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Dreaming is much easier than living a dream life. The dreams can end up being disappointing. When we create the stories in our heads, what is often forgotten is the hustle that they require to become true. The picture perfect imagines in our head won’t ever happen. Even the mistakes that we might have taken into account won’t happen. It may seem bit harsh, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m not saying that your dreams won’t come true just that it won’t be as you imagined. When standing on top of Mount Everest your feet will be hurting and it will be hard to breathe. But it doesn’t mean it has to be disappointing to find images in your head far from reality. Even though your body and mind are tired you can still feel the delight. Dreams come true in the most unexpected ways but they all require our effort. And if we all just keep dreaming the world will be full of people with beautiful worlds inside their heads but disappointed of the surroundings. We shouldn’t get stuck at the dreaming stage. Dreaming is wonderful but it’s only step number one. We so often get intimidated and freeze in comfort of our imagination. Here are a few things that can help you and me get started on living dream life right now:

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Let go of your dreams

In order to make your dreams come true, you have to let your dreams go. It sounds strange and a bit sad but it’s the only way to genuinely enjoy the moment. When you finally become a fashion designer, kiss your crush, go abroad or whatever your dream might be; let of go of this dream. Don’t compare the dream to reality. If you do no matter how wonderful the moment is, you are going to feel disappointed. I’m not saying that it is always the case and that disappointment is always awful because actually it can be extremely useful to determine what is in fact not for you when you thought it is. The point is when you are enjoying the moment don’t look deep into your expectations. I’m sure you will find something that doesn’t quite seem as you wanted it to be if you do. At least I do way too often and it kills off a lot of fun I could be having instead.

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Seek adventure locally

After moving out, changing school, getting a new job, or whatever change; everything will be perfect, right? I’m pretty sure you already guessed it’s wrong but how about actually implying it into our lives. Not waiting for change but making the most out of the opportunities we already have. How can you live your dream of traveling when stuck in a small town with very little money you may ask. For me, the most fun way of exploring the area I know from childhood is geocaching. It is basically like a treasure hunt Pokemon Go kind of thing, where you can actually find little items hidden in places you probably passed mindlessly many times. It’s actually a thing in many small towns in various countries, not only big cities as you might have expected just like I did. And even if the items aren’t hidden where you live, you can play treasure hiding instead of hunting. One other way is to take a bus to nearby villages or other places you might not think of as holiday destinations. Close places might hide adventures you have never thought of. One of my favorite holidays took place in a village which name could be translated to ‘Rats’ where I took part in a week of plein-air painting. And even if you can’t do it maybe, it’s worth to take a walk to a part of your town which you don’t normally visit. I recently went to the distant part of my little town with my brother just to see a random monument. It’s not like either of us is a monument maniac but this spontaneous, kind of silly walk ended up to be a really fun highlight of my holiday. This local method can be applied to many other dreams but traveling is one of the most common ones so that’s what I focused on. Especially because it’s a dream of mine as well. But let’s say you want to become an actor or a singer or an excellent football player. Why not join a local club specializing in that? No club, no problem. OK, maybe a bit of a problem but you know that it’s possible to actually open one right? So no excuses dreams don’t just happen. You have to make them happen yourself.

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Appreciate little things

So you haven’t found a cure for cancer yet but you did well on your biology test. That’s something to celebrate. So you earned $5 and you put it to your savings socket so someday you can buy a camera and become a great photographer. So, you drew an art-piece you are completely disappointed but you want to become a outstanding artist. This is all progress. All the good things and all the mistakes. If you are trying to pursue your dreams all is progress even if things don’t go as planned. Learning from mistakes is an actual thing and even though it’s better to learn from mistakes of others it shouldn’t be a shame to make some ourselves. When you fail appreciate yourself for trying, when you win celebrate. See the beauty of the world in little things. They are what creates the bigger picture. So next time, listen to the ice melting in your hot tea or wave to the butterfly, because the biggest dream of us all which is to be happy is all in our heads and depends on which perspective we take.

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Follow your own advice

I’m not the one to tell you how to live your life. You know the best what you need. What ideas you have in your head. I’m merely here to tell you to try because the most significant failure is a regret of not trying. This is what advice I’m giving myself. I know I get so much closer to my dream life when I listen to myself. So do listen to your dreams but make a plan out of them. Take action to be your best adviser. Dream big but live bigger. Moreover, do drift off to the land of fairies or whatever sits in your mind sometimes and maybe put together a book about it and let me know I might read it. But things you want to do in this world construct around you. It’s much more fun this way. To make the most out of life. To imagine and live instead of just imagining. Imagination works the best when you feed it with adventure. So to dream bigger sometimes it’s good to actually get out of our heads and make the adventure with our hands.

Written by Guest Writer Magdelena

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Hey I’m Magdalena. I have strange obsession about people calling me either that or Lena which pretty much never happens but maybe someday. My heart beats for exploring the world yet I love chilling in my bed. It’s the place I sketch and write my poems as well as watch movies and write essays. Art makes me happy weather it’s painting or acting watching movies or reading books. Creating is my great passion and little life plan. I love seeing the world through different interpretations of it. I’m can ramble like crazy but listen even more carefully. I try to find happiness in little things but can cry over may things. I get awkward writing bio’s cause they have so many of letter “I” in them. And truth is i haven’t quite figured out my “I” yet but the journey of doing so is quite frankly very exciting.

I did like to thank Magdalena, who is an amazing writer and of many talents in art and literature. To have her work be staged in our blog means a lot to us and i hope that this can provide and sense of motivation and confidence to that live in doubt.  Magdalena has her own artistic feed in her Instagram and i did like to give my readers a treat of her talent and if you enjoyed it and would like to view weekly creative sketches and beautiful art, feel free to follow her and send her your love & support at @lenairimeart

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And you did like to keep track on her work, follow her in twitter, or subscribe to her Youtube Channel or even be part of her Pinterest , click here LinkTree and be part of her journey. if you enjoyed her blog and comment down below your love  and support and stay tune for more amazing content to come.



5 thoughts on “Live your dream life now”

  1. This is something I needed today. Our dreams certainly do look different than our reality and we need to make peace with what isn’t perfect about them as well as let go of super high expectations of perfection in order to make them real.


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