Confessions of a friend-zoned lover

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Love, a four letter word, a joke to some, a penance to many and a dream to most. I’ve always been a drifter, simply moving, no destination, no ambition, just a thirst for something different, something to give meaning to an existence, whose cons made profound by the solitude that stands out as the most describing feature of this life, and how ironic would it be, that I should find a girl, that changes my life by simply being a part of it. For the first time, for the longest time, I felt like I had an aim, like I wanted something more than just a daily dose of entertainment. I needed more than a friend, I needed to mean to someone more than anyone else did.

It was the best part of my life so far and I will forever cherish it, even though it was a failure, even though we don’t talk anymore, even though I have to write blogs to say the words, I couldn’t bring myself to say, to people who have no relation to this whatsoever. Yet, here I am. Why? I do not know. I guess I hoped someone could connect and know they are not alone, or may be, I am the one hoping I am not alone. Its funny, how the one person who you couldn’t imagine a day without talking to, is the person that makes you turn your head, hoping to NOT be recognised. Is this what all the jokes, talks, my obnoxious staring, my limitless caring, my love and my ambition led to? A bunch of memories that still makes me sigh in regret, and yet I would still never have it any other way.

For some reason, I would always lap up any bullshit she gave me, I would help her even when she never asked, because no matter how much she hurt me, it was unintentional, and moreover my fault. But even as every song reminds me of her in some way or other, I would try to push out thoughts and memories of many of the moments we spent together, many of the times when I messed up, trying to impress her, and yet I could never forget that beautiful face, but most importantly that beautiful soul she had. She was everything anyone could hope to be. She was fun, popular, beautiful, sports star, house captain, from a well off household, the makings of an all rounder, who you would expect to be egoistic, but just the nicest person ever. Ego and hate just never existed in her dictionary.

That, along with everything else that made her, well, her, just made me love her more by the day. I could barely make some happy if I tried, yet she made me happy, everyday just by walking in to class. How she did that, I still wonder. But deep down, a part of me still loves her, not in the way I did before, but simply love her for the person she was, more accurately respect her for how she influenced me, intentionally and unintentionally. I guess I always looked up to her. The way she was loved by all. The way she cared, not because she should, but because she could.

Even now, if anyone asks me for my favourite superhero, I would say batman, but in my mind, I would guiltily utter her name. One, she existed, unlike comic book heroes, and yes, she didn’t have super speed, laser sight etc etc, but as Christopher Nolan rightly pointed out in The Dark Knight Rises, a hero can be anyone, even someone doing something as simple as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulder, telling him, the world hadn’t ended. She was that kind of hero. She motivated people when they needed it. She motivated me to be better than myself. When she rejected me because she had only seen me as a friend, she said, “Go and be the great person I know you can be…. And make me regret this decision.”

I was awed by the purity in that soul. She didn’t use her strength to help people, like batman or superman, she gave people the strength to help themselves in times of crisis, so that next time, they didn’t need her help. She made them independent, she made ME independent. Even today as I enjoy people’s praises on my writing, I would forever credit my literary success, if any, to the girl that broke my heart, not by harsh words or actions, but by being too pure to be human. It’s such moments that make me realise, love is not a burden, it is not a sin and most importantly, it is not a responsibility or a requirement for a complete life. It is merely a treat meant to be enjoyed while it lasts, enjoyed even when it fails, for it only leads to something better.

As cringy as it may sound, it took a girl’s presence in my life to see why the whole “spread love not hate” is a cliché. Its been done so many times because of how effective and beautiful it is. Today, I try to help others realize the dream I have yet to achieve myself, and yet I shall always cherish the fact that, of all the mistakes I’ve made in my life, loving her without being loved back was never one of them

Written by GUEST writer ARAVIND

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My name is Arvind K , I’m an undergraduate student from India who tried to seek love and, well, failed miserably. But I’ve heard that successful writers are born from an unsuccessful love story and by that logic, I could equal the likes of Shakespeare and in the midst of those failures, I found an escape in writing, saying the words I could never say to to total strangers. It sounds sad, friend zoned lover writing about his crush, and it’s cliché to the maximum level possible, and maybe some more, but hey, it makes for a good story, doesn’t it? Lover boy, stealing hearts with a broken one… Or is that just me?

well, lets just take a moment to thank Aravind, an extra-ordinary writer a word of appreciation for magically putting down his thoughts and words down into paper beautifully, i am glad we can appreciate content that empowers emotions and feelings. There is always room for talent and you know there is talent when you feel it. thank you Aravind and if you truly enjoyed this blog , comment down below your thoughts and share us your opinion. Always remember to spread love.



Loneliness-A Bliss

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Once, I was sitting in my home, with random thoughts popping up and down, just like balloons,from nowhere.I was thinking about all the squeamish and fiddling things of my life, as home is the best place to figure it out. The past cling on to us. And sometimes when we try to shed it off and fly away it may claw on to us. But we can knock it off by taking the essence of every experience we’ve had.

Most of us, in our lives, would have had a dreary or tormenting experience. Most of them would’ve left a scar on us ,a wound deep inside our hearts. The thought of which may disrupt the flow of life. Some can be even exasperating to think of and some can bring a smile on our faces. That’s the fact about life, it can’t be exuberant and frolic all the time and it won’t always be sophisticated or sullen.

Starting from our childhood, life teaches us something. Everyone ,whom we’ve met so far would’ve taught us a lesson that we’ve tacked on to the book of life. For instance, In our childhood, being punished even for the tiny little mistakes would’ve felt miserable .But don’t you think we’ve learned something valuable from those goofy mistakes?.

As our life wanders off, We add more lessons into our book. We may have several questions as in why certain things happen to us. For some we may find the answers but for some we may not. When I was in school, I’ve had some dreary experiences. From childhood one of my worst fears was of being lonely. In my school, (maybe because of my own character) ,I was ditched by my own best-friends. And maybe because of my sullen face no one bothered to accompany me. Imagine being alone in a canteen full of squads, eating alone in a big table amidst the hustle with no one to talk to . At the same time imagine being in the same canteen with friends here and there and everywhere with whom you can babble all the time. I guess the latter is better. Now, can u imagine being in a college where you are muddled up in a status quo position, where you have friends but you don’t have one with whom you can be loony. Think of yourself sitting in a class all alone amidst some diligent people ,where all you can do is just smile and laugh to everything you hear.

But from all those daunting experiences I’ve learned something . All these lonely moments were a lesson that tamed me to be happy with my own company . And with the passage of time I found happiness in even the little things like books and my dog of course. I do realize now that the only company you’ll have when you are born and when you die is yourself . We can’t take all the worldly possessions with us when we are in the brink of death. We can’t even take our near and dear ones . In life when you are left all alone, you will find your true self. You will learn more about yourself,your dreams, your talents, your aspirations. When I was left alone I began to read.I learned new words and I must say that I do see an improvement in me. I learned to use those words to scribble down random thoughts and now here I am writing my first blog.

Now, what I’ve learned so far from life is :

  1. Some people may stay , and some may leave. We shouldn’t rely too much on them or coax them to like us. We should learn to do things on our own.
  2. Don’t be perplexed or exhausted when left alone. Think of it as a chance to know more about yourself, to grow and nurture your capabilities, dreams and aspirations.
  3. Look around and you’ll find a lot of things to swoon over. If you try, you can find happiness even in the little things of life.
  4. Try out new stuffs especially the things that you’ve never done before. . At least the ones you think you are bad at. You will be surprised to discover that you are capable of doing much more than you’ve imagined.

