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I keep tripping over my own shadow
It’s eerie quiet in and the wind’s out,
But this ringing in my ears refuse to leave me
And I’m left to swoon over my thoughts,

I’m not giving in, I’m not compromising
I’m not going down, I have my head held high,
I’m not giving up, I’m not loosing faith
I’m holding onto to the last straw, I call it hope,

There’s a banter going on in my chest
So loud that I cannot hear anything else,
A pat on my shoulder and a deep breath later
I’m good to go, to face the world all by myself,

The world’s cruel glares blind me every day
It’s weakening spells bringing me down,
Thick darkness is what I breathe every time
Choking me and filling me with dread,

The brimming tears threaten to bade bye
I blink back and stare right through those tears,
The misty view is not a new sight
To my broken heart who’s seen it much worse,

A pearly white smile flashed across my eyes
The toddler waved me a happy hi,
Blew me kisses and a final bye
And i felt a bubble of joy floating in the air,

I looked ahead and saw the lush green tree
Waving a golden net with the sunny yarn,
Purple blossoms lovely as ever
And chirping birds to make it more brighter,

I felt a lift in the air or is it just my feeling
A hand lifting me, all the way up,
I’m happy, happier than ever
Now I can go on without the fear of crashing down,

Poem by CHIRI

Special Thanks to Jason Godfrey for being the model of the pic and this poem is dedicated to you, brother!! and everyone else looking for a place in their future.

Always have HOPE.

#6.Weird personal drives: our faithful companions

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-29 at 11.34.47I’ll tell you an honest fact before I start on this one. This post will reveal some really embarrassing quirks of mine that I never thought I would be able to confess. But as of late I have been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and do stuff that’ll mould a braver Linnet so here we are…!

Every single one us have some weird habits that we are not really proud of but something which we cannot shake off either. Well I have a cartload of those. When I was younger I was really ashamed of these quirks (well I still am though not that much) and would spend hours worrying about the consequences if my friends ever found out. Like that would be the end of the world (end of my world at least). But thinking back I realise those were just the fears of a young kid who didn’t wanna loose her friends for being different from the rest.Okay, so I’ll move on to my very own personal bad habits that annoys the shit out of me

1: Sucking my fingers (don’t laugh I outgrew of this habit looooongg looooongg back). So you might be wondering what’s so weird about it, most of the kids do that. But then most of the kids stop it by the age 3 right? Or maximum till 5 or 6. Tell me have you ever seen a kid who’s over 10 sucking their thumb. I don’t think so. I used to do it till I was in 7th grade. Yes, I’m not even kidding. At school I’ll be like any normal kid but once I reach home and change out of my uniform, the ring finger automatically goes into my mouth. My family used to make so much fun about it and I was even taken to a doctor once (there I have said it). Curious about how I stopped this annoying habit? I put a band-aid on my finger, complete with a yucky smelling medicine for cuts (betadine I think) and all. And in a few days that habit bid me sweet bye. I was so proud of myself that I couldn’t stop grinning for days 😂😂

2.Cropping off my hair: Short hair never looked flattering on me. And not even a single person has ever told me I look good in short hair. I’m kinda tall(ish) and everyone tells me I look better in long hair and even I don’t disagree. But… I get this weird urge to chop off my hair as soon as it grows a bit. Really short like a guy’s. And I wouldn’t feel at peace until I do so. With every haircut disaster I tell myself this is the last time. But the saga continues to date!Now the only thing left for me to do is find a really cool short hair style which wouldn’t make it seem like I have a wig on!(though there’re better chances of me topping the next semester exam than me finding a good short hair style. Just to make myself clear there’re better chances of me being a princess than me topping any semester exams.. Im stopping.. I stopped😷)

3.Forever addicted to food: I’m not talking about those normal hunger pangs where you end up eating a lot. Mine is way different. If there’s some food I like in the house, I have to eat it whether I’m hungry or not. Simple (and weird) as that. Even on a full stomach which is at the verge of bursting open, I can still eat if this feeling takes over me. And after eating, there’s this mixed feeling of guilt and satisfaction so rare that nothing beats it.Actually I’m getting better self control with food these days, now that I started to notice that half of my clothes don’t fit me cheers to that!!

4.Number of kids I want : I’m the kind of girl who didn’t know what stream to choose after my 10th grade (science or commerce) and had my mom to choose it for me. I didn’t know what college to go to after my 12th grade either and had my dad to choose it for me. In short I’m really irresponsible when it comes to major decision making and I still expect to be treated like a kid. Which is really really weird because, I had already decided the number of kids I want after I get married, by the time I was in 7th or 8th.And that’s not the creepy part.. I have even named ’em.. Now all I can hope is that my husband would be okay with the names!!

