#10. Creating your own Happiness

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If you could measure happiness, how happy are you today? Do you need people to make you happy or does money bring happiness to you? Ever thought, how would life be if you could create your own happy place, somewhere far from the judged world, truly being yourself and most importantly making happy memories.

Let me share you something of me, I don’t have the finance to travel often, neither do I have the whole school of friends to cheer me up. I am neither a drinker so bars and pubs really don’t catch my taste. But does these material objects determine my happiness. Honestly, we all live in a world of scarcity where we cannot have anything we desire. But with the things you have, you can always create your own happiness. So, I wanted to dedicate this blog to everyone looking for happiness.

Try out new things:
Let me start of by suggesting everyone to create your own happiness through finding the true artist in you. To be honest, I started blogging because I wanted to see how it would feel like being a blogger and later quit since its time-consuming. But later did I realize that I finally found a source through which I can meet new people, learn new things and have fun. Somewhere, I can truly be myself and I am extremely glad , doing something  I love. That’s the point of trying new things such as learning a new sport, exploring and even simple things like buying your own Aquarian and breeding fishes as pets. You will never know what you are missing unless you face it.

Socializing & refining your world:
Always be willing to refine your world with new people and practices. When I joined in Twitter, I looked at it as a world of strangers and I felt odd because I never knew no one. The first thing I searched was blogger and it’s been 2 months in Twitter and I have never met so many interesting people with the same passion in a short period of time. Moreover, even in my real life, being friends with different people from different nationalities gave me so many insights about life, culture and doing things together, this just opened a window of multiple possibilities of seeing the world differently. You will never realize how crazy the world is until you experience it.

Family orientation:
One of the greatest happiness I create is just by being with my family. Like even though me and my siblings have contrasting behaviors, its always interesting to hear their side of life. What they are going through? And how did you go through it in their age? These stirs good memories of childhood with humor and crazy stupidity you have done in your life. When I am back home, me & my sister go shopping together and to be honest, it’s a horrible experience for me but at the same time it’s fun because my sister tells me to try out so many outfits that she feels that suits me and we start to have a fashion debate on what’s terrible and what’s good. Also take time to appreciate what your family does for you and your presence with them is an enhancement of your happiness.

Recreate your knowing:
Let me just admit to the fact that we believe we know a lot about where we grew up that we miss the obvious. Despite living in and around Switzerland & Austria. I could never get enough of everything. there is just do much beauty and adventure in the smallest details that we skip. Me being a nature lover, cycling through different villages in the valleys is always breath-taking. Do things you often don’t do, go outside and have a night walk, how about lying down in heap of cozy grass and just observe the stars and enjoy how the aeroplanes travel above you or climb the slippery steeps of hill behind you. These are just so much basic things in life we can do right at home that we miss. Learn to appreciate every small detail in life and create happiness from it.

Free trade Happiness
Saved the most important point for the last, the best way to create happiness is to trade your happiness with individual who doesn’t. Doing good things to people that don’t have the same privilege as you do gives you immense happiness. I had an incident where a friend of mine had stomach infection and needed to undergo doctor treatment but unfortunately, had an expired insurance card. Knowing that the expenses are beyond her budget, I asked her to use my ID and consider me as her guardian and it felt good to see her recovery quickly and knowing that your role improve someone life. Every action you take needs to be an action of kindness, doing a social work fills the void of knowing someone’s life have been improved through your work. Buying something for your loved ones and seeing them smile at you is pure happiness. The best and simplest way to create happiness for other is to smile. When the world is filled with kindness and compassion, we all enjoy the happiness we deserve, and it comes with no cost.

So, Usually i end the blog with a really strong conclusion or message to carry on for my readers but we want to do it differently, i am gonna leave you with a scenario management question that you can comment down below your answers and lets me how is your version of creating happiness and feel free to see how other readers comments as well. But most importantly, Think from your heart and you will find your answer! HAVE FUN.

Your childhood best friend has gone through a long-term relationship breakup and is in his/her most miserable state. Constantly under depression, given up on life and has been in their room without leaving the apartment for several days already. He/she has lost her appetite and looks very dull and weak & also lost her confidence, he/she doesn’t exist in social media anymore and just switched off her life from the outside world. He/She doesn’t wanna talk to you at the moment and just lost his/her mind and is emotionally broken .

As a responsible childhood best friend who knows him/her very well and promised to be there for each other.Also, to let you know. You are financial broke and have too much pressure in your life as well such as Master thesis, part-time job & family issue ,making yourself a very busy person. The golden question is :

What can you do to save your childhood friend and how are you able to create happiness? What will you prioritize despite such constraints? What can you do as a person who loves and cares for his/her best friend that you promised to stick together? 

N.B: Just answer it generally, you dont have to answers all those questions, they are all one of the same.

Written by DOCHI


29 thoughts on “#10. Creating your own Happiness”

  1. I would go to her/ his house !!! Honk hard till they throw eggs at me 😝..would catch up with the game of dodging 🙃 and take their favourite movie list … Go away for a roadtrip… And try out all the things we enjoy doing together … Like secretly deducting strangers 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol, this is definitely hilarious . since when did kidnapping become a thing.😅. but love your answer.
      Thanks for engaging.


