WhatsApp Image 2018-04-01 at 17.53.54Hey guys I’m Linnet.. I’m an ordinary girl with some really weird tastes ! Well for example last month I cropped my hair really short hoping to give my face a pixie effect and ended up looking like some nut-head who ran away from the nearby asylum .oh and I almost forgot about my special talent ..I can eat all day long and still be hungry by dinner time none of you can do that! And my specialization includes doing random stupid stuff without listening to my friends and then go complain to them that my life is a mess that I can’t deal with anymore.. This is just the briefest possible examples of my weirdness..

So summing me up in a sentence..I’m a lot to handle ..A LOT with capital letters mind you!The only good and normal thing I can think about me is that I love reading.There are tons of writers who have made me smile through their works and made my bad days a little less bad and the lives of people who have to deal with me every day a whole lot better I feel that now it’s time I return the favor by making others smile through my writings . I’m just starting out and I can’t promise to be perfect but nothing will make me happier than seeing you guys enjoy my writings! My happy place is miles and miles away but I have been given the map to my destination. I welcome ya all to tag along with me!!

So ignore all the weirdness and focus on the better stuff because who knows might actually end up liking it bet you’re thinking haha nice try by now I guess this is officially the 3 2 1 shoot go! to my blog ..

Lots of love


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