A few things you can try when you are lonely:

  1. Try reading new books. Books are really interesting once you start getting the hang of it. Especially the ones that makes you swoon over.A book can be your best friend. It’s a totally different world out there.
  2. If you love pets and have enough space then try buying one. I personally prefer puppies. You can’t predict the way in which they light up your mood and your world.
  3. Sleep. It may sound stupid. But sleeping is one of the best remedies when you feel lonely. When you sleep, you will forget all the dreary experiences and when you wake up you will have the spirit to accept everything as part of life.

Written by Guest Blogger Sandra Paul

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Hey there ! I’m Sandra Paul. I’m sure no one knows me and I ain’t that famous . I’m just a normal girl who loves to goof around. I love to laugh and I take it to an extent where people wonder if I’m nuts! And I love dogs. I believe they are the best partners one will ever get . I own one too. Her name is Leucy and yes she’s the one featuring my blog!! This is my first blog and I don’t have an idea as to how it’s going to be. I hope for the best ‘-‘.

Well, another amazing guest blog from the public. Sandra, i loved your work and i am really happy to have you in our family. She is absolutely amazing, honest and truthful. I met Sandra randomly through Instagram, where i came across her Instagram stories and she wrote a small script about HOME and it was outstanding. It clicked me instantly, that i needed to ask her for a collaboration in my blog and she  deserved to be heard by the world.  And that`s always our mission, to pinpoint the talents that lie hidden inside a person and a little bit of guidance and self-confidence, you all can make magic, just like Sandra did and the daydreamers are really proud of you.Give her a follow if you did wish to keep up-to-date with her life @s.a_n.d_r.a_0_0

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If you enjoyed her debut blog by Sandra, spread love and leave down your opinions in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned more more amazing and talented writers to come into the spotlight.




#12. Phobias that refuse to say bye bye

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Phobias are essentially part of every single human being. However brave a person might appear on the out, he’ll definitely have some fears hidden beneath the brave exterior. It might range from the mild kind or the extreme kind but it’s presence in some way or other is definite. Don’t we all remember the hunky Tobias Eaton aka four who had just four fears. It had me thinking like how cool would it be if only I had four fears like him. I have some forty fears that I can name now without even pausing to think, even more if I can give it a bit more thought! Scary thought right? Some fears, we can pinpoint and name but others we can only feel with a certain intensity which cannot be expressed into words. Fears differ alot. A brave guy who, on the out, is not afraid of anything at all might actually have mental fears, like fear of loosing his friends or fear of not meeting the expectations of others. There are some really funny phobias too.Once my roomie bought the entire 3 blocks of the hostel to our room with her scream.Everyone thought someone was murdering her, me included.Turns out she had seen a cockroach flying over her and thought it was gonna land on her. But hey I’m not judging her because although I’m not scared of cockroaches I certainly would have woken up, not just the hostel, but the entire city with my screams had it been a snake.

I have some really weird mental fears. Once I get attached to someone , they’ll mean everything to me and I’ll be willing to do anything for ’em. But I have this fear of getting attached to someone who doesn’t feel the same way about me. This has never happened so far but if it ever were to happen I’m sure it’ll leave me broken and hurt beyond repair. So I’m kinda guarded around people and only let certain people whom I’m sure wouldn’t hurt me, inside my bubble.This is not even something I do on purpose, it’s like a subconscious thing that I do. Another fear is the fear of loosing the people I love (I don’t wanna spook you out but yeah I meant death). I don’t wanna talk too much about it because I’m pretty sure you get the picture. So moving on to the next one, fear of not finding “the one”. I’m really old fashioned when it comes to the whole love thing and I can safely say that I have never been in love. I’m waiting for that perfect guy whom I’ll meet(hopefully) after 4-5 years. I got this dumb illusion that I’ll magically find him the moment I’m ready for it.. Like I said dumb! But I’m holding on to this dumb illusion for now till I find another alternative.The next fear of mine is something I should have outgrown by now but sadly I’m still stuck on it without any ways of escape. It’s a pretty common fear found in kids but for a 19 year old it’s definitely embarrassing.The fear is simple enough, I’m scared to address a public audience. Whenever I’m standing in front of a group of people, words fail me and I start to stumble.This also happens if my teachers ask me questions. I think some of my teachers know this and they bombard me with questions in order to help me overcome this fear but it hasn’t been of any help so far. So guys reading this blog, it would be super cool if you could suggest me some ways in which I could overcome this fear. And for the final fear I wanna share, fear of not being good enough. Whatever I do I feel that I’m not good enough. I think I may have self esteem issues and that may (stress on both the “mays”) have something to do with it. I always doubt myself, it’s like I write something and I need someone else to read it for me and unless I hear that person say it’s good enough, I don’t feel that it’s good enough. So even while I’m writing for the blog, I constantly show everything I have written so far to Joshua and I need to hear from him to carry on with it. I also constantly fear and worry that I’m not pretty enough or charming enough like the others.

I have given it a fair amount of thought and I have concluded that I don’t have any crippling fears that just freezes me from the inside or anything dramatic like that. That’s a comforting thought but still I have a lot of fears that I need to work on. You don’t have to compare your phobias with those of others around you. Because just like you your phobias are unique too(atleast that’s what I would like to think).And there’re stuff you can do to make your phobias a lil less bad,if not conquer it. Pushing and challenging yourself to the maximum that you can go will make you stronger and it’ll give a feeling that your phobias are all under control and that they’re not gonna break you. New phobias find their way into my body all the time but I take it as a challenge that I should capture and conquer and life is a whole lot colourful this way! So my advise to you people is that don’t shy away from your phobias instead embrace ’em and eventually win over ‘ em!!

Written by CHIRI



#11. Laments of a Not-so-happy introvert

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I know a lot of introverts who are perfectly happy with whom they are but i am not one among them .I’m a totally introverted person ,tongue tied whenever someone talks to me for the first time and all that, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of being an extrovert.I have read tons of posts and articles and quotes on introverts ..but those tell stories of introverts who are comfortable with their identity.The thing is that I don’t have an introvert face might sound stupid but it’s one hundred percent true .I get judged all the time for not conversing enough or not waiving hi or even for looking at the floor while walking!

It takes up all of my energy to talk to someone when I don’t feel like it .It’s not just frustrating but also puts me in a very awkward position.Its like whenever you are talking to someone your mind is desperately trying to find a quick excuse that could get you out of this plight.But the only thing that keeps introverts like me going is that we got some amazing friends who has seen the wild ,crazy side of us. When you’re with them you wont feel the need to force comes to you naturally and effortlessly and sometimes you make them wonder if they have to super glue your lips in order to shut you up.

I have been called the arrogant girl who looks down on everyone and I have spent hours pondering over where I have gone wrong but now I am a whole lot clear on the whole thing .Do the best that you can manage and if it’s not enough then don’t hurt yourself thinking it’s all your fault. There are people out there who are going through the same thing as you are and you are not alone in this. It might not sound like a big deal to others who’ll be thinking what’s the big deal in making a small talk or how on earth is conversing hard but trust me guys,its not that easy for everyone. So all I’m asking you extroverts is not to judge those others just because they weren’t friendly enough to you, don’t mark ’em down as arrogant, because chances are they are just not confident enough to open up a conversation. If you give us a chance we can prove that we are indeed master chatterboxes.

Not all introverts are against going out or having fun just roaming around. That’s just a cliché, trust me. I absolutely love hanging out with my friends. We wander around places aimlessly, explore new restaurants and gawk at cute guys. Yes we do all of that.Whenever people picture an introvert having a good time, the image that comes to their mind is a person snuggled up in a comfy chair with a book. And that is something which I enjoy beyond words but that’s not the only thing that we do for fun, we do other stuff too. Adventures are all good but some days you gotta stay in your room with your favorite book because that’s the call of the day. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that introverts can be spontaneous and fun too but some times they are just happy with their alone time.. And they gets marked down as anti social or boring which is just plain sad!