5.Depression strikes: Some days I feel really depressed without any apparent reason. This is so frustrating because when people ask you what happened, you have no explanation to give and giving a shrug wouldn’t be enough for everyone, NO they need to know the exact reason. Some days even you yourself doesn’t know the exact reason behind it and the other days you are not able to put your feelings into words. That downright sucks but it passes after a day or two so it’s something I wouldn’t really mind living with! There’s no particular thing I do to make me feel better other than talking to someone who actually understands or watch some good-feeling movies!

6. Reluctance to be in a relationship: This one I’m sure there are many people out there who are on the same boat as me. I am 19 and I have never been in a relationship. The main reason for this is because I hate all the couple drama and never really felt the need to have a guy in my life, I mean I’m really happy with how things are in my life and I don’t wanna mess it up. Being in love at such young age could be really exhausting if you are with the wrong guy and I don’t wanna risk that. Once I feel that I’m mature enough for it (five – six years in the least), I’ll just do what’s required then! Meanwhile I’ll just have to do without the couple tees and holding hands and late night convos!(I mean who’s insane enough to sacrifice sleep for love.. Not me)

These is just five among my numerous other quirks. I could go on and on but then I wouldn’t wanna bore you guys either. So, my point is we all are homo sapiens and what makes us unique from other homo sapiens is our individual eccentricities and kinks. They are part of who we are and there’s no need to be sad or upset about it. If you feel that there’s no way you can change it then learn to accept and live with it! And you would feel so much better once you learn to accept it, trust me on this one. Another thing to keep in mind is not to judge anyone else just because they are not like you. Appreciate their individuality and only then you would be able to grow as a person

(Like I said in the beginning of this blog it took me a lot of courage to make all these confessions and I’m grateful to my readers for reading it till the end. Feel free to comment your quirks and weird drives too so that I’ll feel a lil better about myself 😂😂)

Written by CHIRI



#5.Collage Contrast : Austria vs India

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-20 at 15.04.33Hey there,
Welcome to a special edition called collage contrast which is a collaboration between me and my co-blogger where we give you an insight of how different it is between our collage life and let you walk in two dimensions of time and witness the extend of collage experience.
But before we dive in, these facts may not be true for every college but rather we try to deduce a general outline between the lives of us from them but more or less, try to come to a general conclusion. This involves not just our collage experience both also the people that are spread far and wide within the regions.

The college day morning

Austria: Well, let me start my saying everyday is never the same day. Because you basically don’t have a fixed time schedule and classes can begin any time of the day. Like some days, you have classes at 9 am in the morning whereas the other days, you may have at 4 pm. It always keeps fluctuating and another good news, you never have class all the time. Sometimes, you may have classes on Monday but maybe not Tuesday , then you have Wednesday & Thursday class but not Friday you are off. But your class schedule is always fixed. Like you were meant to  have accounting at 9 am on 1st May, which means will definitely have your accounting classes have 9 am on 1st may ,and nothing can change it unless the teacher is sick. So, every student has their e-calendar in their phone and there is no need to tell anyone when  your lecture is and where it would it be.

India: Well for us it’s entirely a different story. Our classes are pre-fixed and start every at 9.00.We have our add on courses such as CA, ACCA, CAT coaching etc till 11.30 after which we have our regular classes. I’m doing degree and yeah this add on facility is something that only our college has.Yea add-on are compulsory additional courses that we take along with the degree and is just like professional courses or coaching for a higher degree)  Most of the other colleges I know here doesn’t offer this facility). We are not as lucky as Dochi because our classes are fairly regular and we even classes on Saturdays although only till 2.30.We are informed about the classes via mail or we can check our special open source school management system named Fedena. The other colleges in our locality get a lot of day offs from Strikes and Hartals that are so typical here in India. The first thing my buddies in other colleges do when they wake up is inspect the newspaper for such news. But sadly for us, Hartal or not, Sun or rain, storm or breeze there’ll be classes for sure.

