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Hey there!!

My name is Joshua, but my real name is Marcel Joshua👻, Yes, I have a dual name. but I preferred to be called Joshua, I am 20 but still watch SpongeBob, so consider me as a kid inside. Born in Austria, brought up in Switzerland. Practically, an international student🤖.
I am a daydreamer and mostly an introvert, Thats why, I dont show myself alot!! . Yep, my kind of species is rare to find but we enjoy barking in the silence where our fantasy is our living reality. You might be wondering why the blogger name DOCHI, ha-ha…….you nosy little friend. DOCHI is my nickname back home and it was given by my siblings when they were little kidos because they never pronounced my name right😋 and it stuck along.
i started writing my own scripts and short blogs about how I viewed life itself since i was 15 but never showed it to anyone. I feared the criticism and rejection back then. I would write them on monthly basis when there was no one around basically. I named my short made scripted as “Experience & Philosophy” and kept in hidden most of the time. I did reveal it to my small bubble of close friends. But once during our summer holidays, my mom snooped around my school materials and found my work, she showed it to my whole family tree. Basically, they were so wowed about my work and wanted me to publish it later. Due to fear, I didn’t want that to happen and therefore, I ripped of all the pages and scattered them throughout the house at different location so my parents would never find it.
But as time went on and we moved to a different neighbourhood, I never found my blogs. But now, time passed, and i have plenty of time in my hands, I  started blogging as an escape from my current stress of life. It’s something I am passionate of doing as a hobby and never for the money/fame.
But as time pass by, you will learn more about me as a person and how my complicated mind works.  Pretty much a goof-ball who likes to live his life and i am glad to serve to a piece of my creative work to make your day a bit more colourful🤩.

Lots of Love



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