Procrastination,my best friend (soon to be ex )

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Sketch by Susanna Vincy

Okay first, I wanna tell the daydreamers how honored I am to write for them. That too, my debut. You guys never fail to impress me. And I’m pretty sure that the other readers feel nothing less.

So why this topic? Too ironical isn’t it? Because 100% of us! wait! 101% to be precise, are best friends with procrastination. At least that’s what I believe. And the relief of knowing that you’re with the majority is an added bonus. I’m not kidding! When the daydreamers (I’m sure you don’t need another introduction to them) told me that I’ve got 15 days to the deadline, my mind just floated to Vegas for a minute. I felt like I had a lifetime to prepare and that I just have to submit my work right before my last breath, when the doctor takes me off the ventilator!! Reality struck. I had to get back to my senses. Because the daydreamers, they are quite the ‘on-time’ kind of people. They belong to the rest 0.01% of the category. So sadly Mr.procrastination and I had to part ways and take a break from our so-called quality time. 😦

When it comes to homework, assignments and especially studying for a test, we’re like bfffl. I’m pretty sure that I’m not just the only one who’s involved in this alleged relationship. When we know that we’ve got maybe one more week to the deadline, we kinda imagine ourselves lounging beside a pool, with a margarita in one hand and our favorite magazine in the other, with a pair of shades to top it all, screaming out loud “come to mama deadline!!” And the funny fact is that this momentary heaven loses the hang of it just the day before the deadline! That’s the night when our nemesis pays a visit. The most horrendous feeling that can be felt by a living thing. REGRET. All the i-should-haves and what-ifs and what-do-i-do-now`s perfectly find their way through the traffic to bang down the doors of our ears. And what do we do? we go with making a salad out of the task instead of making a perfectly baked one. Thereby failing to give ourselves at our bests.

I learnt this the hard way. Actually its the best way coz you will never forget it. Experience it is!! For my second semester exams, I had one month to prepare. Yes, one whole month! the ride went like this!

First-week mode: Aah I’ve got 4 weeks! that’s like 30 days! lots and lots of time to do everything else other than studying and the perfect time to binge-watch all my favorite shows!

Second-week mode: okay I’ll just go through a few pages. And then reminds myself that I have short term memory! so all of my efforts will be wasted! time is precious..and the fact that my efforts will go wasted ?? I should be doing something more productive ….and then sleeps like never before.

Third-week mode: okay I’m already done with a few pages! so that’s like half the portion is covered! whooh!!!, what a relief. So that means I have enough time to take a break! cm-on girls let’s party!

Fourth-week mode: okay 7 more days… wait 7 days will be more than enough for me … I’ve got like 168 hours! I can do five revisions by then! yes!! I’m gonna score so well!!

That weekend: why am I so slow??? I think its the air around me.


Finally, I started scanning the pages. The more I rummaged through, the more vast it looked!

(Long Pause)

That’s when I woke up to my worst nightmare. No no nooo. This can’t be happening!! I can’t let this exam slip! I have to finish it!! Gosh, I wish that it’s a dream!! c’mon Suzy c’mon girl!
Everything went in a blur soon after that. Along with all the cacophony around me. And then all I had was coffee and a bunch of regretful thoughts to keep me awake on the night before the exam :”( .I was thinking to myself.. and was talking it aloud to everyone else sitting next to me, doing the same ..”man we had one whole month and look at us now!!! I mean is there anything worse than this ? and yet we dream of becoming future millionaires??”

(Dead silence)

“Lemme explain something to you. There are two kinds of friends! the ones that party hard all day with you, twin with you in everything, hang out for sleepovers and in the end stab you in the back! (you know who I’m talking about) and there are the ones that catch you from the fall after the stab (like coffee, that helps to stay up all night to patch up the scar procrastination left on you). We definitely do not want the former category! Indeed he(you know who) will come back to us begging for forgiveness. But right before you shake hands with him, take a moment to think of all the trouble he took you through the last time you hung out with him. Instead, stick to coffee! coffee solves everything.;)

And I definitely can’t go without giving some tips to recover from the break-up. Can’t I ?

  1. Okay, so firstly you have to prioritize your task. Write down the things you have to finish early and start working on that.
  2. Secondly, take a blood oath to yourself that you will finish what you have to finish that day! you will definitely feel lazy. But think wise and do what needs to be done.
  3. Thirdly, have a to-do book that keeps a track of all your assignments. Tick them off once they are done. The first tick will be hardest believe me(you’ll have to pop a vein to do that). But as the ticks increase, let me tell you, you will feel satisfied like never before (like ever).

In case you have a forgetting problem like me, put it down in your sticky notes and stick it wherever you’re present the most
(bathrooms are the best) I’m kidding 😛 I actually meant it on a serious note 😉
Also don’t stress out too much on your work. If you feel like you are bursting at the seams, take a small break! SMALL, I repeat SMALL!!!! are we clear??:”)
And finally one last tip for those who can’t just take in the above.
This is for the rock stars of procrastination! Tell your best friend to remind you of your worst procrastination episodes. That will be just enough to push you to work 😉

written by guest blogger “Susanna Vincy “

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Hi y’all. This is Susanna here :). To talk of myself , I’m a 19 year old kid (just can’t imagine being an adult) who loves photography and travelling. I do float a lot. In my head! I get super excited when it comes to doing crazy stuff. I do get a lot from people for that too.. but a little bit of cray cray is definitely needed to add some colour in your life(that’s from Lala land fyi) Don’t you think ? And also I’m asking you a small favour. Promise me that you won’t doze off while reading my blog. okay?
Alright we’re good then !!


On behalf of the Daydreamer blogs, we thank Suzy for joining the family and releasing her debut blog in our platform. Suzy is an interesting gem and her style of literature is rare to find. As always, the most lovable and everyone`s favorite. And I would invite all of you to check out Susanna`s photographic skills and be amazed by her talent of creating simple objects  into symbolic meanings that portraits life. So, click here @cramped_in_a_frame to check out her Instagram feed and be amazed at her artistic work.

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If you enjoyed her way of interpretation and loved her style of blogging. Give down your comments and send her your love and support. Also stay tuned for other amazing talented Guest blogger ready to take the stage by storm and also thankful to the community for all the love and support.

42 thoughts on “Procrastination,my best friend (soon to be ex )”

  1. Great post, I also have a problem with procrastinating. What do you think helps you the most to stay on track?


    1. Thanks a lot !! Thank u soo much .. well it happens with me too.. what I do is… I try to replay all my previous experiences… that really works . And also that to do book 📚😋


  2. I liked your funny take on the disruptive relationship you have with your procrastination. It looks different in all of us but it’s important to laugh at it and be facetious about it. I find when I make lists or build a calendar that I do well with keeping my deadlines. The self deprecating head talk, however, it the biggest battle. I try to fight doubt by reminding me of the trials and tribulations that have been endured by folks I admire and find inspirational. Just keep going. The time will surely pass anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great job Susi… As everyone has I too have procrastination😊. I liked your way of describing it and suggesting the solutions in an amazing way… Love you.. And keep going 😘.


  4. I see you have found another medium to let out all that creative energy and positivity. You go get em gurl!!


  5. Great writing skills you have got there Susy. Loved reading every bit of it. Keep puting your imagination into words .


  6. Zoo that was something!!
    I should repeat “something” or is it the thing? Idk should say it’s “The Thing” awesome work. Perfectly said. Cute ☺️
    Hope we get more like this from you.
    I read this before and thought about giving a comment but I didn’t …….Procrastination indeed😅


  7. Great writing! Never knew her to be like this. Should have tried knowing her when we were in the same high school. Feel it a loss now.


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