Our course system

Europe: We follow the ECTS system (European Credit & Transfer accumulation System), which means every course you take might have a specific credit that you will be awarded if you pass and complete your required task. Its like number of hours required to complete the workload & learning outcome in relation to the course. Basically, 1 ECTS= 25-30 hours of study workload but don’t freak out, it includes all the time you study at home or with your friends and anytime throughout the course. And example, software was 3 ECTS= 25×3= 75 hours of workload to complete the subject. Each course has a fixed time sloth before the exam. Like for example, Private law is a 24 LE class (1 lecture =45 mins), So, once those 24 LE are over, you need to write your exam and the Private law is done. You will have days where private law would be taught for 5 LE in one day, so, classes can be quite long and thick too.In total, the whole bachelor program consist of 180 ECTS and also exchange semester in the 3rd which is optional and 5th semester as internships ,which is absolutely compulsory.

India :Our course basically consists of different subjects that are spread across the entire 3 years that our course takes to complete. We have 2 semesters consisting of around 5 months each per year. For the first semester, we had papers like banking & insurance and corporate regulations and framework and for second semester we had courses like business regulatory framework and business management. The time allotted to each hour is flexible and depends on the workload involved. We had to do a second language paper this year but there’s only English literature from the second year onwards. The specialization papers comes only in the final year where the studies become much more intense and serious. Our college also offers programs that are held in abroad universities(This year it was in Canada and Taiwan) for short durations.

Our class system

Austria: Wondering how my classes are! Lets just say, it’s not necessary a lot of work materials to carry to class. You have an e-desktop along with your student ID number and password, your lecturers will probably post the presentation and all required course material such as research papers, reviews and extra questions. There might be a few courses that you might need a textbook but don’t go spill your money, you can probably find the digital copy available to download online for free. (#college hack). Oh!!, Are you looking how to skip classes. 🤣😅, Every collage has their different system of bunking classes. In my collage, its compulsory to be present but you are permitted to skip in total of 6 LE per subject. Which means if you are lazy to get up in the morning, and your lecture has 3 LE today, then just sleep it off. Its no problem. I personally skip class to get prepared for my upcoming exams but its totally fine to skip. Everything is possible to learn by yourself because you can learn those tutorials of your course through online sources or with the help of your friends. And FYI, you always have classes in different campus or different blocks, so. It always keeps changing depends on the professor preference and learning motive of the day. Most cases, you wont see your friends from other courses because everyone course has different time schedules and are always in different campus/blocks most of the time. Even lunch breaks are different for everyone.

India:Even for us, text books aren’t compulsory although our teachers do recommend that we buy ’em. They also give us the names of reference manuals that can give us a deeper insight into the subject.Our entire bcom department is divided into model 1 Finance and Taxation, model 2 F&T and model 1 Computer Application. We rarely ever get to sit our buddies in these other classes because the only time we get to go to a different classroom is when we have our add ons or language. When it comes to bunking we have to take precautions coz 75% attendance is a must for us. If we manage 65%,then we can get a condonation provided we produce a medical certificate(trust me that’s an easy task) but we can get condonation only in alternate years. If you fall short of the minimum attendance then you get the infamous supplementary better known an supply where you have to write the exams next year along with your Juniors. Also most of our teachers send us short notes and other important stuff so doesn’t matter even if your attendance wavered for a bit while you are in class.

What happens in class

Austria: That’s always a mystery question, I must say. Like I said you can bring anything to class right from your laptop to tablet to even your PS4.( yes, I had a friend who did that).You are allowed to record the whole class through your voice recorder. But trust me, having a lecture recording of 5 hours isn’t that helpful. Yeah, our lecture can vary from 2 hour, 4 hours to even 8 hours. Well, everyone has social media in the laptop and most of people class are probably playing poker online with your each or watching the sport game you missed last night or a live game. I always see girls doing their online shopping bucket in class 😅. Pretty much, you have all the freedom in the world. You can either pay attention in class and interact with your lessons or just chill till the class ends. I am personally hate long lecturers because I feel tired and sleepy. During the breaks, I need to wash my face often and take a small walk to survive the next few hours. But overall, its fun. Some lecturers are interesting such as marketing, but others are just plain dull. You need to accept that no course is your perfect course, so you must deal with interesting as well as thick topics. Oh, by the way. You can leave the class whenever you want. You don’t need to ask the lecturers permission. I still remember I was hungry and I had a 5 LE class, that I ended up going to a nearby glossary shop to buy apples. 😋 and totally doable.You can also leave earlier if you want to catch your bus or train back home.

