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WhatsApp Image 2018-07-30 at 16.45.59Life is not fair. Get used to it.” My mom used to say. Little did I know what that meant then. But now after life knocked me down multiple times, I understand what that meant.

What life taught me? Well, I have been taught many things, but…Three of them stand distinct from those life lessons. Firstly of course as I mentioned, Life isn’t fair…get used to it. No matter how hard you try, no matter how fair you try to be, life won’t treat you that way. I don’t need to explain to you how this works because you all must have experienced it one way or the other. There would always have been a point in life when we all would have complained “where the hell did I get it wrong!?”. The truth is that we can’t really do anything about it. I cannot give you any advice on how to prevent the unfairness in life also. What then? Accept it. Accept the fact that life won’t always be fair & move on. That’s the best & in fact the only thing you can do.

Secondly, you need to understand the universal fact that “Nothing is permanent in this world (that means you too) & the only person you can hold onto always is only yourself”. I tell you this because some years back, a girl once shared a meme regarding this very fact & her very good friend criticized her beliefs and argued that it was utterly foolish. And that friend is none other than your humble writer. Like I said, this blog itself is about what life taught me. Life changed me & made me what I am today. I now accept the fact that my best companion & life partner is myself. Me being the single child of my family went through this all my life. A feeling when you don’t have anyone to look up to, you don’t have anyone to back you up, you don’t have anyone to hold you close and tell you “it’s going to be okay, buddy.”

That is when I learned to be alone. That is when learned to be happy with myself. I learned to back up myself. I became self-reliant. I walked the lonely roads, the roads not taken. Then I realized that those who fly alone have stronger wings. They call you a lone wolf, but who cares? They say lions always hunts in pack, I replied a Tiger always hunt alone. It’s never a thing to stay alone. When you say your problems to yourself, when you become your best friend, when you care for yourself, you become a self-sustaining human being…a godly weapon.

I am not saying that you should all be loan wolfs. You always have the freedom to hunt in packs. This is for those who are fighting their battles alone. I wanted to write about this topic because I hope it will help you to stand up and face the unfair world with all your heart.

What made me think like this? Let me ask you, have you ever trusted someone so much? Have you ever loved someone more than you love yourself? Have you ever put your key to happiness in someone else’s hand? Well…if you have….it’s a big mistake. I’d rather call you a fool…cause I was being that fool my entire life. I have trusted & loved many & in the end I was left with only me for myself. And in the process I forgot to love myself. That’s why I said, set you as your first priority. Everything & everyone else is & should always be secondary. Learn to let go.

The third thing is the existence of Karma. Karma is like a boomerang they say. You throw it, and it would come back with twice the power. Alike are the things you do in your life. Whenever you are about to do something. just know that whatever that you are about to do, whether good or bad, it will return to you. You do a good, you get a good. You do a bad & the devil will speak.

My mom always used to gift children with expensive gifts even when we weren’t financially sound. I used to say “Mom, what are u doing? Why are you wasting al the money”? And she did say in her sweet motherly voice” Son, you will get this all back one day”, I never agreed with her until…until the day I got an iPhone as a gift from one of my mom’s distant friends. I mean, why on earth should he even gift me anything at all? I didn’t even know the guy very well. And then what followed was a thunder storm of things that I didn’t even deserve. And now here I am.

These three things taught me a basic principle of life – “choices”. I think choices are the most important aspect of one’s life. It’s the choices that we make today reflect upon our life down the line. It is not about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choices, everything done have a justification from the doer. In my point of view, every situation has three angles to it ‘first parties opinion’, ‘second parties opinion’ & ‘the truth’. Thus, it depends on the choice we make that define on which side we stand and who we are.

“All i wish to tell is that life is like a roller-coaster have ups and downs…In fact these are the two important things which give a meaning to life. What i intend to say is that the very purpose of life is to knock you down & see if you can stand up again. You must be familiar with the story of a giraffe baby. Do you what does it get first hand when its born? A kickers kick from its mother. The baby is knocked down. It gets up, gets knocked down again & it continues. Do you know why does the mother do this? The baby giraffe’s skin is so soft & fleshy that it attracts predators, so in the absence of its mother it should be able to defend itself by running away.

Baby Giraffe Drawing Mother And Baby Giraffe Drawing

Only after a few kicks does the baby understands why he is kicked & once it figures it out it starts running.

Like the baby giraffe, don’t give up on the problems, for giving upon problems means giving up life.

I got my kick. Have you?If you have, then do your thing…work the magic of life.”

Written by Guest Writer Kannen P.R

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-28 at 06.48.30

Hello folks…the names Kannan .I hail from one of the most ancient civilizations on earth…The Indus valley civilization.
Am an automotive geek & i love public speaking.Those around me say am good at writing too and i hope thats why you are reading this.
I live my life according to my rules,follows my instinct & do what makes me happy.I was super excited when my best of the best DOCHI asked me to contribute to his blog.I didn’t want to let down his expectations.I did my best here,i hope all of you like it.Thank you Josh for inviting me for being a part of your venture.

