Well, Hello there Explorers,

What brings you here at this fine beautiful day. Looking for something to read or just a wanderer in search of information in the web. If so, take a break and chill, don’t be in a rush to live, we have the whole day, together. don’t we? Take a seat and join me in the journey where your fantasy becomes your reality. Being a Daydreamer, is rather a gift or a curse, but the beauty of it is when you bring your creative imagination into to the bright reality of today.And from the bottom of my hearty, I heartily welcome my explorers to my journey of being a daydreamer where we can create magic through our blogs, poems, series and much more yet to be discovered.

But we are introverts too, we spend more time thinking and being with ourselves that we forget to live in the real world, at times! That’s understandable and I just want to take this moment to thank my readers for being here because without you explorers, this platform is just a mere dream.Before you dive into our dreams, I want to let you know that everything you read need not necessary be applicable to an introvert/daydreamer because we are all different in our own ways. Honestly, anyone can be an introvert, maybe you were an extrovert back at home, but you are a total introvert in school, or you are active in class but once you moved to a new school, you turned quiet. Or even you daydream in class all the time but not as frequent. Everyone has elements of being an introvert/daydreamer, but it always depends on the circumstances.

These upcoming dreams are constructive scenario making of our experience as well as the observation we notice from my fellow peers that deal with similar situation as I do. We also try to put in elements of story-telling as well as humor.It’s always developed in such a way that the mind and the heart are two different people that must adjust with each other but never get along. So, dive in my blogs and hope I can make your time utilized on my work as “well-spend”.

Oh, don’t forget:

With lots of Love

Dochi & Chiri

Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world