  2. huh well…idk hope this scenario never actually happen in my life because I can’t deal with all of that at once ..and if all of that is happening i will pretty much be lying dead inside a coffin😑…
    or If I am not dead….I will just go knocking on my idiotic besties door with lots of beer ,vodka,marijuana whatever I could get at that time(since I am “financially broke😒😂”)….and ik she will open the door then…and trash talk till that idiot is back to normal…well by then i guess I will lose my job…huh…who cares 😅😅😅😅…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😅😅.As always u and ur weird answers and i hope this scenario happens to you😅. and in case i am emotionally broken, dont come and visit me, you will just make things worse🤣. Thanks for answering.


  3. I have faced this same situation once.After the breakup my bestfriend was depressed and most of the time she would call me and end up crying.since i was far away from her, the only contact we had was a phone call…we used to talk for hours and ofcourse she took some time to move on.Now im happy that she moved on and im proud of her for taking such a great decision to move out from an abusive relationship.In my opinion,sharing ur problem with a person whom you can trust and who can understand you well gives the best relief.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i totally agree with you, by opening up ur heart to someone who acre a lot and knows you well, will always help you heal and patch up your bitter past. thats a very good answer and good work in handle the situation with ur friend well.


      1. blahbh I hate u 😒😒😒😒😒 ….I have other ways to comfort my non alchoholic frnds like u… I will just come over and kick ur crying sad ass out of bed 😒😒and tell u to grow a pair 😤😤😤and talk shit to u about ur ex…then I hope u will be happy..even if I make the situation worse..at least u will be happy..😑😑😑😑😑

        Liked by 1 person

  4. None of my friends would that so suppose it happened …I will take down her favorites snacks , our old school pics , and some unwrapping of old hilarious memories and a surprise chocolate at the end …This much is enough otherwise she will have 10 to 20 breakups in a month …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😅😅 a real practical solution, i think if this happened to me and if you showed me pictures of my childhood and moments of happiness, i think i would definitely be pretty happy and get over my troubles quickly. good memories can always bring a smile in your face. thank you for engaging sakshi.


  5. Happiness nvr finds us… we are the ones who should find it… . and how can u find it ? Can u find it everywhere?can u buy it?
    Can u get hold if it? …. to each of thetquestion question the answer is No… the best way to find happiness is to get loved. Loved my parents,loved by besties…….the list goes on…
    And when ma friend is heart broke all I can do is to show him how much I luv him and to show him their are many people who loves him and evn cant imagine a life without him…..
    And thts the mistake I made in the first sentence….I told u”happiness nvr finds us” but sometimes it do…. in the form of friends………

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i really like ur logic. and i think i agree with the fact that how we find happiness. really excellent the way to depict the example of your friends as happiness. i liked the approach u took to heal a broken heart and that was very sweet of you., showing love and compassion to ppl who have lost hope is beautiful and reminding them how important they are to you.
      thank you for engaging and a beautiful comment i must say.


  6. I’m trying to create my own happiness but lately things just have been on the downside. Hopefully, it’s temporary. However, this post helped me to concentrate on the things I value close to me. Thanks!
    Please check out my blog if you can:
    Looking forward to staying connected on here! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, there is no reason to give up. I am facing my downs as well but we need those downs in order to get up stronger.
      Yes, I will definitely check out ur blog and thanks for connecting. 💚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. i agree. to me, finding a purpose in life is the life long mystery i have yet to solve. i really liked your comment.
      Okay, i have a tricky question for you, in come countries, creating happiness by doing good to other people can be considered as bribery and misinterpretation to others, what would you do in that sense?😏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did my inter cultural research paper about Latin America and as per research, while giving gifts or doing something that bring happiness, can be misunderstood as bribery. People feel like you participate in this activity to gain a future benefit to get things done in your favour.
        So, sometimes happiness can backfire as well

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow! That’s fascinating. I had no clue. I guess, simply put, that in the western world in which I live, I feel inclined to do well by others. But now knowing about the Latin American cultures about which you write, what does happiness come from or look like? Maybe it is simply what you as an individual makes of it? I don’t know but I wonder about this often.


  7. I have kiddos, and a full time job, and a husband, two dogs, and a home to take care of… but I would never allow my best friend to lose her life. My husband is very sympathetic to the thoughts of suicide as his grandfather committed suicide. I would go see her, force her to come to my house so I could take care of her, and do everything I know that helps build her back up again. If need be, I would call the police and get her baker acted. I would do anything in my power to help her, and my family would support me. I’m fortunate that I know my best friend well enough that I know what makes her tick, what triggers her happy button, and how to get her out of funks like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i really loved you answer. i am sorry about your husbands grandfather and i really appreciate your actions to heal your friends heart by spreading love. thank you so much for engaging. And i am sure you friend will be glad to have you in her presence. We definitely need more people like you in this world.🧡💚💙!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i agree that people are becoming selfish but i believe what matters is that you arent those people. And as long as good people with pure intentions exist in the world, there is always room for improvement and we all can be part of beautiful tomorrow. 🧡💚

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  8. I realised that it’s better to spend time with others instead of isolating yourself in your own sadness. Compared to my introverted life, whenever I hang out with a good friend or spend time with family, I feel more happier and more productive as well. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i agree with you. Since i consider myself as an introvert too. i think many a times, i put myself into lonely situations that i automatically create my sadness but when i am out with the people i love and exploring what life has in store for us, i create my own happiness. my friends help me create happiness by showing me constant love and support. makes me feel like i am not alone while facing the big world. thank you for commenting and i am glad you liked it. hope you as well find happiness everyday of your life.


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