But in spite of all this I have decided that I want to make an effort to change myself into a better person. Its only because I want to prove to myself that I’m strong and I can do this. I don’t know how much time it’s gonna take me to finally be comfortable around everyone I meet (actually I don’t even know if it’s possible at all) and frankly that’s not even my goal. All I wanna do is improve myself a bit more, be a better person than I was yesterday. I know that I’ll definitely be a happier person if I manage to spot a difference in me!

So I wanna tell something to all those introverts out there. Do stuff that makes you happy but learn to come out of your shell once in a while or so too. Its not a bad world out there. It has so much to offer to you. Challenge yourself and you’ll see a better and happier version of you. And most importantly don’t let anything discourage you because you, my friend, are a beautiful gem. You’ll shine in all your glory the moment light falls on you.So don’t hide away in the darkness. Come out and let the world gasp at your brightness.

Written by CHIRI

#10. Creating your own Happiness

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If you could measure happiness, how happy are you today? Do you need people to make you happy or does money bring happiness to you? Ever thought, how would life be if you could create your own happy place, somewhere far from the judged world, truly being yourself and most importantly making happy memories.

Let me share you something of me, I don’t have the finance to travel often, neither do I have the whole school of friends to cheer me up. I am neither a drinker so bars and pubs really don’t catch my taste. But does these material objects determine my happiness. Honestly, we all live in a world of scarcity where we cannot have anything we desire. But with the things you have, you can always create your own happiness. So, I wanted to dedicate this blog to everyone looking for happiness.

Try out new things:
Let me start of by suggesting everyone to create your own happiness through finding the true artist in you. To be honest, I started blogging because I wanted to see how it would feel like being a blogger and later quit since its time-consuming. But later did I realize that I finally found a source through which I can meet new people, learn new things and have fun. Somewhere, I can truly be myself and I am extremely glad , doing something  I love. That’s the point of trying new things such as learning a new sport, exploring and even simple things like buying your own Aquarian and breeding fishes as pets. You will never know what you are missing unless you face it.

Socializing & refining your world:
Always be willing to refine your world with new people and practices. When I joined in Twitter, I looked at it as a world of strangers and I felt odd because I never knew no one. The first thing I searched was blogger and it’s been 2 months in Twitter and I have never met so many interesting people with the same passion in a short period of time. Moreover, even in my real life, being friends with different people from different nationalities gave me so many insights about life, culture and doing things together, this just opened a window of multiple possibilities of seeing the world differently. You will never realize how crazy the world is until you experience it.

Family orientation:
One of the greatest happiness I create is just by being with my family. Like even though me and my siblings have contrasting behaviors, its always interesting to hear their side of life. What they are going through? And how did you go through it in their age? These stirs good memories of childhood with humor and crazy stupidity you have done in your life. When I am back home, me & my sister go shopping together and to be honest, it’s a horrible experience for me but at the same time it’s fun because my sister tells me to try out so many outfits that she feels that suits me and we start to have a fashion debate on what’s terrible and what’s good. Also take time to appreciate what your family does for you and your presence with them is an enhancement of your happiness.

Recreate your knowing:
Let me just admit to the fact that we believe we know a lot about where we grew up that we miss the obvious. Despite living in and around Switzerland & Austria. I could never get enough of everything. there is just do much beauty and adventure in the smallest details that we skip. Me being a nature lover, cycling through different villages in the valleys is always breath-taking. Do things you often don’t do, go outside and have a night walk, how about lying down in heap of cozy grass and just observe the stars and enjoy how the aeroplanes travel above you or climb the slippery steeps of hill behind you. These are just so much basic things in life we can do right at home that we miss. Learn to appreciate every small detail in life and create happiness from it.

Free trade Happiness
Saved the most important point for the last, the best way to create happiness is to trade your happiness with individual who doesn’t. Doing good things to people that don’t have the same privilege as you do gives you immense happiness. I had an incident where a friend of mine had stomach infection and needed to undergo doctor treatment but unfortunately, had an expired insurance card. Knowing that the expenses are beyond her budget, I asked her to use my ID and consider me as her guardian and it felt good to see her recovery quickly and knowing that your role improve someone life. Every action you take needs to be an action of kindness, doing a social work fills the void of knowing someone’s life have been improved through your work. Buying something for your loved ones and seeing them smile at you is pure happiness. The best and simplest way to create happiness for other is to smile. When the world is filled with kindness and compassion, we all enjoy the happiness we deserve, and it comes with no cost.

So, Usually i end the blog with a really strong conclusion or message to carry on for my readers but we want to do it differently, i am gonna leave you with a scenario management question that you can comment down below your answers and lets me how is your version of creating happiness and feel free to see how other readers comments as well. But most importantly, Think from your heart and you will find your answer! HAVE FUN.

Your childhood best friend has gone through a long-term relationship breakup and is in his/her most miserable state. Constantly under depression, given up on life and has been in their room without leaving the apartment for several days already. He/she has lost her appetite and looks very dull and weak & also lost her confidence, he/she doesn’t exist in social media anymore and just switched off her life from the outside world. He/She doesn’t wanna talk to you at the moment and just lost his/her mind and is emotionally broken .

As a responsible childhood best friend who knows him/her very well and promised to be there for each other.Also, to let you know. You are financial broke and have too much pressure in your life as well such as Master thesis, part-time job & family issue ,making yourself a very busy person. The golden question is :

What can you do to save your childhood friend and how are you able to create happiness? What will you prioritize despite such constraints? What can you do as a person who loves and cares for his/her best friend that you promised to stick together? 

N.B: Just answer it generally, you dont have to answers all those questions, they are all one of the same.

Written by DOCHI


#9.Dealing with my messy untidy life

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I was up in my room with my eyes glued to the phone, earphones plugged and totally oblivious to the outside world when I heard my mom calling out “Have you cleaned your room yet or does it still look like a dump-yard?” I did the only thing expected of me.. Pretended that I hadn’t heard her and that was when she marched all the way upstairs and barged into my room.. With a dramatic gasp she cried “The guests will he here in an hour.. What will they say when they see your room in this condition” okay first of all mom, they are coming to see us not our home and second it’s not like they are gonna come and inspect for garbage in every single room and mine is upstairs.. So we are pretty much safe here! Except I didn’t say any of these out aloud, I just rolled my eyes and started clearing up the garbage.

I’m not the neatest person I know,not even close . I’m not proud of it but that’s the brutal truth. My room is almost always a mess but I never let that worry me because I always seem to know exactly what thing is kept where, even if the room’s a huge mess. And even if I do manage to tidy it up I always end up ruining it while searching for clothes to wear. Typical girl life! Some days I make an effort to actually clean up the mess and it’s all good while it lasts but then I go back to being my old self in a day or two.

I’ll give you a grand tour through my room. Packets of open biscuits gone cold.. Wrappers of Twix, Toblerone and Snickers.. Peels of orange and banana.. All over my table and bed but not a single thing in the waste bin. It looks almost as good as it did the day mom bought it into my room and said” if you don’t put the rubbish in it, I’ll put you in it.. ” and she wasn’t even kidding.