India:Guess what! We cannot carry our mobile phones to college let alone use it. And if we are caught using our phones, the teachers or the principal himself will take it away and we’ll get it back only after a full month, not a day earlier no matter how much we plead or beg(even crying doesn’t work.. We have tried it). That never stopped us daredevils from using our phones though. Within this one year we have all mastered the art of texting with the phone in our bags while maintaining a straight eye contact with the lecturer. Yes I know we are legends. Also the safest place to use the phone without getting caught is…. that’s right.. the wash rooms. All we have to do is get permission from the lecturer to use the washroom and take the phone with you. But trust me it doesn’t work quite like this all the time. Once our class teacher grew suspicious of my friend who pretty much exploited this excuse and asked him to hand over the phone to him before hitting the loo.We had a good laugh that day.. And about having a snack while there’s class going on, don’t even think about it. The moment you are caught for even chewing a gum, you’ll be thrown out! But us legends have managed to eat a whole Biriyani(an Indian dish) while the class was going on. Its all about experience and skill! And about leaving the class in between, unless you can give a really strong reason or you are sick, your attendance will be marked as absent.

Types of classes

Austria:  YA!!, this is going to be interesting. Not every class is the same kind. You might have a few lecturers from a professor that lives in USA, so. Your lecturers will happen via Skype or other video call media. So, you will have classes just by laying in the bed in your room. Nah , don’t have to be online always. You might face the problems of buffering or video call not applicable. Its normal. A few lecturers record the video call and just upload it later. Some class are defined as e-learning which I still dont have a definite answer of. E-learning, too you can do it in your room. Its basically your lecturers will email you a few research papers or an assignment or even nothing, just do it but its not always mandatory. I honestly haven’t done anything during the e-learning. Probably watching a Netflix series, but is totally unaware that e-learning is supposed to happen now. Then we have something called block week, where you are should be present because you will be taught one subject the whole entire week(25 LE in one week)  because the lecturer is from abroad and is here for a short period of time .You will have exams the very next  week later. Then we have the normal class in seminar halls as well as smaller classrooms.

India:  For us it’s the same every day. Lecturers take classes using their presentations. But it’s not that boring because all of ’em are highly skilled and they do know how to keep us entertained. Plus there are only some 35 of us in a class so the lecturers know us all personally and daydreaming or napping is not a viable option because chances are you will be met with a “Go wash your face and come” or worse “I’m gonna mark you absent for this hour if you do this anymore”. They also keep a watch on the weaker students and even offer to throw in a few extra hours for em. Now for the best part.. Our Industrial Visits.They are absolutely the best.The perfect excuse to have fun under the excuse that you are visiting a factory. This “visit to a factory” only last up to less than an hour and the rest of the day is all ours to relax and enjoy to the max. Our IV has to be the day we enjoyed the most actually, it’s that awesome. And we have camps in 2nd and 3rd years and they are even more fun than our IVs.Also our college gives us opportunities to be develop as better people who care about the society and not just themselves. We are taken to orphanages and old ages homes to spend time with those beautiful people, who for no fault of theirs , are not in a privileged situation like us. Most of us are also part of the Young India initiative where we are introduced to a lot of platforms to boost our talents and develop overall.

Type of exams

Austria: just as how are classes are different, so is our exam. There are many time of exams or various types to get graded. Like a few subjects, requires you to do presentation or our e-learning homework’s. whereas, some subjects are “take home exams” or write a reflection paper about the course. There are also a normal written exam which can either be a mid-term or just a final exam. My favourite kind of exam is the open book exam, love it!!😍 you can carry all your course material and have all preplanned notes and sheets ready that makes your task easier to do. Its like you need to study a draft of how to do the tasks but having all the shortcuts and guidelines in reach of your fingertips. We also have something called the oral exams, honestly its stressful and all based on luck. You randomly choose the question from a pile and you have a 5 minute countdown and then you begin. Rapid fire question but some oral question are group based, which means you will be asked to make groups of 3 and do the oral exams together, if you don’t know the answer of a question, you co-mate is allowed to hint you the answer which gives him bonus points and you get the points too based on how you answer. Oral exams are easy to do well as well as easy to fail. My luck ran out in my first oral exams and I chocked on those hard answers and failed it by 5%.. oh, wondering what will happen to failures, the re-exam of the subjects are likely to happen after 2 months or within your next semester in between and called as resits, all exams are written. The level of difficulty will be the same as your previous exam and you can fail your 2nd resit and must try your 3rd resit, if you fail the 3rd resit. You go to your final chance ,the 4th resit which is an oral exam with your teacher, your professor will ask you how to do the task or ask you to explain a particular concept, and professor determines your fate. You fail the 4th resit, I am sorry to break the bad news but you need to leave the program. But unless you have a genuine reason why this happen, you can make a deal with the director that you can do only 3 courses out of 9 and stay back a year to redo the course you failed. Which means another extra year in collage But this is not applicable to university FYI.

