Lost in Silence

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The days go by, the clocks tick away
the stars hide and emerge, the sun rises and falls,
the seasons pass, and I sit here all night and all day,
reminiscing to the walks we took, the laughs and the calls.

I miss telling you stories, I miss that wonder in your eyes,
I walk the streets that were familiar, now strange,
I visit the same places, I see the same sights,
but without you besides, there’s too much change.

The chair across me sits empty, the swings in stillness,
the mantlepiece half full, the pictures telling an unfinished story,
the garden unkempt, taking over our hand painted fence,
the benches and shady trees missing us, telling new lovers our history.

I wish our time weren’t rationed, I wish I had another life time with you,
I wish we could still lie under the stars, having lost ourselves in the silence,
I wish we could go to all the places we once did and do all that we used to,
but you found your place among the stars, leaving me lost in silence.

What about our bucket list? what about all that we dreamt to be?
It was all so quick, she came and went, she didn’t stay,
she was merely a spark in the darkness of the universe inside me,
but she was the light that guided me, showing me the way.

I’m a mere existence, a man who’s lost meaning,
I’m a lone traveler who’s lost his compass along his path,
I’m a discarded story book with a story missing its ending,
I’m a soul that wanders the earth like a ghostly psychopath.

I had found my pile of gold, I had succeeded in my conquest,
I had found my oasis in the desert, I had reached, my Shangri La,
I had traveled the world, sailed the waves, in the serene and the tempest,
But I can only hear you from the past and talk to you from afar.

The seclusion we reached out for, our plans for reclusion,
the very same serenity that fills me with chaos and torture,
a wish that burdened us, a debt that came without fail, my restitution,
I asked for a silence to spend with you, not for silence from you, my lover.

Poem By Arvind

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