I constantly get bullied by my mom for being so untidy. She says that I can easily pass for a rag picker given the attire I choose to wear at home. And my hair is another fail story. I had this okayish long hair. Then I got tired of seeing the same old me everyday in the mirror. Since I cannot chop my head off, I chopped off my hair to give myself a new look.. And here I’m looking messier than ever…

But in my defence guys, I do clean up my room but I hate getting pushed into doing it. Like one fine morning, I’ll think to myself that I’ll clean my room today. Then my mom makes the villain entry. She asks(more like orders) me to clean my room, then I’ll say “yeaaa mom I’ll do it”.. After 59 seconds she’ll go” you are not gonna clean it are you, such an irresponsible girl you are.. While I was half your age I used to sweep the entire house all by myself. What will I ever do with this girl.. What will you do after you get married off? Your mother-in-law would send you back to here in one day…blah blah blahh”. This is so emotionally draining, why do we have to go through this ordeal every single time! Now my mood to clean the room gets totally spoiled and I’ll extend this chore to another day and 90% of the time my mom ends up cleaning my room before the next episode of drama happens. Actually I’m thinking of making it my next new year resolution, to be a neater person. I have seven months to mentally prepare myself for this so I think it’s all gonna finally work out for me! 😌

I know being organised has so much advantages and most of my friends are better at the whole cleanliness thing than me. When I went off to the hostel for the very first time I found that I had a clean side to me. I kept my side of the room(I share my room with five others) neat and tidy with books arranged on the table and the bed always made up. Now that I think about it, I even used to dust my room like EVERY SINGLE DAY.. I was such a good kid!

Then friendship happened. With buddies from other rooms visiting me all the time and me spending more time in their room than mine, my real messy self started to unveil all by itself. The one thing I learned from this experience is that the more comfortable we get with people, the more we reveal about ourselves! My new buds were as bad as me, so together we became this one messy squad which is my new happy family! Every day I wake up to “I can’t find my other socks or I’m borrowing your uniform shirt today so you better get one for yourself from someone else or who the heck stole my economics assignment that kept me up the whole night! If there’s one thing worse than a messy girl, it’s a squad of messy girls, I have realized. Now with one year down, our room will be shifted and all I can hope is that I don’t end up with someone with OCD because I’m pretty sure that no neat freak would wanna endure being in the same room as me.

But some day I hope I’ll finally be able to shake off this side of me and be a cleaner person. Its not like one morning I wake up and find out that I’m a clean person, no I realize it’s gonna be a long procedure. I’m taking one step a time (baby steps of course) and this time I’m not backing out..Not living in a clean environment has so much cons especially if you are prone to allergies.I always get this really bad acne breakouts and being in a messy environment is partially to blame. Plus it’s not really good for you in general to be a messy person because what if your better half is a clean freak? That’s a worrying thought, what if your husband leaves you cuz you’re too untidy (you know I’m kidding right.. Well why take the risk,Dear future husband if you ever read this : please don’t leave me. I promise I’ll be better cleaner in future).

So I have come up with some things that I wanna practice in order to be the ideal clean person.

  1. I’ll hand over the ownership of unwanted stuff from my table and bed to the trash bin.
  2. I’ll bring clothes down to the washing machine before my mom asks me to.
  3. I’ll organize my wardrobe so that I’ll not have to fumble to find clothes every time I go out.
  4. I’ll return my brother’s tees back to his wardrobe before he finds out that they’re missing.
  5. Monthly cleaning up of the room wouldn’t be missed for anything. (Hostel room included).

Written by CHIRI


#8. Stranger at Home: Story of my Life

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Yes., i did look like harry potter.🧐

Before I reveal one of the hardest topics of my life, I want to ask my readers not to feel sorry for me and respect me for who I am today because the path I went through is definitely considered bitter but if I had a choice to change my life, I wouldn’t for I am happier this way.

I came to earth in Vienna, Austria. Yes, I am a brown kid whose origin is Indian, and I was supposed to have an ordinary childhood like everyone else. Be cared your parents, go to kindergarten, attended primary school, have so many friends, do sports, and be late back home. Yep, the fantasy of a perfect childhood in your hometown but the problem here is that it wasn’t my fate.

Around the year 2000, there was a high scarcity of medical staff in Switzerland and job opportunities was open to everyone whose expertise in medicine. Well, you can say that the pay in Switzerland was way better than in Austria, Moreover, both my mom and dad were from the medical field as nurses. My life moved on to Switzerland right after my sister was born. By the age of 3, I was already considered a troubled kid, do stupid things all the time, cause problems and I couldn’t understand how the world worked. My parents were busy in their occupation and taking care of my sister and a newly born brother and it was a very hard time for the family.

But a lot of my relatives where showing concern because I wasn’t reacting like an ordinary 5-year-old boy should be. I had my mouth always open, drooling saliva over the place, I watched TV way to close, I always screamed and fell, spat and broke things. You get the picture. Kindergarten began, and I was hype active. I couldn’t understand what the teacher was saying, and I never said a word. I isolated myself and wasn’t ordinary. I remember, the kindergarten teacher was teaching us how to brush our teeth. My understanding level was so poor that I would put paste on my hair thinking it was shampoo. Despite them trying and demonstrating again and again on how to brush your teeth. I just didn’t understand the concept of brushing.

It was time something needed to be done, my parents were called for an interview in the kindergarten and they requested I needed a psychiatric check from a doctor because she felt I wasn’t fit enough to be among here. My parents denied the acquisition but as per formality, I had a psychiatric check and I had results of an ordinary boy without actual mental issues. But for the safety of the other children, the kindergarten in charge asked my parents to take me to a special school with special aid. My dad was frustrated and lost it, he argued with her for hours until she threw my dad out of the office. I was marked RED, which means I couldn’t go to an ordinary kindergarten like how every kid went to because I was considered odd and needed medical aid.

My parents strongly believed I was fine like every other student. Just not used to the environment, that’s why I was shy and respond to everything oddly. One of the hardest decision as a parent was what they did next. They believed in me and wanted to give me a equivalent future like the rest of the children in this world. So, they decided to send me to a boarding school in Good Shepherd International school, India. They were out of options. I was only 4 years old then, already in boarding school. I still remember my dad dropping me to boarding school and I was a dumb kid, who only knew German and no one in that school spoke German. My dad handed me over to the warden of the hostel and I was still smiling, knowing not that my father is going to leave me here and I would see him next Christmas which was after 4 months.

My dad used to tell me often- he felt really sad, guilty and emotional that he couldn’t sleep. He traveled back to the institute and begged the guards to let him through to see me again but they never did. Think about it, a new country and you only could speak German and no one could understand you, filled with other children like you crying and speaking their own language. I kept saying in German, *when is my dad coming to pick me up? where is he? I want to go home. But I never got a response from any students or teachers for no one understood me. My roll number was 4196, that was my identity. All my clothes, shoes, cosmetics, books and stationary had 4196. They would check the attendance through your number and not by name. You could say that there were so many children in that boarding school that it was hard to keep track of everything. I still refer myself sometimes as 4196 and it stuck along. (no, I wasn’t in jail, it was a boarding school with more than 10,000 children in total)

At some point, I realized this is my new life and I didn’t feel extremely bad since there were many like me. I learned English quickly, studied hard, played sports, made friends and life went on normally. As time fly, so, did my progress. I moved from school to school because of various reasons and I am glad to prove myself that I was ordinary enough.

But a few things stayed, I spend 9 months in boarding school and I saw my parents 3 months in a year and this fate, went on for the next 13 years of my life. To be honest, I spend all my time alone and every problem I faced, I dealt it by myself because I was always on my own. My parents used to call me once in a week because international call were heard to manage and there were fixed allocated time the parents could call. And If they got through it, it would be considered lucky. When I was on my 5th grade, my parents wanted me to come back to Switzerland and continue school life here like how my siblings did. I liked the idea, but I told my parents, I don’t want to go back to Switzerland and I want to finish my school life here till the end. I grew up here, build myself and faced everything on my own that I had a firm mind for I wanted to finish it till the end. And, yes, I did. Came back home with 91%, and with much more confidence and capabilities.

