#12. Phobias that refuse to say bye bye

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Phobias are essentially part of every single human being. However brave a person might appear on the out, he’ll definitely have some fears hidden beneath the brave exterior. It might range from the mild kind or the extreme kind but it’s presence in some way or other is definite. Don’t we all remember the hunky Tobias Eaton aka four who had just four fears. It had me thinking like how cool would it be if only I had four fears like him. I have some forty fears that I can name now without even pausing to think, even more if I can give it a bit more thought! Scary thought right? Some fears, we can pinpoint and name but others we can only feel with a certain intensity which cannot be expressed into words. Fears differ alot. A brave guy who, on the out, is not afraid of anything at all might actually have mental fears, like fear of loosing his friends or fear of not meeting the expectations of others. There are some really funny phobias too.Once my roomie bought the entire 3 blocks of the hostel to our room with her scream.Everyone thought someone was murdering her, me included.Turns out she had seen a cockroach flying over her and thought it was gonna land on her. But hey I’m not judging her because although I’m not scared of cockroaches I certainly would have woken up, not just the hostel, but the entire city with my screams had it been a snake.

I have some really weird mental fears. Once I get attached to someone , they’ll mean everything to me and I’ll be willing to do anything for ’em. But I have this fear of getting attached to someone who doesn’t feel the same way about me. This has never happened so far but if it ever were to happen I’m sure it’ll leave me broken and hurt beyond repair. So I’m kinda guarded around people and only let certain people whom I’m sure wouldn’t hurt me, inside my bubble.This is not even something I do on purpose, it’s like a subconscious thing that I do. Another fear is the fear of loosing the people I love (I don’t wanna spook you out but yeah I meant death). I don’t wanna talk too much about it because I’m pretty sure you get the picture. So moving on to the next one, fear of not finding “the one”. I’m really old fashioned when it comes to the whole love thing and I can safely say that I have never been in love. I’m waiting for that perfect guy whom I’ll meet(hopefully) after 4-5 years. I got this dumb illusion that I’ll magically find him the moment I’m ready for it.. Like I said dumb! But I’m holding on to this dumb illusion for now till I find another alternative.The next fear of mine is something I should have outgrown by now but sadly I’m still stuck on it without any ways of escape. It’s a pretty common fear found in kids but for a 19 year old it’s definitely embarrassing.The fear is simple enough, I’m scared to address a public audience. Whenever I’m standing in front of a group of people, words fail me and I start to stumble.This also happens if my teachers ask me questions. I think some of my teachers know this and they bombard me with questions in order to help me overcome this fear but it hasn’t been of any help so far. So guys reading this blog, it would be super cool if you could suggest me some ways in which I could overcome this fear. And for the final fear I wanna share, fear of not being good enough. Whatever I do I feel that I’m not good enough. I think I may have self esteem issues and that may (stress on both the “mays”) have something to do with it. I always doubt myself, it’s like I write something and I need someone else to read it for me and unless I hear that person say it’s good enough, I don’t feel that it’s good enough. So even while I’m writing for the blog, I constantly show everything I have written so far to Joshua and I need to hear from him to carry on with it. I also constantly fear and worry that I’m not pretty enough or charming enough like the others.

I have given it a fair amount of thought and I have concluded that I don’t have any crippling fears that just freezes me from the inside or anything dramatic like that. That’s a comforting thought but still I have a lot of fears that I need to work on. You don’t have to compare your phobias with those of others around you. Because just like you your phobias are unique too(atleast that’s what I would like to think).And there’re stuff you can do to make your phobias a lil less bad,if not conquer it. Pushing and challenging yourself to the maximum that you can go will make you stronger and it’ll give a feeling that your phobias are all under control and that they’re not gonna break you. New phobias find their way into my body all the time but I take it as a challenge that I should capture and conquer and life is a whole lot colourful this way! So my advise to you people is that don’t shy away from your phobias instead embrace ’em and eventually win over ‘ em!!

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  1. I feel the same way – I have that fear of being close to someone who doesn’t value me the same. That is why I have a hard time connecting with people at the next level. What if they have a lot of friends and are not interested in getting close? I think it’s fair that we work on our fears the best way we can :). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


    • Yeah it literally kills me when I see my besties spending too much time with other people 😂😂 but I kinda learned to not show too much jealousy on the surface and yeah I’m hoping to conquer this fear some day!! I’m glad you found the blog interesting..


    • That do sound like some fear which can cripple you from the inside but trust me you are stronger than you realise.. You will survive this fear even if you feel so out of control!! I know because I have seen people getting better control of their fears by the passage of time.. So stay strong 💕💕


  2. Linnet, fear is definitely an interesting thing. I have found that it pushes me to live a fulfilling life. Nonetheless it affects and may even control everyone differently. To be entirely honest, my greatest fear and/or sadness is that I’ll die long before many of my life’s questions will be answered.


    • I’m truly in awe of you.. I feel that your fear can push you to live a most productive and satisfying life. You know exactly what you want from life and that itself is something really awesome! I hope you’ll be able to get all the answers to your life’s questions!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s a wonderful post. Once upon a time, I used to have a phobia of being touched, and expressing my true emotions. I used to wear a mask all the time. Now, I am gradually recovering, thanks to my friends and my family.


  4. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone however. They can help you to motivate and also they remaining as an inspiration!


  5. I am the same way!! Grown and all, I sometimes feel a possessive way when it comes to close friends. Yeah, working on it, lol!


    • Even I’m working on that! Lately I have learned to keep this possessive thoughts to myself so I guess I’m improving!


    • Don’t worry!! Stay strong and one day you’ll have it all under your feet.. But till then we’ll all have to learn to live with our inner demons I guess!!


  6. I have some really extremely weird phobias that I can’t even explain without me sounding like I need to be institutionalised. One phobia I have is having my neck (throat area) touched by someone else or a necklace or shirt collar touching that area. The phobia stems from the thought that my throat area is so vulnerable that if someone were to touch me there too hard, I could choke and die lol. Or if I lay down whilst wearing a necklace, the necklace could get caught in something and choke me and I’ll die. Haha, this one is probably the only one I can explain with it making some kind of sense.


    • Well get ready to be surprised BECAUSE I HAVE THAT EXACT SAME FEAR! My fear is not as bad as yours but I have enough experience to know how bad it could get! I get heart attacks every time people touch me anywhere near my neck area.. Another such spot is the inner part of my elbow! I never let anyone close to this part and even the thought of being injected there gives me cold shudders!


  7. I have a terrible fear of heights, as in I freeze and panic as soon as I get to high on a ladder haha. Its something i want to work on as i would love to hike so trails near cliffs but it’s so hard to face! I know it can be done because I used to be terrified of needles but was forced to face and get over it while I was pregnant. So many needles are required and I didn’t have a choice lol


    • Sounds to me like you wouldn’t give up until you conquer this fear which I’m sure would be an easy pesy task for you! And about the fear of needles even I have that.. I guess it’ll take a few days at the hospital for me to overcome this fear!


  8. My girlfriend has been dead set on me getting over some of my phobias one of them is being in water above head height. So anytime we go near a swimming pool she has me in there trying to help me. I will send this her way to show her that she is doing the right thing!


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