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My messed up hostel life

Disclaimer: This is a fun Hostel experience from Chiri that she witness in her college back in Kerala,India. This may not be exactly the same hostel experience my readers experience. Therefore, enjoy the footsteps of another bloggers uni life. A haunting eerie voice woke me up today morning. I woke up shuddering.I listened to the…

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I keep tripping over my own shadow It’s eerie quiet in and the wind’s out, But this ringing in my ears refuse to leave me And I’m left to swoon over my thoughts, I’m not giving in, I’m not compromising I’m not going down, I have my head held high, I’m not giving up, I’m…

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The lonely wanderer

Altitude wilderness and waves His dreams revolved around the trio, The lad who loved the loneliness Grew up to be a sole wanderer, Transfixed the hunk stood His gaze lingering past the mighty hills, His eyes drowning in frenzied lust To embrace the mountain air, Mist wrapped him under her tender blanket His fiery breath…

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