A part of me is still bothered of the fact of being judged too early by a kindergarten teacher that cause my fate like this but on the other hand, she is the reason for all the collective good I was able to discovery in myself. But I must be honest, I feel strange back home. I am not used to be a home kid. I have no experience studying in my room. My entire school life, I studied in a room with 40 other students like me. I don’t have friend either to be honest, just a childhood friend but that’s it. Because i just stayed there for 3 months and there wasn’t much options for me to make friends with other. Switzerland is definitely a strange land to me even though I lived there for 17 years, I feel lonely and I talk to a teddy bear once a while, I am so used to do thing of being myself but when my parents does things for me, I feel somethings odd. I remember questioning my mom why are you so overprotective over me and she did reply, i feel like i haven’t give much love and care to you since you were always away from us.That made my heart melt.These are certain side-effects in me.But I believe its normal for any kid who lives 75% of his life in an enclosed boarding school with no exit to the outside world and then, suddenly move back to actual life

There is still lot of things I need to get used to and I missed out so much in life. For example, I have never went to prom or school-ball in my life and my sister who is 16, has gone to 5 school ball already in two different school. I see my brother play video games every day and raging at the PS4, I look back and think, I haven’t played video games like an ordinary boy and all I do is enjoy watching how my brother plays. My sister is the outgoing type girl who is always roaming in the cities with her friends and I wish I did too. There are these small things I see other people do that is considered totally normal in life but in my eyes, I see it as privilege. Like I said , I am a stranger back home yet figuring out this way through the mist of uncertainty.

If I had a message I could give, it would be not to judge a book by its cover because you wouldn’t  know for your decision can affect a person life and you would be totally be unaware off it. I am a living proof and I turned out to be totally fine. Life is hard, I know but I also wish no one in this world has to go through what I went. It’s true, I had a lost childhood. But I never blame my parents for anything rather I would love them even more for believing and trusting in me even though the world titled me as unfit. Next time you judge someone, think off how much happiness you could create if you support and love him. Be a good human and everyone has their difficulty. Give them time and you will notice they are as equal as you are.

Love your life and create your own happiness. Whatever life throws on you, believe you can make a difference. And you decide your own fate and it is never created on other people’s opinion.


If I had one wish now. I would wish for a proper birthday. 😊. I am 20 years old and the last time I celebrated a birthday with my family was when I was 6. That’s why I dislike my birthday so much and try to avoid it at any cost because it reminds me of my past of how much i missed everything. Even though i smile , its because i went throw a lot to have the strength to smile. So, go put a smile in someones face😊

Mom and Dad, if you are reading this.


Written by DOCHI.

#7. War within my Thoughts

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Okay, listen! You have multiple exams within 10 days and you haven’t completed preparing your study notes. But how can I complete it if I have two pending presentation due for the weekend. And what about your finance? you literally spend 35€ glossary shopping twice and you are left with 120€, what are you gonna buy your friend for his birthday and do you have the time for it? What about sports and fitness, you are gaining weight. You need to get your gym mode on. But if I go to the gym, I won’t complete my notes and assignments and how am I supposed to go home if I don’t have sufficient money at the end and do I starve on fruits for meanwhile. What about studying in library rather than your room? Its quiet hear but do I need to walk in the cold? What if I get sick and miss my exams and fail eventually?

Well, I must be honest. This is what literally your mind does to you when you have want to be way too creative and try to keep that problem-solving attitude going. I don’t mean to be discourage  but it’s good to be futuristic and goal oriented, but you need to accept the fact that you are never a perfectionist of your life. You can’t be in the different places doing everything you want and achieving everything you desire. The world doesn’t rotate in the way you want it to be.

Because think about if, you want to go to the gym and study. Well, respect your needs that matter the most. When is your exam? Its is far away and you think you have sufficient time to study, then go to the gym but if you short in time. Don’t hate yourself for not going to gym for a day and rather focus on performing well on what matters you the most currently which is do well for your exam. But are you a kind of person that can multi-task, well. Why not, take your study notes, do your gym routine and take frequent breaks to study and revise. But if you are not, don’t be hard on yourself because everyone is different and don’t be someone else just because they can do more than you but be yourself and go best in what you are doing now.

But my dear readers, if you overthink and fight inside you. Remember don’t feel bad but rather think strategies and fix your problems rather than taking them collectively. Know yourself and deal with problems by diving and conquering it. Take alternatives and know what’s best to do that the moment.

Here are few of my stupid episodes of my overthinking and by the end of it, you would probably conclude how much of a catastrophe I am:

A). MATHS : I remember the times when I had mid-term Maths exam out of 25 and I received just 14 (yeah, not good enough but hey, I am not that stupid) but importantly, I passed. But my math lecturers wanted to help those people that were weak in Maths, so. He asked everyone whose score is 14 and below to attend his special Maths classes after school.🙄Boy , all my best friends weren’t in that range and I used to always over thought “I am part of math failure squad even though I didn’t fail” and considered myself “unfit Maths competence kid”, basically overthinking that I am meant to fail in Maths and this is fate for life Eventually, my mind always failed to see the benefit of it. (I got 85% in my finals. 😅😎, I told you, I am not that dumb) and I am glad that all my friends and teachers boosted my confidence and helped my find my strength before my finals

B). BIRTHDAY : It was my last birthday in India before I exit back home in Switzerland and my life would be locked there forever, so. My last birthday mattered the most and it was so perfect and special with surprise party, gifts, birthday cake, humor and enjoyable moments. But I had this really close friend who really helped me a lot and matter me the most, that decided not to show up on my birthday in spite of everything I have done for her. I was super mad and immediately cut her from my life. In my head, I was overthinking that she didn’t give a shit for everything I have done for her and just one month left before my departure, that she decides to turn her back against me. But, the later did I find out that the last time we messaged each other through Facebook which was 3 days before my actual birthday, I kinda pranked her telling my birthday was a week ago and you were a bad friend who forgot to wish me but forgot to reveal it was a prank. I honestly forgot to say to her that it was a prank and thus, she didn’t show up. Yes, I am a dumb-ass😅.

C).DISAPPEARANCE :I remember this silly incident where I had a friend whom I always had long talks for hours and we were very close for the past 5 years, there was this time she just vanished, and I couldn’t contact her. I freaked out and thought I might have said something wrong or did I offend her or am I not a good friend anymore. I started blaming myself for faults that I don’t know if I did it. I even emailed her and tried in every social media possible and even apologized to her. I think this went on for a week and after a while, she came back and said “sorry, I lost my phone. I couldn’t receive your messages.”. yes, that was totally messed up incident and i definitely shouldn’t have reacted so immaturely.

D). EXAMS :The greatest side-effect of overthinking is lack of self/confidence. This happens exactly right before we appear for an exam, although the course material might be vast and thick, you would have made many short notes in form of bullet points in order to study easily and remember them quicker. It’s funny how we overthink here. When we are on our way to the exam hall, you think hard trying to recollect your short notes and you don’t remember a few. That sudden panic attack because you feel like you studied really hard, but you can’t remember the points. And then you go into deep thoughts right before exams “have I studied enough, did I miss anything, what were my friends discussing about in the class about a question? I have never heard of such a question? Why are a few people bring their instrument box to class? Is there any drawing we should have studied? If you do this right before exam or on the way to your examination hall. We are definitely in the same page and overthinking really can be demotivating and give you a lack of self-confidence. I honestly forget to eat my meals and usually skip it because I overthink a lot of my problems and feel I have no time for anything else other than my problems

