The Phase

cyclist-3202481_1280Lazing around in summer bliss,
Soaking up the sun and loving the breeze
I walked around in perfect glee,
Loving my life just as it is.

Then I saw you for the first time,
Answered you in a single word
But that would never have been the case,
If I knew you would cause me sleepless nights

Hand in hand, I walked with my friends,
Raised my head and saw you ahead
stared at you for some seconds longer,
But never once did you glance my way

Walking around in a virtual maze,
Many a times, we were inches apart
A word or two to fill the gap,
Feeling nothing but perfect ease

Dusk gave way to a starry night,
Joy and laughter filled the air
We boasted to stay up the whole night,
But our droopy eyes said otherwise

Seven suns ,seven moons later
My heart still misses a beat
And then the races to catch up
At the mere mention of your name

I looked back and go teary eyed,
If only I could have done a bit more
Laughed a bit more, joked a bit more,
Smiled at you a bit more.

Poem by CHIRI

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