India:We only have one single type of exam unlike Dochi and that is of course the written one. We have our semester exams and also certain internal exams that accounts for some percentage of the total marks. Our attendance and assignment scores are also added for the same. Assignments vary, like some teachers give us seminars or presentations while others give us written ones. In case you flunk a paper or fall short of the minimum attendance required to write that paper,it’ll automatically turn into your arrear paper which you will have to write it next year with your juniors. Also if you feel that your marks aren’t good enough then you can always write the improvement exam which is very much similar to the arrears.But the bad news is that however genuine your reason maybe you will not get a re exam in case of a failure or if you were unable to appear for it.

Academic calendar

Austria: Well, you study every semester like 9 courses and when you pass, you study another new 9 courses. But there are few subjects that are stable like accounting. You never have something like exam week rather your exams are spread throughout the semester. For example, my statistics classes ended on end on march and my final exam was on the first week of April whereas I started having lecturers on project management on the first week of may and have exams on June. Its all spread out and once you passed, you don’t have to worry about the subjects again. Just focus on the other upcoming courses.

India: We have a certain number of papers that we must clear for every semester, mostly six. And we take all the exams together. There’ll be study hols in between of course but other than that it’s all in one stretch. I think it’s better this way because all the exams will be over in the blink of an eye and afterwards you can relax in peace till the next exam. Also exams are at the same time for all the different departments as well as different batches. So we get to write the exams with our juniors or seniors

Free time, lifestyle & breaks

Austria:  My favorite segment among all, we do have plenty of free time here and there and we can treat our campus as our own home. During breaks, you can grab a snack in the cafeteria or if you are really hungry, have a feast in the canteen or leave the campus to have a quick fast food such as burgers and pizza. There are plenty of sources for food. In my collage, we have a cafeteria, canteen, food-stalls and even small restaurant. And right outside the campus, you can find plenty more. So, food is never a problem here. There are vending and coffee machines in every, cheers to those coffee-lovers. You are allowed to bring food in your class and even eat during the class, not really an issue actually! Plenty of places to hangout, enjoy the sun or even play your favourite video games with your friends in the lounge. There is no fixed dress code. You are allowed to come to school with t-shirts and shorts and even wear a cap during class. Like I said, campus feels like home. I remember the other day, seeing a few guys who were shirtless play a volleyball game in the campus garden and its totally normal. You can even have a picnic under the tree inside your campus. 😍 we have libraries open till 9 pm if you want to study and its really quite there, I can guarantee that. Also, a place to do your group discussion and even a study hall.

India:Our break times are after every two hours and while its no big luxury like dochi’s it’s good enough. We have two cafeterias and if you are in a bunk mood you can always go there and chill. We do have a lotta restaurants outside the premises of our college but the break time wouldn’t be sufficient to make a grand visit to there. But if you are looking for a quick snack then you’ll have plenty of time and wouldn’t even miss the next hours. And you would be surprised at the next major difference. We have uniforms.. YES I’m not even kidding.Us college peeps look like high-schoolers with our grey uniform complete with black shoes and socks! Only time we’re allowed to wear color is if it’s a Saturday or if there’s some major event going on at our college.And yea we have a good library spread across three floors but you’ll find more books of Accounting Standards and Corporate Law than Nicholas Sparks or Sidney Sheldon. Also we have a pretty decent gym for girls totally free of cost and anyone can go there before or after the class hours.


While some people would find our college too strict and school-like, I actually like this place. College life is the last few years of our life where we can enjoy without having the burden of any responsibility. This carefree life is all gonna take a sharp turn the moment you pass out. And the friends we get now are friends for life because they are the ones who knows the real you. The hostel life is life at its best. These hostel mates turn into your family without you realizing it and you’ll only realize how much you are gonna miss em once you are separated. Right now we have this two month semester break and I should be enjoying the vacation but funny thing.. I miss those idiots every single day. I’m not even kidding. This is not just for me but for all college going kids like me. And although we are on the path of becoming responsible adults and good citizens, there’s no need to compromise on having fun and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Because if you don’t, you’ll have no stories to narrate to your grand-kids and make em realize that they have such cool grans! College is awesome regardless of where you are from because we all have one thing in common. The starting of a new life with no one to put reins on you. You’re like a mare galloping towards the wide horizon. So guys we only have one advise to you.. Enjoy to the fullest because trust me otherwise you gonna regret it at some point of life