E). PASSPORT & FLIGHT: I had a recent incident where I forgot my passport back in my room and I was stranded in the city of Vienna. I was so mad at myself for things haven’t gone as planned that I went to a nearby shop, bought myself gummy bears and Coca-Cola and decided to sit in the streets of Vienna in the freezing cold holding all the grief and sorrow of this world. I think I made up my mind that I will have to spend Easter in my room, alone and depressed. I created so much sadness in me because I was overthinking of a sad vacation. When I was in the Vienna airport, just 1 hour away from the gates to close, I walked passed the security check-in and I looked around. No one asked to check for the passport and I later realized that I am travelling to a domestic terminal with the countries national airlines to Switzerland which is literally one hour away and there isn’t any passport check-up since its considered domestic flight and my ticket already is embedded to my passport. I was super embarrassed of myself and I literally freaked out everyone in my family because of my overthinking problems and caused everyone to worry about me. 😅

F). DEBUT BLOG :I remember my first blog “Morning Drench”, I showed it to one of my friends before publishing and let me say, he has read literally all the books in his life and a total critic when it comes to literature and his judgement are golden and precise. If he says someone’s content is excellent, he means it in a world-class perspective and has a really fair and sharp opinion. So, I asked him to evaluate my blog and he said one word “good”. I overthought that he felt it was alright, but he didn’t want to make me feel bad. I was hesitant to post my debut blog because I felt no one would like it and I am a piece of shit😅. I honestly made my mind that I failed because my elevator said “good” but I expected “really good” or “well done” or “amazing work”. But everything changed with the support of the community. Love you guys and thanks for keeping me going.

Well, those were my messy episode of overthinking and if you ae looking for a solution for that. To be honest, there isn’t any. As human beings, we are all thinks, and we are constantly thinking and anticipating scenarios. That makes us human. But I can suggest a few tips that I think is good to reduce your overthinking issues.

  1. Make a do-to list and the list should be based on what you want to do today. Don’t put problems of tomorrow into your todays life
  2. Be chill, enjoy the breeze and stay calm. Do something you love for a while, listen to music or read something interesting.
  3. Meet new people and talk about your problems. Because everyone is ready to help and give you their version of how they would handle the issue and you can a lot from it.
  4. Most important is know yourself and realise and respect your strengths and weakness. Do how much ever you can and don’t do it with perfection but make it your perfection and be different and unique.


I hope you enjoy the blog and comment down below your silly episodes of overthinking. We would be gladly interested to read and reply you back.


#6.Weird personal drives: our faithful companions

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-29 at 11.34.47I’ll tell you an honest fact before I start on this one. This post will reveal some really embarrassing quirks of mine that I never thought I would be able to confess. But as of late I have been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and do stuff that’ll mould a braver Linnet so here we are…!

Every single one us have some weird habits that we are not really proud of but something which we cannot shake off either. Well I have a cartload of those. When I was younger I was really ashamed of these quirks (well I still am though not that much) and would spend hours worrying about the consequences if my friends ever found out. Like that would be the end of the world (end of my world at least). But thinking back I realise those were just the fears of a young kid who didn’t wanna loose her friends for being different from the rest.Okay, so I’ll move on to my very own personal bad habits that annoys the shit out of me

1: Sucking my fingers (don’t laugh I outgrew of this habit looooongg looooongg back). So you might be wondering what’s so weird about it, most of the kids do that. But then most of the kids stop it by the age 3 right? Or maximum till 5 or 6. Tell me have you ever seen a kid who’s over 10 sucking their thumb. I don’t think so. I used to do it till I was in 7th grade. Yes, I’m not even kidding. At school I’ll be like any normal kid but once I reach home and change out of my uniform, the ring finger automatically goes into my mouth. My family used to make so much fun about it and I was even taken to a doctor once (there I have said it). Curious about how I stopped this annoying habit? I put a band-aid on my finger, complete with a yucky smelling medicine for cuts (betadine I think) and all. And in a few days that habit bid me sweet bye. I was so proud of myself that I couldn’t stop grinning for days 😂😂

2.Cropping off my hair: Short hair never looked flattering on me. And not even a single person has ever told me I look good in short hair. I’m kinda tall(ish) and everyone tells me I look better in long hair and even I don’t disagree. But… I get this weird urge to chop off my hair as soon as it grows a bit. Really short like a guy’s. And I wouldn’t feel at peace until I do so. With every haircut disaster I tell myself this is the last time. But the saga continues to date!Now the only thing left for me to do is find a really cool short hair style which wouldn’t make it seem like I have a wig on!(though there’re better chances of me topping the next semester exam than me finding a good short hair style. Just to make myself clear there’re better chances of me being a princess than me topping any semester exams.. Im stopping.. I stopped😷)

3.Forever addicted to food: I’m not talking about those normal hunger pangs where you end up eating a lot. Mine is way different. If there’s some food I like in the house, I have to eat it whether I’m hungry or not. Simple (and weird) as that. Even on a full stomach which is at the verge of bursting open, I can still eat if this feeling takes over me. And after eating, there’s this mixed feeling of guilt and satisfaction so rare that nothing beats it.Actually I’m getting better self control with food these days, now that I started to notice that half of my clothes don’t fit me cheers to that!!

4.Number of kids I want : I’m the kind of girl who didn’t know what stream to choose after my 10th grade (science or commerce) and had my mom to choose it for me. I didn’t know what college to go to after my 12th grade either and had my dad to choose it for me. In short I’m really irresponsible when it comes to major decision making and I still expect to be treated like a kid. Which is really really weird because, I had already decided the number of kids I want after I get married, by the time I was in 7th or 8th.And that’s not the creepy part.. I have even named ’em.. Now all I can hope is that my husband would be okay with the names!!

5.Depression strikes: Some days I feel really depressed without any apparent reason. This is so frustrating because when people ask you what happened, you have no explanation to give and giving a shrug wouldn’t be enough for everyone, NO they need to know the exact reason. Some days even you yourself doesn’t know the exact reason behind it and the other days you are not able to put your feelings into words. That downright sucks but it passes after a day or two so it’s something I wouldn’t really mind living with! There’s no particular thing I do to make me feel better other than talking to someone who actually understands or watch some good-feeling movies!

6. Reluctance to be in a relationship: This one I’m sure there are many people out there who are on the same boat as me. I am 19 and I have never been in a relationship. The main reason for this is because I hate all the couple drama and never really felt the need to have a guy in my life, I mean I’m really happy with how things are in my life and I don’t wanna mess it up. Being in love at such young age could be really exhausting if you are with the wrong guy and I don’t wanna risk that. Once I feel that I’m mature enough for it (five – six years in the least), I’ll just do what’s required then! Meanwhile I’ll just have to do without the couple tees and holding hands and late night convos!(I mean who’s insane enough to sacrifice sleep for love.. Not me)

These is just five among my numerous other quirks. I could go on and on but then I wouldn’t wanna bore you guys either. So, my point is we all are homo sapiens and what makes us unique from other homo sapiens is our individual eccentricities and kinks. They are part of who we are and there’s no need to be sad or upset about it. If you feel that there’s no way you can change it then learn to accept and live with it! And you would feel so much better once you learn to accept it, trust me on this one. Another thing to keep in mind is not to judge anyone else just because they are not like you. Appreciate their individuality and only then you would be able to grow as a person

(Like I said in the beginning of this blog it took me a lot of courage to make all these confessions and I’m grateful to my readers for reading it till the end. Feel free to comment your quirks and weird drives too so that I’ll feel a lil better about myself 😂😂)

Written by CHIRI



#5.Collage Contrast : Austria vs India

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-20 at 15.04.33Hey there,
Welcome to a special edition called collage contrast which is a collaboration between me and my co-blogger where we give you an insight of how different it is between our collage life and let you walk in two dimensions of time and witness the extend of collage experience.
But before we dive in, these facts may not be true for every college but rather we try to deduce a general outline between the lives of us from them but more or less, try to come to a general conclusion. This involves not just our collage experience both also the people that are spread far and wide within the regions.

