Lost in Silence

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The days go by, the clocks tick away
the stars hide and emerge, the sun rises and falls,
the seasons pass, and I sit here all night and all day,
reminiscing to the walks we took, the laughs and the calls.

I miss telling you stories, I miss that wonder in your eyes,
I walk the streets that were familiar, now strange,
I visit the same places, I see the same sights,
but without you besides, there’s too much change.

The chair across me sits empty, the swings in stillness,
the mantlepiece half full, the pictures telling an unfinished story,
the garden unkempt, taking over our hand painted fence,
the benches and shady trees missing us, telling new lovers our history.

I wish our time weren’t rationed, I wish I had another life time with you,
I wish we could still lie under the stars, having lost ourselves in the silence,
I wish we could go to all the places we once did and do all that we used to,
but you found your place among the stars, leaving me lost in silence.

What about our bucket list? what about all that we dreamt to be?
It was all so quick, she came and went, she didn’t stay,
she was merely a spark in the darkness of the universe inside me,
but she was the light that guided me, showing me the way.

I’m a mere existence, a man who’s lost meaning,
I’m a lone traveler who’s lost his compass along his path,
I’m a discarded story book with a story missing its ending,
I’m a soul that wanders the earth like a ghostly psychopath.

I had found my pile of gold, I had succeeded in my conquest,
I had found my oasis in the desert, I had reached, my Shangri La,
I had traveled the world, sailed the waves, in the serene and the tempest,
But I can only hear you from the past and talk to you from afar.

The seclusion we reached out for, our plans for reclusion,
the very same serenity that fills me with chaos and torture,
a wish that burdened us, a debt that came without fail, my restitution,
I asked for a silence to spend with you, not for silence from you, my lover.

Poem By Arvind


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My head hurts from the sleepless night
I woke up hungover from the alcohol I never had,
Is it just me or has the whole world turned darker
I can’t get up, its just too much effort,

Some insane thoughts are driving me crazy
Galloping past me, all day long,
I have lost all the control over its reins
I have never been so lost, so tired, so weary,

Its killing me from the inside to even smile,
I smile but it doesn’t reach up to my eyes
It’s laden in a desperate hope ,
Of finding something that will help me go on

I look around and see people everywhere ,
They don’t have that look of despair
That they are desperately trying to hide,
It’s making me wonder why I’m all alone

But I’m done with all this ,
I’m ready to move on
I’m all set to fight my way back ,
I want to soar high

Give me wings and I’ll set out high ,
To chase the clouds, to capture the moon
And to conquer the sun ,
I’ll float among the stars and be one among them

I’ll be that shining star in the darkest sky ,
When it’s pitch dark out watch out for me
I’ll send my shooting stars ,
And you’ll know I’m fine..

Poem by CHIRI

Shards she shreds

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He walked away without a backward glance
And in a second her heart shattered into a million shards,
An arrant vacuum embraced her lips
And nibbled away into her hollow ribs,

She screamed in terror
The terror of loosing him forever ,
Down she fell with no one for her aid
Heavier than lead her mind weighed,

But she didn’t sway not for a moment
And went on with her life without any lament,
When words fail her, she smile
And the world smile back at her after a while,

You see, this darkest heart now
Has the deepest story of love,
Locked tight and kept away
In the farthest corner, far far away,

Stare into her eyes
And you will see past the lies,
Those misty eyes are are the sole
Peepholes to her soul,

Walk away for all you care
She’ll rise again with a spirit so rare,
She’s strong and warm and so much more
And wouldn’t show it even if she’s sore.

Poem by CHIRI

Valentines Day

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It was the 14 of February,
there I was, getting ready,
for this evening, so special and sweet,
made so, by who I intended to meet,
and there I stood, overlooking the sea,
the wind in my face, rustling leaves in the trees,

It filled the air with a faint sound,
the sun sank with a glow, the beauty of the view, made so profound,
by the orange clouds,
I looked around,

Waiting for her familiar face to appear,
but deep down I had this fear,
that like last year, and the year before,
she would not come,
for she is far far away from home,

They say I’m mad to still wait for her, not having moved on yet ,
here, where we first met, when she visited her father,
here, where our last goodbye we said,
here, where I stood 3 years ago,
with a larger bouquet, dressed in black,
as she left to the place with no way back,
where now I stand waiting for her,
watching the brown leaves wither,
and as the darkness took over the sky and the waves,
I placed the bouquet on her grave,

From the cemetery on the seaside hill,
with a tear rolling down my cheek, I walked away,
they call me insane, but still,
Here I shall wait for her again,
next valentines day.

Written by Guest Poet Arvind

Arvind has truly been an inspiration to us and will be helping us to making our Special Blogger Edition as well. And in case you have missed his recent post “Confession of a Friend-Zoned Lover”, click here to read it all.

Will be back soon for our first Award post nominated by Sakshi.

I still Miss You💙

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I can never, not , love you
Never get enough of you
If i’m swimming in a pool of you
I would ask the ocean to bow down an open up her arms to accept you..
To caress you.. touch you..let her hands explore you…
Understand the beauty………………..and the anomaly that is………… you.

Feeling sick
Feeling hot
Feeling cold
Slightly shocked.
8m dying( your living)
Cant you see me.. I’m..crying .
Im cutting my face to show you this alliance.
I haven’t had this much inspiration since you left.. but now..I’m smiling..
As i m holding death by her chin carressing her face.. an make that one last kiss…
I get it .
You loved me.. but you never thought I’m worthy to put aside your differences and own that you deserve me
Maybe its all for the best
Maybe its all in my head
But at least i got to get this weight finally out of my chest….

