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Hey there explorers!!

You would have by now noticed that there are two bloggers operating this blog website. Well, thats true! This a joint blog partnership between Chiri and Dochi. And our mission is to keep in entertained with our work. This is like a side-hobby we would enjoy doing which is just an escape from our busy college life. A platform, where we can express ourselves and test our limits. Through blogging,it gives us the golden opportunity to open up ourselves to the world, p for we spend most our lives hiding behind the curtains.

DOCHI: We were best friends since 2015, met during the the last two years of our school life. We basically kept ourselves in good contact for the last 3 years and we always there for each other in our good and dark moments of life and cared for each other. I consider her as my half-sister because we literally has a lot of similarities and i enjoy having her around in my life. To be honest, being an introvert, we really never talked to each other because we both just couldnt but we always had a smile when we came across. We always kept in touch daily through social-media and our friendship was always strong to the roofs. I actually started blogging by myself in another website that i firstly created and she was super supportive and helped me proof my blogs and give me honest suggestions whenever needed. I knew she was creative and an outstanding writer, definitely better than me but just lacked the resources to start her own blog. So, i asked her if she wanted to set up an new blogsite along with me for a mutual cause and so, it began. We currently live so far away from each other for i am in Austria and she is back in India but with being in different time zones and college system, we both are flexible in bring content on time and make sure, we always have something to serve for the menu. Mostly, we understand each other very well and i am really glad to have her as my co-blogger and i couldnt ask for anyone better.😊

CHIRI: And hey I’m Linnet. There’s no need for me to tell you anything about myself ‘coz dochi has said it all.When he asked me help him out with his blog I was excited but when he asked me to join him as a partner in his blog I was psyched ..I always had a thing for writing but I was too lazy to do anything serious about it .The peak of my creative writing reflected on my answer sheets, especially the boards but that was it for me! Now with him pushing me to write I can finally pursue my dream ..trust me you won’t be a bit bored ‘coz dochi’s is an amazing writer and together i believe we can keep you guys entertained ..I hope someday our blog ‘ll be your happy chillax place!. Someday in future you’ll look forward to reading our blogs everyday and that’s when we’ll know we have succeeded in our mission.

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