The college day morning

Austria: Well, let me start my saying everyday is never the same day. Because you basically don’t have a fixed time schedule and classes can begin any time of the day. Like some days, you have classes at 9 am in the morning whereas the other days, you may have at 4 pm. It always keeps fluctuating and another good news, you never have class all the time. Sometimes, you may have classes on Monday but maybe not Tuesday , then you have Wednesday & Thursday class but not Friday you are off. But your class schedule is always fixed. Like you were meant to  have accounting at 9 am on 1st May, which means will definitely have your accounting classes have 9 am on 1st may ,and nothing can change it unless the teacher is sick. So, every student has their e-calendar in their phone and there is no need to tell anyone when  your lecture is and where it would it be.

India: Well for us it’s entirely a different story. Our classes are pre-fixed and start every at 9.00.We have our add on courses such as CA, ACCA, CAT coaching etc till 11.30 after which we have our regular classes. I’m doing degree and yeah this add on facility is something that only our college has.Yea add-on are compulsory additional courses that we take along with the degree and is just like professional courses or coaching for a higher degree)  Most of the other colleges I know here doesn’t offer this facility). We are not as lucky as Dochi because our classes are fairly regular and we even classes on Saturdays although only till 2.30.We are informed about the classes via mail or we can check our special open source school management system named Fedena. The other colleges in our locality get a lot of day offs from Strikes and Hartals that are so typical here in India. The first thing my buddies in other colleges do when they wake up is inspect the newspaper for such news. But sadly for us, Hartal or not, Sun or rain, storm or breeze there’ll be classes for sure.

Our course system

Europe: We follow the ECTS system (European Credit & Transfer accumulation System), which means every course you take might have a specific credit that you will be awarded if you pass and complete your required task. Its like number of hours required to complete the workload & learning outcome in relation to the course. Basically, 1 ECTS= 25-30 hours of study workload but don’t freak out, it includes all the time you study at home or with your friends and anytime throughout the course. And example, software was 3 ECTS= 25×3= 75 hours of workload to complete the subject. Each course has a fixed time sloth before the exam. Like for example, Private law is a 24 LE class (1 lecture =45 mins), So, once those 24 LE are over, you need to write your exam and the Private law is done. You will have days where private law would be taught for 5 LE in one day, so, classes can be quite long and thick too.In total, the whole bachelor program consist of 180 ECTS and also exchange semester in the 3rd which is optional and 5th semester as internships ,which is absolutely compulsory.

India :Our course basically consists of different subjects that are spread across the entire 3 years that our course takes to complete. We have 2 semesters consisting of around 5 months each per year. For the first semester, we had papers like banking & insurance and corporate regulations and framework and for second semester we had courses like business regulatory framework and business management. The time allotted to each hour is flexible and depends on the workload involved. We had to do a second language paper this year but there’s only English literature from the second year onwards. The specialization papers comes only in the final year where the studies become much more intense and serious. Our college also offers programs that are held in abroad universities(This year it was in Canada and Taiwan) for short durations.

Our class system

Austria: Wondering how my classes are! Lets just say, it’s not necessary a lot of work materials to carry to class. You have an e-desktop along with your student ID number and password, your lecturers will probably post the presentation and all required course material such as research papers, reviews and extra questions. There might be a few courses that you might need a textbook but don’t go spill your money, you can probably find the digital copy available to download online for free. (#college hack). Oh!!, Are you looking how to skip classes. 🤣😅, Every collage has their different system of bunking classes. In my collage, its compulsory to be present but you are permitted to skip in total of 6 LE per subject. Which means if you are lazy to get up in the morning, and your lecture has 3 LE today, then just sleep it off. Its no problem. I personally skip class to get prepared for my upcoming exams but its totally fine to skip. Everything is possible to learn by yourself because you can learn those tutorials of your course through online sources or with the help of your friends. And FYI, you always have classes in different campus or different blocks, so. It always keeps changing depends on the professor preference and learning motive of the day. Most cases, you wont see your friends from other courses because everyone course has different time schedules and are always in different campus/blocks most of the time. Even lunch breaks are different for everyone.

India:Even for us, text books aren’t compulsory although our teachers do recommend that we buy ’em. They also give us the names of reference manuals that can give us a deeper insight into the subject.Our entire bcom department is divided into model 1 Finance and Taxation, model 2 F&T and model 1 Computer Application. We rarely ever get to sit our buddies in these other classes because the only time we get to go to a different classroom is when we have our add ons or language. When it comes to bunking we have to take precautions coz 75% attendance is a must for us. If we manage 65%,then we can get a condonation provided we produce a medical certificate(trust me that’s an easy task) but we can get condonation only in alternate years. If you fall short of the minimum attendance then you get the infamous supplementary better known an supply where you have to write the exams next year along with your Juniors. Also most of our teachers send us short notes and other important stuff so doesn’t matter even if your attendance wavered for a bit while you are in class.

What happens in class

Austria: That’s always a mystery question, I must say. Like I said you can bring anything to class right from your laptop to tablet to even your PS4.( yes, I had a friend who did that).You are allowed to record the whole class through your voice recorder. But trust me, having a lecture recording of 5 hours isn’t that helpful. Yeah, our lecture can vary from 2 hour, 4 hours to even 8 hours. Well, everyone has social media in the laptop and most of people class are probably playing poker online with your each or watching the sport game you missed last night or a live game. I always see girls doing their online shopping bucket in class 😅. Pretty much, you have all the freedom in the world. You can either pay attention in class and interact with your lessons or just chill till the class ends. I am personally hate long lecturers because I feel tired and sleepy. During the breaks, I need to wash my face often and take a small walk to survive the next few hours. But overall, its fun. Some lecturers are interesting such as marketing, but others are just plain dull. You need to accept that no course is your perfect course, so you must deal with interesting as well as thick topics. Oh, by the way. You can leave the class whenever you want. You don’t need to ask the lecturers permission. I still remember I was hungry and I had a 5 LE class, that I ended up going to a nearby glossary shop to buy apples. 😋 and totally doable.You can also leave earlier if you want to catch your bus or train back home.

India:Guess what! We cannot carry our mobile phones to college let alone use it. And if we are caught using our phones, the teachers or the principal himself will take it away and we’ll get it back only after a full month, not a day earlier no matter how much we plead or beg(even crying doesn’t work.. We have tried it). That never stopped us daredevils from using our phones though. Within this one year we have all mastered the art of texting with the phone in our bags while maintaining a straight eye contact with the lecturer. Yes I know we are legends. Also the safest place to use the phone without getting caught is…. that’s right.. the wash rooms. All we have to do is get permission from the lecturer to use the washroom and take the phone with you. But trust me it doesn’t work quite like this all the time. Once our class teacher grew suspicious of my friend who pretty much exploited this excuse and asked him to hand over the phone to him before hitting the loo.We had a good laugh that day.. And about having a snack while there’s class going on, don’t even think about it. The moment you are caught for even chewing a gum, you’ll be thrown out! But us legends have managed to eat a whole Biriyani(an Indian dish) while the class was going on. Its all about experience and skill! And about leaving the class in between, unless you can give a really strong reason or you are sick, your attendance will be marked as absent.

Types of classes

Austria:  YA!!, this is going to be interesting. Not every class is the same kind. You might have a few lecturers from a professor that lives in USA, so. Your lecturers will happen via Skype or other video call media. So, you will have classes just by laying in the bed in your room. Nah , don’t have to be online always. You might face the problems of buffering or video call not applicable. Its normal. A few lecturers record the video call and just upload it later. Some class are defined as e-learning which I still dont have a definite answer of. E-learning, too you can do it in your room. Its basically your lecturers will email you a few research papers or an assignment or even nothing, just do it but its not always mandatory. I honestly haven’t done anything during the e-learning. Probably watching a Netflix series, but is totally unaware that e-learning is supposed to happen now. Then we have something called block week, where you are should be present because you will be taught one subject the whole entire week(25 LE in one week)  because the lecturer is from abroad and is here for a short period of time .You will have exams the very next  week later. Then we have the normal class in seminar halls as well as smaller classrooms.