I hope you got to experience our college from the two different extremes and understand how contrast is ours from yours but feel free to comment below how your collage is doing and we would be glad to hear your collage experience. And if you are from another country and have a unique collage life, do share below and love to hear the voices of my fellow readers.😃

Written by DOCHI & CHIRI

The lonely wanderer

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-13 at 15.12.09

Altitude wilderness and waves
His dreams revolved around the trio,
The lad who loved the loneliness
Grew up to be a sole wanderer,

Transfixed the hunk stood
His gaze lingering past the mighty hills,
His eyes drowning in frenzied lust
To embrace the mountain air,

Mist wrapped him under her tender blanket
His fiery breath shallow against her icy smile,
The thump thump of this heart though loud
Was heard only by the falling leaves,

No where he felt more at home
Than the wildest of all the jungles,
A lil cave by the brook was his abode
Which he shared with the les fauves,

Thunderstorm for him was a cheery drizzle
Furious howling gale a joke,
Mammoth trees dropped dead but not he
He was a warrior, with the world against his side,

Though surrounded by hungry sharks
Calm and cool he was,
Gulls mewed, waves splashed
And the night grew dark,

the cruel waves of the ocean
washed away the last breath of many ,
but he made those very waves his deepest love
And the mighty tides his craze,

Blinded by the sandstorm
And pining for some water,
He walked on his sore limbs
But without wavering from his trail,

And one fine day he saw them, those two
His face was lit and hers so bright,
He watched ’em walk away and paused for a bit
With a new bleeding gash right on his heart!!

Poem by CHIRI

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Special thanks to our photography production @kremstory 

And model for the blog @georgii.14

Feel free to follow them and give them your love &support!!

#4. When sleep declares war on you!

30710659_2046633932017660_1395948818846973952_nThe rush of bright sunlight through the bedside window was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes that morning.The happy “yaayy it’s morning” chirping of the birds tickled my ears. Oh! Wait a second ..what was all the loud blasting music that I hear now? The new alarm tone of my roomie ! I took one looong look at her peaceful and content face .So blessed I was to get such a beautiful soul as my roomie .

I reached out for the the water bottle on her table and took a sip know ‘coz water is good for your body and poured the rest of it on her face! How dare she sleep so well through this cacophony ! How dare she leave the curtains of my window open ! How dare she set her stupid alarm knowing pretty well that the legend who can invent an alarm that can wake her up has not been born yet on this planet or any other planet as for that matter ! Such a bish..

By now you might have guessed . I’m not a morning person .But that’s not it. I wake up to every weeny noise and every lil stream of sunlight .U won’t get the intensity of my problem until I put it this way, if someone sleeping 8 rooms away from me snores,I wake up thinking there’s an earthquake with 7 point intensity on the Richter scale! (Well that was a wee bit’s not that bad).There now I have created an image that I’m a grumpy old girl but I am telling you …this grumpy person takes over my personality very rarely in 3 or 4 days a month lasting only up to 4 or 5 days at a time..that’s not much to put up with right!?

So as I was saying I am not a sound sleeper and that worries me like crazy. Its all good when you have an exam and must wake up at 4’0 clock in the morning. You know what! I do have some epic bragging rights.. I wake up at the second or third ring of my alarm whether it’s midnight or early morning.. Bet none of you can do that right??? Of course I am right.. In my 19 years of vaaaastt experience(😎😎) and deep intense research on sleeping habits of people, I have never met a single person who can beat me in a wake-up-to-every-single-rustle-of-leaf competition (pheww that was long). But then I wake up to not just mine but others alarm too. So five other roomies besides myself set alarm for five different hours and waking up five times in the four hours that you actually sleep is not at all a pleasant feeling.And what’s even worse (I used to think there’s literally nothing worse than waking up during a sound sleep but trust me I found something worse or more precisely it found me)…sleeping off during an exam! Can you just imagine the embarrassment when an exam invigilator shook me up from my sleep during our semester exam! And not to forget the sniggering of the kids around me..I was in a daze and everything was happening so slow but yea!the moment I saw the invigilator’s burning stare, everything came back to me and I took the question paper and started chewing the pen and did the infamous stare-into-the-ceiling thingy that every student is familiar with

So guys out there! If you know this feeling of total exasperation at not being able to sleep like a python(coz I know python sleeps a lot and how do I know it? I just Googled “sleepy animals”) then.. well there’s nothing we can do about it other than be jealous of those lucky sound sleepers! Once my bestie/roomie asked me to wake her up and after useless attempts ranging from shaking to shouting, I said I was gonna open her last packet of rainbow cookies in a soft mild tone and out of nowhere she sprang up shouting “give me back my cookies “! You can try that next time.. Works like magic!

