Exuberant relationships


WhatsApp Image 2018-11-20 at 18.45.35Lately I had been bestowed with the gift of thinking. I call this a gift as it leads to revelation. Once, entering this realm of seething thoughts I realized that depression is optional. Just like how we have the freedom to choose how to dress up or what to eat, we have the choice to embrace it or exclude it. It’s not something that is imposed onto us by someone, its something that we can opt for. It’s the outcome of our perspective, or the way we look at life.

Often our view or perspective is influenced by two things or at least that’s what I’ve felt. Among this, one is, of course, book. Books teach us a lot of things. It is an entirely different world out there. It’s like a labyrinth, once you enter this space you will get lost and you’ll end up falling in love with it. Even the very smell of a new book can get you excited. It takes us to face the world and the different people in it to be precise. It, in a way, act as a mould which shapes our view and enables us to look at the bright side of things, like the sides we haven’t even thought about.

Next, the soul-buddy. Now, this person right here is the one I want to talk about. Accept it, we all have this soul-sister or soul-brother or soul-mate or whatsoever term we use. It can be our best friend, our parents, our better-half or even our pain-in the-neck siblings. This person is the one with whom you comfortably share all your topsy-turvy thoughts. They seldom let you down and listen to all your weirdest fantasies. They know who you are because they had seen you in your best and worst behavior. They know ways to celebrate your happiness and methods to survive your wrath. They will be the ones who had seen your brightest and exasperating sides.

Let me tell you some ways to figure out this person. They are the ones with whom you are in your true self and you both will be devoid of masks. The real you that lies within the mask is shadowed by it when you wear them which doesn’t happen when you are with this person. Well, many a times, I’ve seen people who aren’t true to anyone. And I’ve often wondered if they had ever been true at least to themselves. They act so lovey-dovey in front of some and at the same time they go around bitching about them. And if I’m not wrong, this trait is quite common in all of us and we would’ve done it at least at some point of time in our lives.

Now, the next thing is that you have the complete freedom to goof around when you are with them, and you can utter all your nonsense as you don’t have to coax them to like you. Like I said, they know you inside-out, they have seen the good and bad side in you and have been patient while listening to all your babbling. They have your character certificate to be precise. They help us to choose the right solution for our complicated problems. And the best part is that, they are gifted with the subtle art of cooling you down. I call it an art as it is acquired as a result of endless patience and tolerance.

Now, one thing I want to tip-you off is that, this role of soul-buddy won’t be confined to one single person all the time, especially in today’s world where human relations get withered off so easily. For instance, my soul-buddy back when I was in school is almost like a stranger now. And another batch-mate, who was like a stranger back then, is very close to me now. See. Things change!

So far I’ve come across a couple of people who have been persistent in their relationship with me. I’m not planning to mention their names, still let me hint you off how they fit into these roles so that u can ponder if u have one such important person in your life, whom you haven’t taken into serious consideration

  1. The whole-sister. I’m a hosteler and I have two beautiful souls as my roomies. So obviously, they qualify to that title. Among them one is my all in all. She listens to all my dramas patiently and I always have her shoulder when I cry.  She is the perfect partner-in-crime and we both share the same mental age. ^_^
  2. The gorgeous google. She is gorgeous to be frank and just like google, she has the solutions to all my problems. She is the boldest woman I’ve ever come across in my entire life. She is the best when it comes to comforting someone. She just knows how to sort things out. Both these ladies are the reason why I survive in my hostel and I can’t even think of being in my room without these two- which will be happening next year. May god save me!
  3. The ‘Always-here’ lass. Well, we’ve been friends for about 5 years now. Our relation is quite hilarious. At times we don’t call or even text each other. We often fight for no reason. Still we both know that we are always there for each other. Whenever we have a problem we know where to turn to.
  4. The count on me lad. He is the batch-mate I was talking about earlier. It so happened that once I rang him up and cried my heart out. And he just listened to all my dramas for like half and hour without saying a word and then he was like woah, get a grip on yourself, it’s not the end of the world bro… And from that day on I bug him without fail and he still tolerates me as he has signed up for that. 😀
  5. The sarcastic boyo. We have been friends for almost 10 years. He is the one who had witnessed almost all my dramas and fits. Knows exactly how and when I make tantrums. He knows how loony and babyish I can be. According to him, my problems are not exactly problems’, in fact they are just puny instances – (true tho). He taught me that we shouldn’t go around complaining about the little things in life.

I believe that everyone of us are gifted with beautiful souls like these who will cheer us up. All you have to do is to find them, and once you find them enjoy your life to the fullest. Once you have your own space and people, life will be worth living as you will have at least a handful of people who are true to your face and doesn’t pass on judgement no matter what you do. So instead of sitting back disappointed, try to find the right lad and enjoy your life being you.

Written by Sandra Paul



27 thoughts on “Exuberant relationships”

  1. Dear philosorator …. Congratulations to you, and wishing you even more success in the future as well,Success didn’t happen overnight. Your dedication and hard work has really paid off


  2. Im really happy to read your yet another piece of wonderful writing dear!its amazing to see how confident and strong you have become through what life has taught you dear!may god bless you to write more !


  3. Good one sandra😊😊 Your perspectives of life is actually logical and the way you expressed it is quite understandable. Keep writing. All the very best sandra. God bless you dear


  4. I loveddd this. Goodness you almost made me cry. Autograph next time please 🙏🏻. You go girl ♥️💪🏻


  5. Just like the last one…Great thoughts about life and how to enjoy it. Thank you Sandra, you are just wonderful. 😘


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