I would like to thank my best friend Kannen for being part of this journey and having to work with you and bring that sparkle was always my goal. We might be miles away from each other, yet I feel close to see elements of friendship in our blog. You are a strong person and i have never won an argument with you yet 😅. You are what i call family and i am so proud of who you become. Keep growing and believing in the good.  I loved the message in the blog and you deserve a voice.

If you enjoyed this blog, feel free to comment down your opinions and spread that positivity and stay tune for more project and talent to take the spotlight as well.



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  1. It is said that mistakes makes us human right…I strongly believe that every mistake we make opens for a new perspective….keep your work going kannen…stop not till your goal is reached….hats off


  2. This article is relatable to the core. I appreciate your decision to write this blog, as it could as well be very important for someone out there. Kudos to you!!


  3. Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. Interesting stuff to read. Thank you and good luck for upcoming articles..


  4. Kannan, good job!!
    Reading your post I remember Rocky Balboa “World ain’t sunshine and rainbows…”. In my humble view, Kannan, Life is just life. It’s up to us how we chose to live it! Of course, as you have rightly mentioned, it would be wise from our part to learn from life, from both rights and wrongs, which eventually helps us to “live”.
    I believe, all those who take life seriously can relate with your question, “Where the hell did I get it wrong? True!! At times I just say, ‘Shit happens – It’s OK’. It help me move on.
    “Nothing is permanent in this world”. True. I too, do believe in the philosophy of ‘maya’. So that includes “life’s unfairness” too…
    Yes Kannan, ‘No one is close to us than we to ourselves’. You might be familiar with the view – The god we search is within us. “Know thyself” would be the key.
    And yes Kannan, I can’t agree more about your views on ‘choices’. It’s just that, How do we chose to live !! (Shit happens – it’s OK).


  5. The things u said there are so true. We have to believe in ourself and theres no better companion than you yourself. Ha and yea nobody’s life is perfect. We just have to believe in ourselves to overcome all the problems that we face.. Well said and please do write again…


  6. Well said in a very simple language. It’s really reader friendly .. I’ve never had a real heartbreak,but I guess this will be helping me to prepare for one… All the best


  7. Kannan, well written.
    Thought provoking and wonderful presentation.
    Life is the special gift of God. God has created everyone with some special intentions. First, we should understand the purpose of our life. If we have the determination, courage and positive attitude, most of our issues can be solved and also can cherish our life goals.


  8. Really good work..It’s relatable to every human being.and the content of this work doesn’t bore anyone as it’s written in simple language..Keep going👍🏻😊


  9. I personally think that everything in life happens for a reason. But of course I too believe in karma and it’s our actions which determine what we deserve. Good luck Kannen.👍👍


  10. Omg! I read it twice to get its inner meaning! 😃 such a wonderful blog brother.. you’ve penned down so realistically! You shld write more..! Expecting much more writings from you!
    P.s: this isn’t paid flattering! 😅 Everyone go check out the chunk of idea my frnd attempted so elegantly! 🙂
    Good luck!


  11. Kannan, this was delightful. Learning to rely on yourself and only yourself is fundamental to bravery, in my opinion. I also believe in Karma and that is why even when others are being nasty, I try with all of my might at times to be even keeled because I have learned the very hard way that it does come around full circle always and eventually. I also like how you mentioned an entire paragraph on the power of choice. This is how we design our lives, the experiences we have during our time on this planet, the people we meet, the feelings we have, the memories we shape. All of this is profoundly wonderful and important and as you put it so eloquently – the essence of life. You are wise beyond your years. Thank you for sharing and now I am off to research a bit more about the Indus Valley Civilization! So fascinating!


    • Kannan..Perhaps this the best comment i have received.Its not just a comment for me,i take it as a reward…a motivation to do more.Thank You Jess,your words meant a lot.Thank You😄

      Liked by 1 person

  12. It’s really a good work…. Words are so powerful.They can liberate your soul. They can energize your mind. They can invite connection…. So here my my friend used it wisely…

    Well written broi and expects more from you… 😊


  13. Congratulations. An in-depth view into the realities of life. I always believe that it is the bitter and harsh experiences that really churns out the real spirit of a person. The wheels of life move only forward. There is no need to look back and regret. So always keep it up, and keep it well.🙂🤗


  14. Beautiful writeup…yes nothing is permanent in life and everything one achieved is generally based on the choices one makes…
    Compliments to you for such a beautiful article and for being forthright and honest..


  15. Life is indeed an interesting journey. Sometimes it surprises you and you feel worse than ever before. That happened to me last year that really changed me as a person. Even if everything isn’t fair we should remember that we decide how we face the struggles in life.


  16. Such a wonderful and thought provoking article. Each and every line related to our life is so true. Life can be difficult but its upto is how we accept the challenges and move forward. Keep up the good work.


  17. Wonderful post! My mother used to tell me the same thing, and nothing could really be more true… life isn’t fair. We have to learn how to deal with it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  18. I enjoyed reading this post. I could relate to your thoughts. I like that your writing style in this post is simple and to the point.


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