My love for sleep can easily match our Joey Tribianny’s love for food and you know what. But I don’t think” SLEEP” realizes this at all because it ditches me all the time. I go to bed feeling insanely sleepy and everything’s good until the moment I close my eyes. Once I close my eyes the thought soldiers start the march past into my poor brain! Every conversation I had that day will be critically analysed.. What I actually said and what I should have said!! How I answered the teachers that day and how I should have answered! The fights and word wars I had! Infinite number of bright comebacks and smart back answers comes to me while I am on my bed but while the actual thing happened that day all I did was stare at my opponent, gaping like a goldfish without saying anything intelligent and looking like a total looser altogether! And then that nasty fall comes to you.. Aishh…i tripped right in front of those cute guys.. And they laughed! Cringe Cringe……….. So silly of me to not look at the floor while walking.. Another round of Cringe Cringe.. “Sleep.. I hate you.. I really do”

I used to be really scared of darkness and used to sleep with my parents till I was in 9th grade or so.. So embarrassing I know.. And even after I started sleeping alone, if I woke up in the middle of night, I would go to my parents room and sleep there. I actually thought this was the ultimate embarrassment until my friend told me her life story. She’s 19 years old and if she wake up in the middle of night, you know what she does? No.. she doesn’t go sleep in her parent’s room like me. She take her cell phone.. Call her mom who’s 3 steps away from her bedroom… Makes her mom come to her bedroom.. Tag along with her mom back.. And sleeps with her mom in her mom’s bedroom.. People like her make my life a whole lot easier.

So guys we can now safely conclude that you are not the only one worried about the lack of sleep. We have all been there. If the cause of your insomnia is a heartbreak or depression, then there’s nothing I can do about it. But if it’s the mild kind, then maybe a few sleep hacks I found useful can make a difference for you.

Sleep hacks to my explorers,

  1. Adjust the room temperature :If your room is too warm, it may affect your sleep . So open the windows and invite the cool air in. If you have already tried that then try slipping into a lighter cotton dress!
  2. Wash your feet with cold water :idk why but for some reason I have always found this very helpful!
  3. Have a glass of milk
  4. Google something interesting or a something short and sweet, tire your eyes and mind bit and you will fall off to sleep faster.
  5. Okay this one might sound stupid but we all know it’s true “fake it till you make it” :That’s right fellow insomniacs, u gotta fake sleep till it comes to you

P. S. I really hope my blog didn’t make you fall asleep

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Written by CHIRI


#3. BAD DAYS: The ultimate disaster

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pexels-photo-720362Some days you wake up and you just know that it’s gonna be a bad day. Its like you open your eyes and see these bad vibes marching all around you. Sometimes you can sense this even before you open your eyes .Gathering all your energy you sit up and push yourself out of your bed. You press the toothpaste  tube and too much of it comes out ,more on your hands than on the brush and that’s when you know that the whole day is gonna be a disaster !!

Red top with the half‌ one without the sleeves ..too ugly. Denim one. ain’t working..Why can’t I look like a normal human being in any of these outfits is the next worry …Then you look in the mirror and see a scarecrow staring back at you ..frizzy haired with beautiful dark circles that could beat even Saturn .Just when you think things couldn’t get any more worse you notice the four perfectly round bright red pimples

Ok this is all too much think to yourself. Maybe you should just skip college? After all home is the only place where you can look like a banshee and still feel like a model. But is it too much to ask for my attendance to match my mood? Well apparently it is because my attendance was far below 75% which was the minimum requirement! Now I am just narrating my version of bad days!

