#11. Laments of a Not-so-happy introvert

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I know a lot of introverts who are perfectly happy with whom they are but i am not one among them .I’m a totally introverted person ,tongue tied whenever someone talks to me for the first time and all that, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of being an extrovert.I have read tons of posts and articles and quotes on introverts ..but those tell stories of introverts who are comfortable with their identity.The thing is that I don’t have an introvert face ..it might sound stupid but it’s one hundred percent true .I get judged all the time for not conversing enough or not waiving hi or even for looking at the floor while walking!

It takes up all of my energy to talk to someone when I don’t feel like it .It’s not just frustrating but also puts me in a very awkward position.Its like whenever you are talking to someone your mind is desperately trying to find a quick excuse that could get you out of this plight.But the only thing that keeps introverts like me going is that we got some amazing friends who has seen the wild ,crazy side of us. When you’re with them you wont feel the need to force anything..it comes to you naturally and effortlessly and sometimes you make them wonder if they have to super glue your lips in order to shut you up.

I have been called the arrogant girl who looks down on everyone and I have spent hours pondering over where I have gone wrong but now I am a whole lot clear on the whole thing .Do the best that you can manage and if it’s not enough then don’t hurt yourself thinking it’s all your fault. There are people out there who are going through the same thing as you are and you are not alone in this. It might not sound like a big deal to others who’ll be thinking what’s the big deal in making a small talk or how on earth is conversing hard but trust me guys,its not that easy for everyone. So all I’m asking you extroverts is not to judge those others just because they weren’t friendly enough to you, don’t mark ’em down as arrogant, because chances are they are just not confident enough to open up a conversation. If you give us a chance we can prove that we are indeed master chatterboxes.

Not all introverts are against going out or having fun just roaming around. That’s just a cliché, trust me. I absolutely love hanging out with my friends. We wander around places aimlessly, explore new restaurants and gawk at cute guys. Yes we do all of that.Whenever people picture an introvert having a good time, the image that comes to their mind is a person snuggled up in a comfy chair with a book. And that is something which I enjoy beyond words but that’s not the only thing that we do for fun, we do other stuff too. Adventures are all good but some days you gotta stay in your room with your favorite book because that’s the call of the day. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that introverts can be spontaneous and fun too but some times they are just happy with their alone time.. And they gets marked down as anti social or boring which is just plain sad!

But in spite of all this I have decided that I want to make an effort to change myself into a better person. Its only because I want to prove to myself that I’m strong and I can do this. I don’t know how much time it’s gonna take me to finally be comfortable around everyone I meet (actually I don’t even know if it’s possible at all) and frankly that’s not even my goal. All I wanna do is improve myself a bit more, be a better person than I was yesterday. I know that I’ll definitely be a happier person if I manage to spot a difference in me!

So I wanna tell something to all those introverts out there. Do stuff that makes you happy but learn to come out of your shell once in a while or so too. Its not a bad world out there. It has so much to offer to you. Challenge yourself and you’ll see a better and happier version of you. And most importantly don’t let anything discourage you because you, my friend, are a beautiful gem. You’ll shine in all your glory the moment light falls on you.So don’t hide away in the darkness. Come out and let the world gasp at your brightness.

Written by CHIRI

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  1. I relate so much to this, being an introvert is so hard. Sometimes I wish I was an extrovert just so things could be easier in terms of talking to people


    • Exactly!! If you’re one of those people who have been judged as arrogant don’t let that get you.. Just be the best version of yourself that you can manage!

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    • It was certainly not an easy blog to write because accepting your weakness in front of so many people is hard.. Really hard! But it has made me so much more confident and I’m happy for that.. I’m really thankful for your kind words…


  2. As I’m sure you already know from the comments, you are not alone. I’ve felt the way you’ve felt my entire life. I’ve tried to force myself to be an extrovert but end up exhausted at the end of the day.
    I thought there was something wrong with me, but today I know I’m normal. I’m at the same stage you are. I’m accepting the person I am while improving the person I am.


    • Even I thought there was something wrong with me and sometimes I still feel that I’m not like the others and that worries me! Even though I know perfectly well that I shouldn’t let this worry me, sometimes I feel so out of control over my feelings.. I guess I’ll have to learn to have better control over myself!


  3. Hi I’m introvert person too so I know that feels! It’s not easy how to start to making conversation with others. Actually living alone is the best part if you want thinking something that I know you can help!


    • Living alone wouldn’t be an option for me because I do need people who gets me around me all the time..! But thankyou for your suggestion all the same..


  4. I relate to this so much because I am the exact same way. I didn’t really start to come out of my shell more until I started going to comic conventions and being around nerdy people who were more like me than I ever thought possible. Now I am still quite shy and awkward around new people, but not as much as I use to be.


    • Even I feel more comfortable when I’m with people who understands me. I don’t feel even a bit awkward when them and I don’t even have to pause before speaking out what is in my mind. It’s always a blessing to have such people around you!


  5. You know Chiri I used to be an introvert but I am also a life the life of the party e very entertaining. However I find myself uncomfortable in a one and one situation. Perhaps like you I am still an introvert It is complicated.


    • Yeah I understand you.. Even I feel confused at times..one moment I’m totally okay talking to everyone and the next moment I start to feel awkward!!


  6. I prefer to think of myself as reserved,, and I don’t make any apologies for it! I’ll be outgoing as soon as I feel comfortable in a situation!


    • Trust me it was really hard for me to open up like this with my ex school mates and new college mates reading it(our literature professor read it too 🙈😭) but I feel so much better after reading it!!


    • You sound exactly like me!! Cheers to those people who actually gets us🤗🤗… If it weren’t for ’em I have no idea who I would be today


  7. I hope you don’t think that being a better person means becoming extroverted.
    Just be whoever you feel comfortable being.
    This world needs introverts!


  8. Being an introvert is so exhausting in social situations. My husband is the complete opposite which is awesome cause he does all the talking and I get to listen lol!


    • That is so true, I know because I’m an introvert .. When you come to think about it, being an introvert has so much positive and fun elements to it!💕


  9. I could really relate to this! I’m definitely an introvert but that doesn’t mean I can’t be sociable or confident. People immediately think that because I’m shy I can’t or don’t like talking to people but that’s not true at all! It just takes me a little while to warm up to people I don’t know. Great post!


    • Yeah a lotta my friends are exactly the same.. All they need is a lil time to settle in and then they’ll adjust to any atmosphere! I believe that you’re blessed because there are some people who have trouble settling in even if they are given all the time in the world!


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