn’t want to let down his expectations.I did my best here,i hope all of you like it.Thank you Josh for inviting me for being a part of your venture.

I would like to thank my best friend Kannen for being part of this journey and having to work with you and bring that sparkle was always my goal. We might be miles away from each other, yet I feel close to see elements of friendship in our blog. You are a strong person and i have never won an argument with you yet 😅. You are what i call family and i am so proud of who you become. Keep growing and believing in the good.  I loved the message in the blog and you deserve a voice.

If you enjoyed this blog, feel free to comment down your opinions and spread that positivity and stay tune for more project and talent to take the spotlight as well.



Mystery Award

My Mystery Award

helii-hello, readers.

GOOD NEWS!! Its our first award nominated by @Nchanting-whispers and we are already out of words, it feels like our blog is just a little child that has finally graduated kindergarten and i am so proud of my co-blogger and everyone in my team who worked so hard behind the curtains as well, to keep this fire glowing.

Let me start of by saying thank you Sakshi for nominating us and i am truly glad to have met amazing and supporting blogger friends that keep motivating us and are the reason why we keep going. Do give a read here NchantingWhisper where she blogs about interesting War stories and Ancient history. I love her blogs a lot because as a reader, I feel like traveling into the past and witness these magical events that shape our history. I also love the fact that you can she her divine passion in her writing and you are never left disappointed. A pure soul and humble blogger who wants to bring the best in everyone.Once again, Thank you from the bottom of the heart and its an honor as well.

So, below are the given question that Sakshi has told us to answer.

1.If you are humpty than who is the Dumpty of your blogging life?

A).I guess I could say it is Dochi because he’s the one who first reads whatever I write. He gives me honest opinions and the thought of starting a blog would never have occurred to me if it weren’t for him!

2.The best part of blogging you love to do each and every time?

A).The part where you read those comments where people share their honest opinion on your writings!!It really means the world to me to hear that people actually enjoys what I write.

3.Share your favorite apps/tools you like or prefer best for blogging?

A).Well, I use photo-express to take and edit my photo-express, as a nature lover, I love the vibe that this app gives. I like to surf on Pinterest for encouragement, support and ideas. And I use mostly, twitter to connect with other bloggers around the world as well.

4.If you have to choose between one, unlimited Netflix subscription or all the bestselling novels than what will be your choice?

A).I will have half the bestselling novels and access to half the stuff that comes on Netflix!! Don’t make me choose cause if you do I’ll never be able to make up my mind!!Books and movies are love 💞💞

5.If Dan Brown is going to take you as the protagonist in his novel , than what different profession will you choose rather than what you are now (previous eg : symbologist , Noetic Scientist et cetera )

A).I’m not supposed to answer that question 🙊 because I don’t read Dan Brown’s books! They are against my religious beliefs and I have nothing more to add!!

Q. List 3 things about myself: (answered by CHIRI )

  • I like the color purple A LOT so if you wanna buy me something I say you go purple
  • Sometimes I feel sad but I feel as if I cannot cry so I watch sad movies to make myself cry (i know I’m a weirdo)
  • I’m the laziest person alive


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Drum roll please!!!!!!!……., our nomination are as follows:

Click on the names and let the internet direct you to these incredible blogs.

So, here are the following question i would like my nominees to answer:

  1. What inspired you to start your blog?
  2.  How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up
    and running?
  3. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?
  4. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?
  5. . Would you encourage other people to make their blog?
  6. What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?
  7. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Once again, I thank each and everyone of you who helped us as daydreamers throughout the journey and i am glad we could make many people smile, feel united and bring our crazy imagination into light. We appreciate our entire team as well as those encouragers out there, swirling us to do our best. It feels like yesterday, that we started a website and seeing , how much we have grown and connect is definitely a treasure in our life journey. As long as we know people keep coming to visit our blog, for a reason to smile, we will always be at your service. Most importantly, in real life, we are introverts that shy yourself from existence, and knowing that a blog speaks the words of the quiet ones makes us feel, that we have a voice that people do wish to hear and just by doing this, makes us feel like we have a purpose and we shouldn’t be afraid of our voices.

Written by Chiri & Dochi

Valentines Day

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It was the 14 of February,
there I was, getting ready,
for this evening, so special and sweet,
made so, by who I intended to meet,
and there I stood, overlooking the sea,
the wind in my face, rustling leaves in the trees,

It filled the air with a faint sound,
the sun sank with a glow, the beauty of the view, made so profound,
by the orange clouds,
I looked around,

Waiting for her familiar face to appear,
but deep down I had this fear,
that like last year, and the year before,
she would not come,
for she is far far away from home,

They say I’m mad to still wait for her, not having moved on yet ,
here, where we first met, when she visited her father,
here, where our last goodbye we said,
here, where I stood 3 years ago,
with a larger bouquet, dressed in black,
as she left to the place with no way back,
where now I stand waiting for her,
watching the brown leaves wither,
and as the darkness took over the sky and the waves,
I placed the bouquet on her grave,

From the cemetery on the seaside hill,
with a tear rolling down my cheek, I walked away,
they call me insane, but still,
Here I shall wait for her again,
next valentines day.

Written by Guest Poet Arvind

Arvind has truly been an inspiration to us and will be helping us to making our Special Blogger Edition as well. And in case you have missed his recent post “Confession of a Friend-Zoned Lover”, click here to read it all.

Will be back soon for our first Award post nominated by Sakshi.