‌The reasons for a bad day might range from an upset parent ,a moody bestie ,a bad hair day, a flunked exam or a missed alarm ..We all have our stories of bad days .The reason for our bad days vary but the effect of it remains the same everywhere. But the important thing to note is that like all previous bad days this one too will pass in a matter of some 24 hours .Plus you have survived some really bad ones before so it’s gonna be a piece of cake for you. All you have to do is think of the many more happy days that are yet to come .If that doesn’t do the trick then put on some pajamas and lock yourself in a room with the following apparatus. Some really good books (or movie if you are a movie person), chocolates, chips and juice .I don’t know what you guys think but I always feel that giving it some quality “me time” helps. Of course shutting yourself away from others is not always a good idea but you cannot deny that it gives you a sense of comfort and reassurance that you are gonna be okay.Add a long shower to this and you are back to normal. Well not completely but you know ..almost!

But you know what else helps.? Your attitude towards it.One time I had a bad day and spent the whole of it moping around and complaining and snapping at anyone within a fifty mile radius but at the end of the day it was I who suffered more than anyone else .So I decided to take a better attitude towards it ..I know bad stuff is gonna happen so why not be prepared for it .For most people listening to your jam has a soothening effect and it actually helps you to behave better cordially towards your fellow mates. There are tons of other ways too but it is you who should sit back and find ways that’ll make your bad day a lil less bad. After all you cannot make people around you suffer just because you are going through a bad day right!?

But inspite of all this, you do deserve the right to complain a bit. Why would bad days exist in the first place if it weren’t to give a platform to bring out that cranky demon that dwells in your body! And yea to measure the rate of loyalty of your besties too! If your bestie hasn’t bade you sweet bye even after a number of nasty day episodes then stick to her like sticky honey ( well I would have said super glue if only you weren’t such a sweet soul)! ‘Coz that’s when‌ you know that what you have is for life

Another problem with these bad days is that you end up hating your life. You look around and see perfect people with their perfect hair and perfect complexion living their perfect lives and that makes you wonder why you are so messed up! And honestly it’s depressing. The more you think about it the more depressing it gets. I know because I have experienced similar instances of bad day attacks that made me think how good it would be to live as someone else and not as Linnet Philip. Someone who isn’t so messed up ..someone who has everything in control. And someone whom everyone look up to. But these feelings ,no matter how intense they are doesn’t last for that long.Once you get back to your normal self you realise that things aren’t as bad as you thought and that you are gonna be fine. Okay so your life isn’t picture perfect or anything but it’s still worth its imperfections. You have people who love you, the imperfect you ! You have people who haven’t moved by your side all these years and you have people who make me smile every single day. Little things like your friend getting you your favorite chocolate or your mom getting you a cute top that she thought would look good on you or a really long talk with someone who matters to you is all what is takes for you to fall in love with your life all over again. And after being back to your normal self you wonder about all the drama you kicked up only a day or two before. Like was there even any need to be this upset about it .! Honest answer..No..but that’s the thing about bad days .You cannot think rationally while you are at it and once the whole thing’s over you are left to mull over all your doings thinking who the heck took over your personality !

These bad days brings out the bipolar nature in us. We go from happy happy to moppy moppy in a matter of seconds .But we shouldn’t let that get the best of us.We all have our own portions of bad days that we must drink and while we may not be in control of our lives all the time,  we certainly have a role in not getting it out of control. So the next time you experience a bad day,instead of freaking out and blaming yourself later ,take a deep breath and say to yourself “I got this!!” And voila your bad days turn into the best learning platforms of your life making you a much stronger person than you were yesterday!


‌This is my very first blog and you guys are my very first audience. And I am as clueless as it gets about this whole thing.Without your support I’ll remain as clueless as I am now. What I would really appreciate is if you could notify me on your views and comments about my writings. I value your opinions a lot and I am positive that your criticisms and guidance will help me be a better blogger! And thank you guys for all the support ❤❤

Written by CHIRI

The Phase

cyclist-3202481_1280Lazing around in summer bliss,
Soaking up the sun and loving the breeze
I walked around in perfect glee,
Loving my life just as it is.

Then I saw you for the first time,
Answered you in a single word
But that would never have been the case,
If I knew you would cause me sleepless nights

Hand in hand, I walked with my friends,
Raised my head and saw you ahead
stared at you for some seconds longer,
But never once did you glance my way

Walking around in a virtual maze,
Many a times, we were inches apart
A word or two to fill the gap,
Feeling nothing but perfect ease

Dusk gave way to a starry night,
Joy and laughter filled the air
We boasted to stay up the whole night,
But our droopy eyes said otherwise

Seven suns ,seven moons later
My heart still misses a beat
And then the races to catch up
At the mere mention of your name

I looked back and go teary eyed,
If only I could have done a bit more
Laughed a bit more, joked a bit more,
Smiled at you a bit more.

Poem by CHIRI