Valentines Day

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It was the 14 of February,
there I was, getting ready,
for this evening, so special and sweet,
made so, by who I intended to meet,
and there I stood, overlooking the sea,
the wind in my face, rustling leaves in the trees,

It filled the air with a faint sound,
the sun sank with a glow, the beauty of the view, made so profound,
by the orange clouds,
I looked around,

Waiting for her familiar face to appear,
but deep down I had this fear,
that like last year, and the year before,
she would not come,
for she is far far away from home,

They say I’m mad to still wait for her, not having moved on yet ,
here, where we first met, when she visited her father,
here, where our last goodbye we said,
here, where I stood 3 years ago,
with a larger bouquet, dressed in black,
as she left to the place with no way back,
where now I stand waiting for her,
watching the brown leaves wither,
and as the darkness took over the sky and the waves,
I placed the bouquet on her grave,

From the cemetery on the seaside hill,
with a tear rolling down my cheek, I walked away,
they call me insane, but still,
Here I shall wait for her again,
next valentines day.

Written by Guest Poet Arvind

Arvind has truly been an inspiration to us and will be helping us to making our Special Blogger Edition as well. And in case you have missed his recent post “Confession of a Friend-Zoned Lover”, click here to read it all.

Will be back soon for our first Award post nominated by Sakshi.

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