#3. BAD DAYS: The ultimate disaster

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pexels-photo-720362Some days you wake up and you just know that it’s gonna be a bad day. Its like you open your eyes and see these bad vibes marching all around you. Sometimes you can sense this even before you open your eyes .Gathering all your energy you sit up and push yourself out of your bed. You press the toothpaste  tube and too much of it comes out ,more on your hands than on the brush and that’s when you know that the whole day is gonna be a disaster !!

Red top with the half‌ sleeves..meh..blue one without the sleeves ..too ugly. Denim one. ain’t working..Why can’t I look like a normal human being in any of these outfits is the next worry …Then you look in the mirror and see a scarecrow staring back at you ..frizzy haired with beautiful dark circles that could beat even Saturn .Just when you think things couldn’t get any more worse you notice the four perfectly round bright red pimples

Ok this is all too much ..you think to yourself. Maybe you should just skip college? After all home is the only place where you can look like a banshee and still feel like a model. But is it too much to ask for my attendance to match my mood? Well apparently it is because my attendance was far below 75% which was the minimum requirement! Now I am just narrating my version of bad days!

‌The reasons for a bad day might range from an upset parent ,a moody bestie ,a bad hair day, a flunked exam or a missed alarm ..We all have our stories of bad days .The reason for our bad days vary but the effect of it remains the same everywhere. But the important thing to note is that like all previous bad days this one too will pass in a matter of some 24 hours .Plus you have survived some really bad ones before so it’s gonna be a piece of cake for you. All you have to do is think of the many more happy days that are yet to come .If that doesn’t do the trick then put on some pajamas and lock yourself in a room with the following apparatus. Some really good books (or movie if you are a movie person), chocolates, chips and juice .I don’t know what you guys think but I always feel that giving it some quality “me time” helps. Of course shutting yourself away from others is not always a good idea but you cannot deny that it gives you a sense of comfort and reassurance that you are gonna be okay.Add a long shower to this and you are back to normal. Well not completely but you know ..almost!

But you know what else helps.? Your attitude towards it.One time I had a bad day and spent the whole of it moping around and complaining and snapping at anyone within a fifty mile radius but at the end of the day it was I who suffered more than anyone else .So I decided to take a better attitude towards it ..I know bad stuff is gonna happen so why not be prepared for it .For most people listening to your jam has a soothening effect and it actually helps you to behave better cordially towards your fellow mates. There are tons of other ways too but it is you who should sit back and find ways that’ll make your bad day a lil less bad. After all you cannot make people around you suffer just because you are going through a bad day right!?

But inspite of all this, you do deserve the right to complain a bit. Why would bad days exist in the first place if it weren’t to give a platform to bring out that cranky demon that dwells in your body! And yea to measure the rate of loyalty of your besties too! If your bestie hasn’t bade you sweet bye even after a number of nasty day episodes then stick to her like sticky honey ( well I would have said super glue if only you weren’t such a sweet soul)! ‘Coz that’s when‌ you know that what you have is for life

Another problem with these bad days is that you end up hating your life. You look around and see perfect people with their perfect hair and perfect complexion living their perfect lives and that makes you wonder why you are so messed up! And honestly it’s depressing. The more you think about it the more depressing it gets. I know because I have experienced similar instances of bad day attacks that made me think how good it would be to live as someone else and not as Linnet Philip. Someone who isn’t so messed up ..someone who has everything in control. And someone whom everyone look up to. But these feelings ,no matter how intense they are doesn’t last for that long.Once you get back to your normal self you realise that things aren’t as bad as you thought and that you are gonna be fine. Okay so your life isn’t picture perfect or anything but it’s still worth its imperfections. You have people who love you, the imperfect you ! You have people who haven’t moved by your side all these years and you have people who make me smile every single day. Little things like your friend getting you your favorite chocolate or your mom getting you a cute top that she thought would look good on you or a really long talk with someone who matters to you is all what is takes for you to fall in love with your life all over again. And after being back to your normal self you wonder about all the drama you kicked up only a day or two before. Like was there even any need to be this upset about it .! Honest answer..No..but that’s the thing about bad days .You cannot think rationally while you are at it and once the whole thing’s over you are left to mull over all your doings thinking who the heck took over your personality !

These bad days brings out the bipolar nature in us. We go from happy happy to moppy moppy in a matter of seconds .But we shouldn’t let that get the best of us.We all have our own portions of bad days that we must drink and while we may not be in control of our lives all the time,  we certainly have a role in not getting it out of control. So the next time you experience a bad day,instead of freaking out and blaming yourself later ,take a deep breath and say to yourself “I got this!!” And voila your bad days turn into the best learning platforms of your life making you a much stronger person than you were yesterday!


‌This is my very first blog and you guys are my very first audience. And I am as clueless as it gets about this whole thing.Without your support I’ll remain as clueless as I am now. What I would really appreciate is if you could notify me on your views and comments about my writings. I value your opinions a lot and I am positive that your criticisms and guidance will help me be a better blogger! And thank you guys for all the support ❤❤

Written by CHIRI

12 thoughts on “#3. BAD DAYS: The ultimate disaster”

  1. Each and every one could relate to this.it has been explained from your experiences and one could definitely practice those ideas.👍


    1. So glad you were able to relate to it… and thank you so much for taking time to tell me your opinion on it!


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