India:  For us it’s the same every day. Lecturers take classes using their presentations. But it’s not that boring because all of ’em are highly skilled and they do know how to keep us entertained. Plus there are only some 35 of us in a class so the lecturers know us all personally and daydreaming or napping is not a viable option because chances are you will be met with a “Go wash your face and come” or worse “I’m gonna mark you absent for this hour if you do this anymore”. They also keep a watch on the weaker students and even offer to throw in a few extra hours for em. Now for the best part.. Our Industrial Visits.They are absolutely the best.The perfect excuse to have fun under the excuse that you are visiting a factory. This “visit to a factory” only last up to less than an hour and the rest of the day is all ours to relax and enjoy to the max. Our IV has to be the day we enjoyed the most actually, it’s that awesome. And we have camps in 2nd and 3rd years and they are even more fun than our IVs.Also our college gives us opportunities to be develop as better people who care about the society and not just themselves. We are taken to orphanages and old ages homes to spend time with those beautiful people, who for no fault of theirs , are not in a privileged situation like us. Most of us are also part of the Young India initiative where we are introduced to a lot of platforms to boost our talents and develop overall.

Type of exams

Austria: just as how are classes are different, so is our exam. There are many time of exams or various types to get graded. Like a few subjects, requires you to do presentation or our e-learning homework’s. whereas, some subjects are “take home exams” or write a reflection paper about the course. There are also a normal written exam which can either be a mid-term or just a final exam. My favourite kind of exam is the open book exam, love it!!😍 you can carry all your course material and have all preplanned notes and sheets ready that makes your task easier to do. Its like you need to study a draft of how to do the tasks but having all the shortcuts and guidelines in reach of your fingertips. We also have something called the oral exams, honestly its stressful and all based on luck. You randomly choose the question from a pile and you have a 5 minute countdown and then you begin. Rapid fire question but some oral question are group based, which means you will be asked to make groups of 3 and do the oral exams together, if you don’t know the answer of a question, you co-mate is allowed to hint you the answer which gives him bonus points and you get the points too based on how you answer. Oral exams are easy to do well as well as easy to fail. My luck ran out in my first oral exams and I chocked on those hard answers and failed it by 5%.. oh, wondering what will happen to failures, the re-exam of the subjects are likely to happen after 2 months or within your next semester in between and called as resits, all exams are written. The level of difficulty will be the same as your previous exam and you can fail your 2nd resit and must try your 3rd resit, if you fail the 3rd resit. You go to your final chance ,the 4th resit which is an oral exam with your teacher, your professor will ask you how to do the task or ask you to explain a particular concept, and professor determines your fate. You fail the 4th resit, I am sorry to break the bad news but you need to leave the program. But unless you have a genuine reason why this happen, you can make a deal with the director that you can do only 3 courses out of 9 and stay back a year to redo the course you failed. Which means another extra year in collage But this is not applicable to university FYI.

India:We only have one single type of exam unlike Dochi and that is of course the written one. We have our semester exams and also certain internal exams that accounts for some percentage of the total marks. Our attendance and assignment scores are also added for the same. Assignments vary, like some teachers give us seminars or presentations while others give us written ones. In case you flunk a paper or fall short of the minimum attendance required to write that paper,it’ll automatically turn into your arrear paper which you will have to write it next year with your juniors. Also if you feel that your marks aren’t good enough then you can always write the improvement exam which is very much similar to the arrears.But the bad news is that however genuine your reason maybe you will not get a re exam in case of a failure or if you were unable to appear for it.

Academic calendar

Austria: Well, you study every semester like 9 courses and when you pass, you study another new 9 courses. But there are few subjects that are stable like accounting. You never have something like exam week rather your exams are spread throughout the semester. For example, my statistics classes ended on end on march and my final exam was on the first week of April whereas I started having lecturers on project management on the first week of may and have exams on June. Its all spread out and once you passed, you don’t have to worry about the subjects again. Just focus on the other upcoming courses.

India: We have a certain number of papers that we must clear for every semester, mostly six. And we take all the exams together. There’ll be study hols in between of course but other than that it’s all in one stretch. I think it’s better this way because all the exams will be over in the blink of an eye and afterwards you can relax in peace till the next exam. Also exams are at the same time for all the different departments as well as different batches. So we get to write the exams with our juniors or seniors

Free time, lifestyle & breaks

Austria:  My favorite segment among all, we do have plenty of free time here and there and we can treat our campus as our own home. During breaks, you can grab a snack in the cafeteria or if you are really hungry, have a feast in the canteen or leave the campus to have a quick fast food such as burgers and pizza. There are plenty of sources for food. In my collage, we have a cafeteria, canteen, food-stalls and even small restaurant. And right outside the campus, you can find plenty more. So, food is never a problem here. There are vending and coffee machines in every, cheers to those coffee-lovers. You are allowed to bring food in your class and even eat during the class, not really an issue actually! Plenty of places to hangout, enjoy the sun or even play your favourite video games with your friends in the lounge. There is no fixed dress code. You are allowed to come to school with t-shirts and shorts and even wear a cap during class. Like I said, campus feels like home. I remember the other day, seeing a few guys who were shirtless play a volleyball game in the campus garden and its totally normal. You can even have a picnic under the tree inside your campus. 😍 we have libraries open till 9 pm if you want to study and its really quite there, I can guarantee that. Also, a place to do your group discussion and even a study hall.

India:Our break times are after every two hours and while its no big luxury like dochi’s it’s good enough. We have two cafeterias and if you are in a bunk mood you can always go there and chill. We do have a lotta restaurants outside the premises of our college but the break time wouldn’t be sufficient to make a grand visit to there. But if you are looking for a quick snack then you’ll have plenty of time and wouldn’t even miss the next hours. And you would be surprised at the next major difference. We have uniforms.. YES I’m not even kidding.Us college peeps look like high-schoolers with our grey uniform complete with black shoes and socks! Only time we’re allowed to wear color is if it’s a Saturday or if there’s some major event going on at our college.And yea we have a good library spread across three floors but you’ll find more books of Accounting Standards and Corporate Law than Nicholas Sparks or Sidney Sheldon. Also we have a pretty decent gym for girls totally free of cost and anyone can go there before or after the class hours.


While some people would find our college too strict and school-like, I actually like this place. College life is the last few years of our life where we can enjoy without having the burden of any responsibility. This carefree life is all gonna take a sharp turn the moment you pass out. And the friends we get now are friends for life because they are the ones who knows the real you. The hostel life is life at its best. These hostel mates turn into your family without you realizing it and you’ll only realize how much you are gonna miss em once you are separated. Right now we have this two month semester break and I should be enjoying the vacation but funny thing.. I miss those idiots every single day. I’m not even kidding. This is not just for me but for all college going kids like me. And although we are on the path of becoming responsible adults and good citizens, there’s no need to compromise on having fun and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Because if you don’t, you’ll have no stories to narrate to your grand-kids and make em realize that they have such cool grans! College is awesome regardless of where you are from because we all have one thing in common. The starting of a new life with no one to put reins on you. You’re like a mare galloping towards the wide horizon. So guys we only have one advise to you.. Enjoy to the fullest because trust me otherwise you gonna regret it at some point of life

I hope you got to experience our college from the two different extremes and understand how contrast is ours from yours but feel free to comment below how your collage is doing and we would be glad to hear your collage experience. And if you are from another country and have a unique collage life, do share below and love to hear the voices of my fellow readers.😃

Written by DOCHI & CHIRI