Written by Guest Artist Jason Godfrey

I would like to thank @Jason_Godfrey for taking the time to write a poem for us and ask us to publish it.  This poem really portraits a lost love story between the lines and as a Daydreamer, we have to always acknowledge the communities talent. If you enjoyed it as well, comment down below your love & support and let us know how you feel about the poem. Thanks for reading…..💙💚🧡 !!

And also Jason Godfrey is a Guitarist and  i am absolute love this short IG music/guitar clips, If you are interested click here to listen to short clips and have a music snack from him & Do give him a follow if you enjoyed it!!

The Fight of Life

Modeled by @lenairime

stuck in your throat
dried flower
flying inside your tongue
foreseen morning light
by the haze forgotten
Choice filling the lungs
burning the maker’s fingers
the eagle roaring
inside the oak masked enemy
The you of yesterday
fighting A you of tomorrow
so today
open the lungs with the needle
rise with the backfall
Anti-gravity flight
with sweet cortisol
filling your heart


Just want to thank Magdalena for letting her input be part of our poems. I am always fascinated by the way she does it and her poem are short and really meaningful with a fluid interpretation. This poem definitely deserve a Noble prize and i hope my readers enjoyed it too.

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If you liked here way of interpretation and want to keep track of her work, follow her IG account @lenairime and you can expect amazing photos & morning quotes to keep you fascinated. Also Comment down below your love & support and also stay tuned for another blog written by Magdalena coming soon.


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I keep tripping over my own shadow
It’s eerie quiet in and the wind’s out,
But this ringing in my ears refuse to leave me
And I’m left to swoon over my thoughts,

I’m not giving in, I’m not compromising
I’m not going down, I have my head held high,
I’m not giving up, I’m not loosing faith
I’m holding onto to the last straw, I call it hope,

There’s a banter going on in my chest
So loud that I cannot hear anything else,
A pat on my shoulder and a deep breath later
I’m good to go, to face the world all by myself,

The world’s cruel glares blind me every day
It’s weakening spells bringing me down,
Thick darkness is what I breathe every time
Choking me and filling me with dread,

The brimming tears threaten to bade bye
I blink back and stare right through those tears,
The misty view is not a new sight
To my broken heart who’s seen it much worse,

A pearly white smile flashed across my eyes
The toddler waved me a happy hi,
Blew me kisses and a final bye
And i felt a bubble of joy floating in the air,

I looked ahead and saw the lush green tree
Waving a golden net with the sunny yarn,
Purple blossoms lovely as ever
And chirping birds to make it more brighter,

I felt a lift in the air or is it just my feeling
A hand lifting me, all the way up,
I’m happy, happier than ever
Now I can go on without the fear of crashing down,

Poem by CHIRI

Special Thanks to Jason Godfrey for being the model of the pic and this poem is dedicated to you, brother!! and everyone else looking for a place in their future.

Always have HOPE.

The lonely wanderer

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Altitude wilderness and waves
His dreams revolved around the trio,
The lad who loved the loneliness
Grew up to be a sole wanderer,

Transfixed the hunk stood
His gaze lingering past the mighty hills,
His eyes drowning in frenzied lust
To embrace the mountain air,

Mist wrapped him under her tender blanket
His fiery breath shallow against her icy smile,
The thump thump of this heart though loud
Was heard only by the falling leaves,

No where he felt more at home
Than the wildest of all the jungles,
A lil cave by the brook was his abode
Which he shared with the les fauves,

Thunderstorm for him was a cheery drizzle
Furious howling gale a joke,
Mammoth trees dropped dead but not he
He was a warrior, with the world against his side,

Though surrounded by hungry sharks
Calm and cool he was,
Gulls mewed, waves splashed
And the night grew dark,

the cruel waves of the ocean
washed away the last breath of many ,
but he made those very waves his deepest love
And the mighty tides his craze,

Blinded by the sandstorm
And pining for some water,
He walked on his sore limbs
But without wavering from his trail,

And one fine day he saw them, those two
His face was lit and hers so bright,
He watched ’em walk away and paused for a bit
With a new bleeding gash right on his heart!!

Poem by CHIRI

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Special thanks to our photography production @kremstory 

And model for the blog @georgii.14

Feel free to follow them and give them your love &support!!

The Phase

cyclist-3202481_1280Lazing around in summer bliss,
Soaking up the sun and loving the breeze
I walked around in perfect glee,
Loving my life just as it is.

Then I saw you for the first time,
Answered you in a single word
But that would never have been the case,
If I knew you would cause me sleepless nights

Hand in hand, I walked with my friends,
Raised my head and saw you ahead
stared at you for some seconds longer,
But never once did you glance my way

Walking around in a virtual maze,
Many a times, we were inches apart
A word or two to fill the gap,
Feeling nothing but perfect ease

Dusk gave way to a starry night,
Joy and laughter filled the air
We boasted to stay up the whole night,
But our droopy eyes said otherwise

Seven suns ,seven moons later
My heart still misses a beat
And then the races to catch up
At the mere mention of your name

I looked back and go teary eyed,
If only I could have done a bit more
Laughed a bit more, joked a bit more,
Smiled at you a bit more.

Poem by CHIRI