I still Miss Youđź’™

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I can never, not , love you
Never get enough of you
If i’m swimming in a pool of you
I would ask the ocean to bow down an open up her arms to accept you..
To caress you.. touch you..let her hands explore you…
Understand the beauty………………..and the anomaly that is………… you.

Feeling sick
Feeling hot
Feeling cold
Slightly shocked.
8m dying( your living)
Cant you see me.. I’m..crying .
Im cutting my face to show you this alliance.
I haven’t had this much inspiration since you left.. but now..I’m smiling..
As i m holding death by her chin carressing her face.. an make that one last kiss…
I get it .
You loved me.. but you never thought I’m worthy to put aside your differences and own that you deserve me
Maybe its all for the best
Maybe its all in my head
But at least i got to get this weight finally out of my chest….

Written by Guest Artist Jason Godfrey

I would like to thank @Jason_Godfrey for taking the time to write a poem for us and ask us to publish it.  This poem really portraits a lost love story between the lines and as a Daydreamer, we have to always acknowledge the communities talent. If you enjoyed it as well, comment down below your love & support and let us know how you feel about the poem. Thanks for reading…..💙💚🧡 !!

And also Jason Godfrey is a Guitarist and  i am absolute love this short IG music/guitar clips, If you are interested click here to listen to short clips and have a music snack from him & Do give him a follow if you enjoyed it!!

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